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Regarding Naps agreements CF
21:33:42 Dec 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

etc etc


What does the average person in VU think they mean?

How do you people think a nap breach should be compensated?

It seems pretty straightforward to me but its obviously not. Lets get some input here, perhaps if people state their opinions in a non flame format we can see if Naps are even worth it or should we just go back to anarchy and :"agreements"

22:02:37 Dec 3rd 09 - Endless Despair:

Compensation is for pussies :p

IF the NAP has defined parameters and they're not met AND you agreed it's an era long NAP then you are screwed and know not to NAP them ever again.   It's called suck it up and pay it back next era ;)

Ryan.. you know I like being an asshat to you <3  btw, did you know you and Kevin are the only ones I ever see posting all the time about breaches and compensation.. not that others don't do it.. just that you two are the most standouts in my mind whenever the subject comes up

22:09:09 Dec 3rd 09 - Endless Despair:

NAP = you leave me alone and I leave you alone
CF = Can't kick your Fanny just yet but will do so when I can ;)

22:58:05 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Mike Smith From Calif:

you do realise that in England and Australia fanny is female genitalia and not the buttocks?

23:00:06 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

he's trying to make a nap break the reason for their failure.

23:09:50 Dec 3rd 09 - General Zondervan:

i made a nap break :) and not failure here.

23:10:12 Dec 3rd 09 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Mr. Mike Smith From Calif


21:58:05 Dec 3rd 09 you do realise that in England and Australia fanny is female genitalia and not the buttocks?

It means buttocks?! :S Also not england, britain ;)

23:15:29 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Mike Smith From Calif:

ewww i detest that word....being a Scottish pict(half prussian as well) and having no english blood in me...

I always refer to it as England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland..

never as great britain or uk...

23:16:11 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Mike Smith From Calif:

means buttocks in America, much to my amusement as an English Teacher.

23:16:34 Dec 3rd 09 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Oh okay well i am the same i just didnt want to get into a big argument about it :L my point is it is the same in Scotland :D.

23:26:12 Dec 3rd 09 - Endless Despair:

just wished I could use that "kiss my Aunt Fanny" expression ;)

OMFG did I just type that O_0

btw, no I didn't know it meant female parts -- apparently our Brit ancestors lost something in the translation when they came to the north american colonies :p

23:32:05 Dec 3rd 09 - Mr. Mike Smith From Calif:

well we used to always giggle when the start of the nanny song( fran dresher) "what was she to do she was out on her fanny"...was played at the start of each episode..

06:03:43 Dec 4th 09 - Toaster Struddle:

Neutral (Could go to war any minute or could be BFFs')

War (Plain and simple we fight you die game over.)

CF (Cease Fire) (Temporary can be broken at any time unless there is a time warning thingy.  I consider most kingdoms in peace talks to have a CF unless stated that the fighting should continue should always verify first though just in case.)

NAP (NON-AGRESSION PACT) (Basically means you dont plan on warring may not like them and tensions may rise but they cover your flank so you accept it and move on.)

MAP (Mutual Assitance Pact) (They ask for help and you give it these are your best buds and will stick it out with you til the end be it good bad or anywhere in between.  Kinda like marriage except the s3x can be fun and exciting =D)

06:55:24 Dec 4th 09 - Psycho Delic Retarded Faux Nouveau:

myself I like the Beserk style NAP best.  anything else is B.S.  I mean I laugh out loud at NAPs that say MAPs would not override.  that is so funny.

Basically if someone opens gates for say PHI isn't that just as bad as me taking a city?

anyway our NAP says no compensation so there is no compensation.  It is all up to the two partners.  Fight Club opened for PHI but who cares. 

Ryan is just surveying the crowd.  Different kingdoms have different expectations.

06:59:01 Dec 4th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

You guyz got ur asswholes ripped open in half, and then ur asse$ handed to you. so stop the crying...

07:28:50 Dec 4th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

Lady Stewie, for s supposedly straight person you seem to have an unhealthy obssesion with anal rape, were you perhaps not hugged enough as a child?

Jules I dont agree about naps at all, if you screw someone you should at least buy them dinner.

11:53:17 Dec 4th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

I broke a CF last era if you guys wanna get all raw about it again :D

12:15:32 Dec 4th 09 - Dr. Happy Pants:

Yes Hanky, just means I can never trust you again is all. I won't moan and bellyache about it but you broke an agreement so there are consequences.

13:41:27 Dec 4th 09 - Lady Jade:

Mama Bear is Random not Hanky

14:12:35 Dec 4th 09 - Mr. William And His Pink Rhino:

i will trust most KD's, reason? most kingdoms are lead by mind and not emotions. as long as a kingdom uses its mind i think it can be trusted quite a lot. but offcourse never lay your life in their hands.

20:49:14 Dec 4th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

LOL Random, You joke about it all you like, there is a reason that noone will trust your word anymore except perhaps other retards whose word is useless.

21:28:24 Dec 4th 09 - Mr. Legna Htaed:

i made a nap break :) and not failure here.

Not this era but next era we are hunting you down for it. Not your smartest move.

23:33:14 Dec 4th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

lol.  is LH worth it?  a mediocre kd at best.  Not worth to hold anything against them.  They're just a waste of time.

23:40:39 Dec 4th 09 - Lady Miley Cyrus:

Who is LH? :o

23:45:00 Dec 4th 09 - General Zondervan:

lol hunt LH down all you want. whos says there will be a LH? wat if its LD? hmm??

oh and guess wat, the block is mine. :)

and hunt me down if you wish, but when you do it. please dont whine about it all over forums. thanks so much. it will save the mods trouble of deleting <3

00:04:53 Dec 5th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

the block is yours after how long?  100 years and a couple of failures.  lol  WOW.

00:33:56 Dec 5th 09 - General Zondervan:

a couple of failures? um i attacked once and failed.. that was all.

01:03:39 Dec 5th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

Deadline: Ryan challenged PHI and then got his assss kicked.



01:13:53 Dec 5th 09 - Mr. Legna Htaed:

Lol it still took you 2 weeks of prepping and lets see the first attempt to prep on me ended in failure being you sat there a good week unable to take my city.

01:15:39 Dec 5th 09 - Mr. Barny:

Era long CF = Rogue member sieges your city and depletes your economy entirely forcing you to lose your city and resources to a 3rd party

01:28:15 Dec 5th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

LOL Stewie, I never challenged Phi I just didnt let them bullshit anyone about breaking our nap. and the only reason you got into our core was recruiting a dishonourable turd who we let build there or you would still be camped outside talking trash.

02:47:34 Dec 5th 09 - Mzz Mzzery:

I have only one comment on CFs and NAPs, Ryan:

... then again, who cares about business? It's a game :p

02:50:56 Dec 5th 09 - General Zondervan:

lol and? it me vs 2 of you. or more idk who all was in that city.

03:22:54 Dec 5th 09 - Mr. Targaryen:

I can honestly say Berserk does not have any map partners now that i think about it. Just alot of timed CF's aka "Neutral relations". Though i will say we have had trouble with "rogue" members.

04:08:36 Dec 5th 09 - Sir Sorra:

Mr. Legna Htaed


16:28:24 Dec 4th 09
i made a nap break :) and not failure here.

Not this era but next era we are hunting you down for it. Not your smartest move.



You might get us if your something like double our sizie, common 29-30 members and counting, what happened to "playing the old way no matter the odds". Anyways, I dont care one way or the other towards domination, but I hear that allot of people dont like you guys with a PASSION so I rekikn that you will have troubles similar or greater to the one you faced on Niravana (whitch you guys LOST by the way, yes it's been decided) for the next couple of eras.

That being said, I suggest you worry about your Kingdoms back befor you "Hunt LH down"

Either way, we'll be waiting.

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