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Psycho Circuis
21:10:26 Apr 20th 10 - Sir Acerf The Muppet:

hey, just letting anyone interested know that i'll be forming a new KD soon, called Psycho Circuis. Landing on nirvana most likely (heh depends on how long i'll live on mant)

it's gonna be like your average KD, though im not too keen on teaching so if someone would like to join please have at least some basic understanding of the game.

thanks~ :)

21:41:38 Apr 20th 10 - Sir Acerf The Muppet:

also while im at this, i have a banner in mind already, but does anyone have any suggestions for a banner? (suitable to the name preferably)

05:43:38 Apr 21st 10 - Mr. Elsin:

Psycho Circus?

05:45:31 Apr 21st 10 - Mr. Ilmar The White:

Get twisted metal icon.

15:23:14 Apr 21st 10 - Sir Acerf The Muppet:

oh yeah it's a mistake, not circuis but circus(what a failure), thx elsin

and lol thats a nice one :)

15:26:44 Apr 21st 10 - Sir Acerf The Muppet:

i was thinking about using this one, though i dont know now


15:41:54 Apr 21st 10 - Lady Bugs Partacus:

I like the yellow one

13:17:15 Apr 22nd 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

The yellow one is downright creepy...

16:39:56 Apr 22nd 10 - Mr. Heimdall:

I bet it origins from asia.

16:59:28 Apr 22nd 10 - Sir Acerf The Muppet:

I project starting up the Kingdom within the next two days, for anyone and everyone interested:

Psycho Circus

~~~requirements to join: none this era, even the totally new players can join (i'll help)

~~~One race rule: each and every era one race will be chosen (voted for) that every member must play with. no exceptions

~~~Members Limit: none, we can have as many members we(i) like (probably won't be a high number)

~~~Goal: Create a good and organized KD, have fun


soo.... look out for us! join up and let's start the show :)

p.s. yes, i decided to use the ghastly yellow banner that i posted previously :D

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