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Pride all the way
02:52:37 Jun 14th 09 - Mr. Bruce Wayne:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Pride
Members: 3
Tag: PE
Created: 6/13/2009 12:58:27 PM
Leader: Mr. Unkown


WE are an Elite Kingdom many good old VU players
and we are trying to make this kingdom big
so everyone is almost free to join(maybe)
JUSt give use this info..
*How many era"s
*Previous KGD
*Your Prefereed Race


We are N0OB friendly so anyone can join untill we get big so hurry up and join

We are also on Midgard so plz join


Me and unk are old players on receently coming back to the game so we know how to play(well at least during the first few eras lol before all the most recent updates{past 20 ers or so})

03:10:49 Jun 14th 09 - Mr. Pure:

gl whoevr u and unkown are rofl

03:13:37 Jun 14th 09 - Mr. Bruce Wayne:

Thxs we mite need it

03:44:04 Jun 14th 09 - Ms. Astoria:

yes gl to you guys!!

04:12:18 Jun 14th 09 - Mr. Bruce Wayne:

thxs astoria :D

04:33:14 Jun 14th 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

good luck, just because your name is amazing!

10:18:42 Jun 14th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

You stole my members name!

Pride107Mr.HumanValh.TodayK / P

14:56:12 Jun 14th 09 - Mr. Pride:

hey i do not allow you the use of my name for you kingdom that will get its butt handed to it

15:18:34 Jun 14th 09 - Fire Lord Crazy:

Yeah i think i remember you you unkown was that your name back then or some thing like that
Any way good luck  .
And yes sweat kgd name and pic.

15:22:29 Jun 14th 09 - Mr. Unkown:

thanks peoples =)

And srry mr.pride we didnt know someone was called that name


15:26:07 Jun 14th 09 - Mr. Pride:

its ok i guess but i don't remember you i played from era 12 to good vs evil maybe we just never fought

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