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Public Appology to Mr. Tofh
06:28:03 Jun 5th 08 - Thizz Master Tonganboii:

You know what i did wrong
And i know I messed up too...

I would like to taje this time to publicly appologize to you...
I was in a rush and i wasn't thinking right
I seriously thought it was a BP army

Hit me up on PM
and i'll get something figured out =)


07:55:15 Jun 5th 08 - Sir Ernie The Orange:

I thought it was Mr. Knigh....

11:11:02 Jun 5th 08 - Mr. Knigh:

um he wont know cos it was me u did it to .

11:12:48 Jun 5th 08 - Sir Wraith:

Tong you're a twat... -.-

Sort this out between yourselves. If there is a problem then message me then. Not before, not after... >_>

11:49:40 Jun 5th 08 - Mr. Bling Bob:

do "it" again thizz...just for the laugh

12:20:37 Jun 5th 08 - General Ezatious:

children children...

00:14:03 Jun 6th 08 - Thizz Master Tonganboii:


ok i mistakenly killed the wrong army =P
and then apologized to the wrong guy...

I ought to get of these drug =(

00:25:02 Jun 6th 08 - Mr. Hilario:

drug alert!!!

01:43:03 Jun 6th 08 - Thizz Master Tonganboii:


16:47:39 Jun 6th 08 - Mr. Orcinus Orca:

you have deffinatly outdone yourself this time thizz if wat i read be tru

16:49:34 Jun 6th 08 - Mr. Xenos:

Maybe you could type that out correctly so we could understand you...

12:56:28 Jun 7th 08 - Thizz Master Tonganboii:

Getta outta mah face ho =P

01:57:35 Jun 20th 08 - Mr. Newcastle United:

I can read it fine, maybe you just aren't quite as intelligent as you think Xenos?

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