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21:09:30 Mar 31st 10 - Mr. Kreed:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Relentless
Members: 9
Created: 12/28/2009 6:15:39 AM
Leader: Mr. Annunaki


Taking active players looking for a fun era.
New or not, as long as active.
We kill inactive dead weight!
Only the Active will survive!
We Are The Active!
IRC #Relentless


Despite Relentless being a smaller sized kingdom, i can personally attest that each member we have are both quality players and are active in the game. We do not put up with inactive members. We are currently accepting applications from both veterans and players new to the game. Any new player wishing to join I am willing to personally teach, and if you have any questions about our kingdom or regarding the game anyone of our vices would be more then willing to help

21:11:09 Mar 31st 10 - Mr. Bubba:

Relentless Rocks !

00:07:07 Apr 1st 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

Kreed if you want as well send some of the newbies my way as well :). im on most of the time n bored outta my mind. N trying to chat to ppl that dont respond back gets dull hehe. Though i make no promises as to who their loyalties lie!

01:07:34 Apr 2nd 10 - Mr. Octavious:

This was only my first FULL ERA and I felt i did well for being new.  The leaders of Relentless definitely helped me a lot along the way.  There maybe only 9 members but i guarantee all nine of them are on everyday.  

01:09:39 Apr 2nd 10 - Ice Prince Isis:

Relentless who?

01:14:22 Apr 2nd 10 - Mr. Octavious:

Ice Prince(s) Isis, you should just join Relentless and find out who we are.

01:15:35 Apr 2nd 10 - Ice Prince Isis:

you are the 11nth kd that tells me to join them.

Why should I join you?

01:16:48 Apr 2nd 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

because they said so?

01:18:32 Apr 2nd 10 - Mr. Octavious:

Maybe because your the only member of your kingdom?  Why aren't you in BOW anymore anyways?

01:19:58 Apr 2nd 10 - Ice Prince Isis:

Mr. Octavious


19:18:32 Apr 1st 10
Maybe because your the only member of your kingdom?  Why aren't you in BOW anymore anyways?


long story


Mr. Teirdel


19:16:48 Apr 1st 10

because they said so?


give me 2 other coherent reasons

03:24:18 Apr 2nd 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

hmm, First era got 11th place with half the members of the other top kds. Even less than Half.

Since its new it has alot of potential for you to gain and monopolize on :).

Two more reasons!

05:40:16 Apr 2nd 10 - Mr. Kreed:

Thanks Teirdel for supporting my kingdom, but as a vice i don't Ice Prince Isis in any kingdom i'm in if he has that kind of negative attitude. People must learn that Rome was not built in a day, nor can you expect a start up kingdom to dominate in its first or second era of existance(FEAR is virtually HIV). You should not knock a kingdom without knowing about it or knowing about its members.

05:41:39 Apr 2nd 10 - Mr. Kreed:

btw Teirdel if you ever decide to move on from ROC, there is always a spot open for you

08:45:20 Apr 2nd 10 - Ice Prince Isis:

mmm Kreed post makes me think of joining

04:09:28 Apr 3rd 10 - Warlord Kaizen:

Funny that you wouldnt remember us when it was I and Ninja that wiped you out while you were in bow the first era we started lol. Started as Hybrid Theory then changed to Relentless.

04:32:26 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

I know Kreed n thanks for the offer. However i plan to hang with kev for awhile so itll have to be another time. Though ill keep that in mind.

07:39:32 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Skinnyvinny:

Isis, just wondering.  who are the other 11 KDs who asked you to join?  

18:02:40 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Kreed:


01:02:14 Apr 6th 10 - Mr. Octavious II:

13 members now, still looking for more active players out there with out a kingdom!!!!!

01:59:35 Apr 6th 10 - Sir Cadmus The Fearsome:

Pfft, who would join a kd with that Kreed noob? I hear he fills his armies with level 2's.


02:02:55 Apr 6th 10 - Mr. Luke Skywalker:

Hey you should not talk smack about others. You heard he has filled his armies with lvl 2's but have you seen it.

02:31:02 Apr 6th 10 - Mr. Kreed:

no worries Luke Skywalker. ik Cadmus is just kidding around. he has first hand experiance with my lvl 2 zerks


02:41:15 Apr 6th 10 - Sir Targaryen Dragonkin:

Great kingdom! good teacher n kreed works well with people. Plus has alot of patience.. lol trust me on that i put it to the test :)

03:56:27 Apr 6th 10 - Sir Cadmus The Fearsome:

That was no fair, I was in my studies. ;( 

I demand a retrial for this crime against common decency! 

20:24:17 Apr 6th 10 - Mr. Octavious II:

Sir Cadmus... as I respect you and Feds I really wish Kreed and I could have kept attacking you last ERA.  We went on spring break for a week and had to fall back because we didn't have internet for that week.  We probably could have done a lot more damage.  Oh well, as for studies I should be studying for my test right now!!! lol  but i'm on VU again hahaha

23:39:00 Apr 6th 10 - Sir Cadmus The Fearsome:

It's possible. However I guess we will never know, as we were caught in the stalemate of the era upon your return. 

00:18:11 Apr 7th 10 - Mr. Kreed:

Cadmus that stalemate was due to the fact that i was training troops in fant to prepare for Fear. i gave up on fighting you guys long before any NAP was agreed to or signed. had i not gone on break i would of kept taking and destroying your cities so you guys could of never got them back. plus by me being gone for a week it gave you guys time to build up your armies after i had pretty much destroyed a decent amount of your troops

00:44:26 Apr 7th 10 - Sir Cadmus The Fearsome:

We could keep debating what *could* have happened, and why it *didn't* happen... Or you can accept my statements as jokes, and stop turning it into a serious discussion. It's really quite a buzz kill.

02:03:30 Apr 7th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

cock block

Show them what the small kingdoms can truly do!


03:51:54 Apr 7th 10 - Warlord Kaizen:

Thanks Uther,

Ya it kinda worked out that Kreed decided to train 100k zerks before he went on vacation lol. I thought we were gonners until he came back and took out 5 or more 100 - 500k ranked armies lol

We allways have a fun time warring you guys we will have to work together sometime though, so far both of our eras we have warred you and this era you are on  a differnt map.

03:54:27 Apr 7th 10 - Sir Targaryen Dragonkin:

Lol kreeds just a BA that way.

05:53:34 Apr 7th 10 - Mr. Kreed:

its quite a shame that Relentless and Federation always seem to get into war. Hopefully next time we can be allies :)

06:28:01 Apr 7th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

yes hopefully that can happen.
We have a no diplomacy policy type of thing going on but we tend to leave enough room for one exception every era.

06:36:59 Apr 7th 10 - Mr. Ninja:

I love you guys!

06:37:56 Apr 7th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

There you are ninja ;)  I was worried for a sec

06:58:29 Apr 7th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

who is "You guys?"


Arthur Ninja did just kinda pop in here didnt he?

07:03:40 Apr 7th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Yes he did.  But I was also worried that he went to Paladins.  I wouldn't want to fight him ;)

20:38:18 Apr 8th 10 - Sir Cadmus The Miner:

Federation + Relentless?

The Relentless Federation?!

Chuck Norris now has reason to be afraid.

21:00:17 Apr 8th 10 - Mr. Ryroth:

Thats what ninjas do lol , How are you doing Arthur do you guys like our new banner

21:03:30 Apr 8th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

It's a sexy banner.  Not as sexy as ours ofc but it's sexy none-the-less.

21:30:57 Apr 8th 10 - Mr. Annunaki:

Kinda got messed up image wise when I made it 120*100 pix  :(   Will Work tho! I feel like a primate with a 45  some times :)

22:31:43 Apr 8th 10 - Sir Cadmus The Miner:

You can't really see the word Relentless in the new banner very well. Too much graphical design in it.

22:32:47 Apr 8th 10 - Mr. Luke Skywalker:

Sir Cadmus The Miner


14:38:18 Apr 8th 10
Federation + Relentless?

The Relentless Federation?!

Chuck Norris now has reason to be afraid.


I got something better than that.

Antifederation + Relentless + Federation + Music = 

The AntiRelenting Federation of Music


22:33:13 Apr 8th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:


23:56:30 Apr 8th 10 - Mr. Octavious II:

The Anti-Relenting Federation of Music!

might even be able to take out FEAR and FATE   lol

00:01:00 Apr 9th 10 - Mr. Luke Skywalker:

It can take them and more. Even zeta.....

06:49:46 Apr 10th 10 - Mr. Octavious II:

There is a girl in my bed but I LOVE RELENTLESS so the bitch  can wait!!!!

thats the dedication it takes to be a member of RELENTLESS

soon to be the best KD in VU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06:50:46 Apr 10th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

<3 the banner

06:54:01 Apr 10th 10 - Mr. Octavious II:


you alll better recognize before its too late!!!! 

07:03:07 Apr 10th 10 - Mr. Octavious II:

you fools better keep out name out your mouths or you'll be sorry!!!!

we work these streets, we out here grinding

I haven't slept in 8 days i can go 8 weeks better be careful bitches!!!!

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