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Pretty reckless Dishonorable
09:00:46 Jun 9th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

Pretty reckless just broke a nap without warning or anything. Stabbed are core in the back even though we had enough to kill him but offered him the nap, he then agreed, so we moved are armies away to another front, witch then later he invades us on that side of the core.

Does anyone know who this is ? Other accounts.
I haven't seen something like this in years. It disgusts me.

Ruins the game for me that's for sure.

15:20:25 Jun 9th 14 - Mr. Samual:
Mr. Nipply Tingles 	Storm Cloaks       	Nirvana 	Alive
Mr. Pretty Reckless	The Pretty Reckless	Starta  	Alive
Mr. Pol Pot        	Poodles From Hell  	Fantasia	Alive

15:26:26 Jun 9th 14 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

a Poodles Vice, great representative

is it Sandra?

04:07:39 Jun 15th 14 - Ms. Ghost Maker:

^^ Nope.. 

05:09:20 Jun 15th 14 - Mr. Pol Pot:

Stirlin, did you happen to read what happened? read the starta thread, firelord cant make up his mind about what his kingdom is doing. one statement conflicts with others. i wont go into it again.

23:56:43 Jun 16th 14 - Wilberforce (Mr. Roxburys Sex Slave):

Fire Lord Crazy is a renowed traitor. I've seen him backstab his own kingdom. Karma? Probably.

19:29:24 Jun 17th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Mr. Rocky Gaurdian Holding Stone):

woahh, I don't Recall such actions at all!
I do recall Me and my mates from school make a kingdom ( Mr.pure most of you know him)  And we turned on another for the fun of us knowing one and other, but for the rest i don't recall. In-lighting me if you want ; You might have me mistaken.

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