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Release our Prisoner
21:55:08 Oct 31st 11 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Gold Finder):

A few days ago, 3 of our scouting parties was on an expedition to explore this large and mysterious world that is called Fantasia.

1 head west from where we initially were. 2 went south instead.

All 3 scouting parties manage to send out a messenger telling their current predicament. They are trapped within the hostile territories of Hex and Relentless!

I hereby publicly declare war on these two kingdoms to rescue our brave exploration parties! We shall break down your walls, rape your womens, enslave your mens, raid your food, carry away your gold, and burn your trees until we rescue our mens and satisfy our anger.

00:16:18 Nov 1st 11 - Mr. Bran:

We shall break down your walls, rape your womens,

is this a new update ive missed?

00:44:48 Nov 1st 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Ashe The Newb Slayer):

God I wish... Instant morale boost by 5% :D

02:08:14 Nov 1st 11 - Ms. Bloodrayne:

Only if there's option to rape your men too.

02:13:24 Nov 1st 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Ashe The Newb Slayer):

But it's still pleaseing the man... So it's not technically rape.

02:20:10 Nov 1st 11 - Mr. Peabody The Teacher:

An erection does not mean consent!

03:05:05 Nov 1st 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Fortune II):

From what I know about males and their genitalia... Jizzing feels good for them. Unless we poured burning candle-wax over their winkies and Nipples, that would hurt.

04:15:12 Nov 1st 11 - Zond (Mr. Hostility):

Some of us like that too.

04:25:33 Nov 1st 11 - Mr. Takin The Urine:

Men like to jizz with their MINDS and their testicles. We are a complex emotional gender that is not only interested in the carnal experiences of the flesh. ;)

04:31:26 Nov 1st 11 - Puppy The Infamous Canine:

03:10:10 Nov 2nd 11 - Mr. Biteme:

ur scouts are tied to ma bed and enjoying themselves!!!

04:21:24 Nov 2nd 11 - Spud (Mr. Spud The Illusionist):


03:11:00 Feb 28th 12 - Mr. Curtis:

i hope the prisoner get free

11:41:33 Feb 28th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Wilber Noname):

FAO Fortune (ty guy who bumped this)

From my experience, women enjoy it when they orgasm... So it's not technically rape. :P

I'm going out, back later. If the police ask, I was here the whole time.....

00:24:12 Feb 29th 12 - Legend (Mr. Hankys Lover):

Wheres the like button in this game?

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