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11:31:00 Feb 19th 10 - Duke Random:

because im hawt. (happy)

11:39:04 Feb 19th 10 - Lord Deno Pan:

Down with pokemon. 

12:04:13 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Knightenwood:

I am Disapointed I liked the banner and name best of luck and your welcome to join us if you like.

12:07:51 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Insomniac:

Due to certain legal obstructions with kai fathering children in a basement with paul for many years, we legally are required to disband the kd...

Was a good era and i had fun playing with everyone and hoped our nap partners enjoyed it along with our kd members.


12:30:20 Feb 19th 10 - Pope John Wayne:

I want to thank Random / Insomniac for there great leadership. Learnt alot this era , had some fun battles. Congrats to the winners. 

See you all next era.

Da Pope.

20:54:36 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:


03:58:50 Feb 21st 10 - Mr. Xpumpx:

good luck to all of you

04:08:16 Feb 21st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:



you were kidding in the above passage right?

04:08:28 Feb 21st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:


04:10:07 Feb 21st 10 - Sir Ajax:

join NEBC!

04:51:09 Feb 21st 10 - Mr. Omar Sharif:

'twas a great era of fun and learning! Thanks Random and Insomniac.
I'm homeless now. :(
Hmm, should I join Homeless? :P

04:53:12 Feb 21st 10 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

all ex-Pokemons would be more than welcome to The White Fang =P

05:14:04 Feb 21st 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

feel free to apply to roc as well. just state favorite race, role you wish to fill and past usernames.

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