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Recalling The Sensitive Fellas
00:35:02 Jun 10th 19 - Mr. Black Knight Templar:

Guys its been like a decade we haven't seen "The Sensitive Fellows" running an era in Fant again! How about another round from them this era? 

Are they too afraid ;) Can anyone inform all of 'em bout running another round?

Think about it. Underdogs will run this era, we'd love to see them back as well ;)

The Sensitive Fellas

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Name: The Sensitive Fellas
Members: 3
Created: 3/23/2016 12:17:50 PM
Leader: Mr. Tyrin



Ronald Kray: [Notices a weapon held by one of the mob] What is that?

Mike Jobber: Yeah what do you think, poof? It's a fucking tool

Ronald Kray: No it's not it's a fucking rolling pin. What are you, Fanny Craddock? What are you doing with that? Gonna bake me a cake? Sing me a song whilst I blow out me fucking candles?

Ronald Kray: [Lifts jacket, mimicking two guns in his pockets] I come here for a fucking shootout. A proper shootout with some proper men. Like Colonel Custer and Geronimo, you ever heard of them? No. Cause you're too busy in your pinny baking fucking fairy cakes, weren't ya?

Ronald Kray: [Turns to Reggie] Reg. This lot are fucking nonces to a man, they're fucking nonces. Get out of me fucking way, go on, get out, go on, fuck off. Call yourself a fucking gangster.

Ronald Kray: [Turns round angrily before walking out of the pub in a rage] A SHOOTOUT, RIGHT, IS A FUCKING SHOOTOUT! Like a western. WANKERS! Fucking embarrassing, waste of my time. FUCKING waste of my time!

Mike Jobber: Well your brother's done a runner

Reggie Kray: Nah he's just genuinely disappointed with you, that's all.


00:37:00 Jun 10th 19 - Mr. Black Knight Templar:

I remember them beating Underdogs last time. We want them back. We seek revenge :P

00:44:00 Jun 10th 19 - Mr. Black Knight Templar:

Their last era was January 17. Thats long time ago.

08:06:05 Jun 10th 19 - Duke Chade of Bulgaria:

its good to see people missing us but i dont see us coming back anytime soon :) out of the score only a handful of us are left and those that  are left are playing lower worlds as there is just not enough RL time to dedicate to the game.

When I founded SF, i think only one or two of us had kids ... now everyone is married, kids, bosses, all that ... :D :D :D

09:57:28 Jun 10th 19 - Mr. Black Knight Templar:

Thats heartbreaking man. We know y'all are pretty busy RL, but i thought y'all can play at least Once in 3 Years :/

Anyway, wishing a happy married life to those who left us in vu n who didn't :)

13:57:30 Jun 10th 19 - Mr. One More Chade:

well i am up for it :) i am one of them that got married and now have kids, but i still play VU .... TBL, Dalak, Endless and the rest of the SF team are coming once a year for an era, but in our other kd in Valhalla (KoH) cause it doesnt require that much energy ...

Frankly, I am afraid to ask them for reunion, cause the last time TBL almost got killed by his wife because of VU :D

Out of the entire team, only me, von darkmoor, lazy and half-active stormy remain (by half-active I mean he logs in once per season, so 4 times a year in total :D )

But its like you dont know that already, Ivan ;)

14:07:21 Jun 10th 19 - Mr. Robotpants:

Yeah ik all. Pretty sad to know the consequences to play vu for married peeps :/ 

In that case, you do what u wish. Maybe invite them end of the year or next year if they become free for a bit <3 Or their wives in a vacation ;)

15:59:25 Jun 10th 19 - Mr. One More Chade:

thats not how married life works ;)

04:23:47 Jun 11th 19 - TheBornLoser (Sir Irregular Bowel Movement):

VU a bit too time intensive for my liking now actually :(

Plus the community is too small, and the gameplay too stagnant. If I am going to risk the wrath of women who demand a lot of my attention, it has to be worth it. Which it isn't, currently.

05:56:02 Jun 12th 19 - Random (Duke Random):

come play with me :(

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