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Retard from DMC breaks CF
11:22:16 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Several weeks ago when the feds where still in our core, Retard from DMC attacked and took over a large mine named Akmuooo from Satanclausas. By this time Both ROC and DMC had agreed to a CF with us (we where still NEBC at that time), because of hema attacking them from midgard. DMC especially was getting their asses kicked because they had tons of troops close to us, but few guarding their core(s).
At this point the active members of NEBC formed "The Unbreakables", to get rid of our inactive leaders. We also told the VU community that we would be taking over all agreements from NEBC, since we where the only ones that had kept the kd alive (you could say that we WERE the kd, not the leaders who still are inactive).
We still had problems wwith fed so I didnīīt wanna push it to hard since it seemed that insane wasnīt very active, and that retard was a real retard who didnīt consider the effects on his kd by such a deed.
Recently, some 3 days ago, satan asked if he could take it back and I said go for it since we had the uper hand with feds by then, and I felt that we had the resources to spare to commit to his cause now. I also messaged Insane about this but received no answer, either he ignores me or he is inactive.
Sadly my comp broke late Friday, so I donīt have all the details yet, but it seems that retarded Retard started a war because of this, and claims that no CF was posted in their forums, I have not been able to get a confirmation about this tho, but I definitely talked with insane about continuing it when we reformed into TU, and as far as I am concerned we both agreed to continue it, even tho the case of the city was not finalized since I never got an answer after that.

But in the end this all started with Retard taking over a city to a CFed kd, I even told him not to do it since I noticed his army going straight at it, and I also told him that we where in talks and that satan was joining UT (he had not done so at that time yet).
I would also like to point out that if no CF was ever posted in DMC, then why where ALL their armies withdrawn and the war not coninued after their success against hema? I find this most contradictory.

Here is the relations thread that we took with us when we left NEBC, there is one addition tho, and its DOM who showed up in north valhalla some week ago.

Mr. Tyrgalon

06:56:47 Mar 23rd 10


Bear Machines

Black Flag




Cease fire:


Royal Order of the Claidmore


Now I have no reason to post of a CF in our forums if it wasnīt true, because then my mates (and me) would leave no troops in their cities close to them. I am a very cautious player so I can show that I still have troops in blockers in our core even if it should be perfectly safe, so I would not leave my cities unprotected if I suspected they were at risk.

Regards, Tyrgalon
King of TU

13:41:37 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Han Solo:

Its a known fact to reapply for a new CF once you have left the old kingdom. Thats why I think he attacked.

15:07:19 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Niveko:

We are the same kingdom but with a new leader is all and a new name, and we made sure that the kingdoms we had relationships with knew this. If they did not want to continue their relations with us then we still deserve to have the 72 hour notice.

15:44:26 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Apoll:

why make a  new kd in the middle of the era? why not wait til the era is done, and then make the new kd.. You can still change leader, even though its the same kd...

15:45:03 Mar 29th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

says who?  You changed your name and your leader everything about your kingdom has technically changed.  Takes 5 minutes to send a message to everyone about having a NAPs/CFs and again as I posted in the Looney Toons thread ********* CFs ARE BREAKABLE ******

If you dont plan on fighting someone get a NAP.  Ya it sucks but any time you go through leadership changes especially mid-era the first thing a leader should do is recheck and reestablish all agreements with other kingdoms.

16:07:57 Mar 29th 10 - Duke Insane XIV:

dang almost survived a era with no bull shiat...ehh maybe next time!!

16:13:41 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Apoll:

Yeah true Struddle, its just that its easier to not do it :P Since people might get confused around and such, unless the other leaders that get those messages are online and quickly sends message to their members not to attack...

17:31:12 Mar 29th 10 - Sir Jondrus Hawk:

We have a CF with NEBC who still has a city left.


City Info
Owner:Duke PolydeucesKingdom Banner
Size:29920 building(s).
Gates:no gates

How did the feeding go?

22:15:35 Mar 29th 10 - Mr. Han Solo:

I dont think it was feeding. The leaders simply left because of RL issues. Thats what it is stated.

02:06:50 Mar 30th 10 - Mr. Niveko:

Toaster I believe that Tyr did go around and send messages to all the kingdoms to let them know, and we had a 72 hour break on it. The point of reforming was so we could take our inactive leader's cities so they could be put to use.

We still like you Insane! Well at least I do =P, I just figured it was a misunderstanding. 

02:29:22 Mar 30th 10 - Sir Jondrus Hawk:

I have no intentions of attacking. Never did. Must be a misunderstanding. 

02:31:13 Mar 30th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

id attack.. but no point when im fighting feds and you are also. would make it a 3 way war! and then u would both team on me :(

18:11:01 Mar 30th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

the reason for reforming was as niveko stated 2 inactive leaders in a kd with 7 members...we needed the resources gainst feds and I wanted to make clear that it was us 5 that where the kd and where running it, we could not take care of a kd if noone could answer diplomatic messages from other kds becausse our leaderss where inactive. And I did inform our closest neigbours, both enemies and naps/cfs not to mention that I posted in the forums about it.

I am not aqusing DMC itself of this, but rather some lax behaviour by insane and unaceptable deeds by retard.

22:27:03 Mar 30th 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

Ahhh.... Drama about breaking promises... I've seen this more than once before. :) Quite frankly, it helps to know who can't be trusted and who CAN be trusted, but this will get you nowhere bro. It'll just go to an unsatisfied end. Your best bet is to not get so angry about it and attack back and rape em. :D

23:38:19 Mar 30th 10 - Duke Insane XIV: what he said.. :))

09:44:35 Mar 31st 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

we are doing that lol :P I am not angry but frustrated by this situation, it is irritateing when retards donīt see reason. But we are not The Unbreakables without a reason ;)

15:56:23 Mar 31st 10 - Mr. Orrises:


16:08:32 Mar 31st 10 - Duke Insane XIV:


22:14:51 Mar 31st 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

Go tyrgalon. Way to reach out and grab em from the rear. :P

00:09:59 Apr 1st 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

(>_> ), (<_<) (o_O)

Hmm.... Bets on Dmc, n niveko tyr join roc! of course at era end.. but still.

00:21:23 Apr 1st 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

how about... no.

14:56:23 Apr 6th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Nah we all wenīt our separate ways, niveko joined roc but satan went to DMC and I am joining GOTF when I get my app accepted. Dunno about Lonestar and saz sazunas.

21:43:09 Apr 6th 10 - Sir Mcmax The Troll:

Mr. Tyrgalon


14:56:23 Apr 6th 10
Nah we all wenīt our separate ways, niveko joined roc but satan went to DMC and I am joining GOTF when I get my app accepted.

Good choice. All of them.

08:51:15 Apr 7th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

yep :)

15:43:21 Apr 21st 10 - Lady Bugs Partacus:

wishful thinking

Duke Insane XIV


00:07:57 Mar 30th 10
dang almost survived a era with no bull shiat...ehh maybe next time!!

16:21:48 Apr 21st 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

lol :P

01:49:35 Apr 22nd 10 - Mr. Satanclausas:

Now Retard is my KD mate, lol

08:47:37 Apr 22nd 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

I know :P how are you btw?

02:32:34 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Satanclausas:

I"m ok, having some fun over here, thanks for Relentless that give it so much, cheers! lol
I see Guild of the Fallen doing epic battles over there asvel, wish you good luck!
Retard is fine, come and join us! Mr. Tyrgalon is one of the best!

01:03:06 May 9th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

ty :) you make me blush lol :P I am not that good.

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