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05:52:13 Sep 6th 09 - Mr. Justin:

Flame all you want cuz i know 90% of VU doesnt like me :P but idc. This kd is to help train the new guys so VU can keep some new talent and doesnt scare off the new guys

Demons of Razgriz

Kingdom Banner

Name: Demons of Razgriz
Members: 2
Created: 9/6/2009 3:39:12 AM
Leader: Mr. Justin


This kingdom is devoted to training people for their VU career. We will train you to the best of our abilities. It doesnt matter what race you choose, we have played them all. My vices and myself will break you in soft and help with each of your individual needs. This kingdom is also based on teamwork and friendship. If you are with us you are part of our family, our team and our friendship and will be treated as such.

The bretheren of The Demons of Razgriz, forged in the pits of hell and brought to this land by the devil himself.

Three lords, Justin The Dark, Phoenix The Great, and Brutii The Wise sought out to rain death and destruction upon the land. With this in mind, Demons of Razgriz were forged.

=====We are the Demons of Razgriz=====
We are a kingdom of brothers and companions. Where one goes we all go. We all work together to strive for one common goal. Teamwork and Communication is a necessity and a mandatory in our kd

If you wish to join us in our Crusade then fill out an application. We dont care if your new or experienced, all are most welcomed.

Please include this information in your application, Thank You.

-New or Experienced
-Eras played
-Previous Kingdoms
-What are your intentions in joining us
-How long do you plan to stay


15:33:31 Sep 6th 09 - Lady Jade:

Cool pic

16:18:06 Sep 6th 09 - Mr. Palpatine:

90% probably dont like me either but this era you sacrificed yourself time and time again for your teammates, even if it meant losing big for recognise this is about team play and having fun. you got my respect and good luck teaching the new guys. always good to remember where you came from.

17:05:14 Sep 6th 09 - Duchess Jasmina:

Dont say 90% hates you.. I am sure 50% of VU does not even know you :)
By the way, your Kd might get deleted if you dont get 6 members right?
Anyways, good luck! :)

17:08:56 Sep 6th 09 - Mr. Pointbreak:

Goodluck Mr Justin,

My kingdom is similar scale as most members are new to the game.
This New Era starting will be a learning curve for most of my members.
but they have experience with similar strategy games so should be a bit of the fun for the comming Era.

but best of luck once again

17:10:22 Sep 6th 09 - Mr. Pointbreak:

Maybe message mr Jellybean to merge with you as then you should go over the 5 member kingdom thingy.

19:27:18 Sep 6th 09 - Mr. Justin:

Haha Jasmina i recruited people long before the era was over. Im just waiting on Brutii and some others to hopefully keep being able to play and join up.

19:53:45 Sep 6th 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

we only need 5 or more to stay around which i believe we have now  =-)

19:56:27 Sep 6th 09 - Mr. Justin:

Yep thanks to our newest member and new person to the game Valael :)

19:59:59 Sep 6th 09 - Mr. Edd:

gl justin =) maybe we'll meet again.

20:30:56 Sep 6th 09 - Mr. Justin:

haha sorry for the late reply Edd we are having fun in the kd forums :P But thanks gl to you guys to.

18:24:10 Sep 7th 09 - Mr. Pieguy:

i like pie :D

19:00:16 Sep 7th 09 - Mr. Justin:

Apple Pie the best :D

19:48:12 Sep 7th 09 - Mr. Pieguy:

i agree but i also like pecan pie and pumpkin pie!

09:06:15 Sep 8th 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

pecan and pumpkin beat apple any day in my book.   >=-0

09:42:00 Sep 10th 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

so..... >_>   such silence.....

were still recruiting =-)

14:33:33 Sep 10th 09 - Mr. Pieguy:

omg really?

16:26:47 Sep 10th 09 - Mr. Urkel:

Rhubarb pie is the shit.

22:17:05 Sep 10th 09 - Mr. Philippe Chrisey:

well this is a good kingdom for any who are looking for one :P finer players cant be found anywere...except hiro lol

08:44:05 Sep 11th 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

thanks kath...  =-)

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