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Revelation warrior reborn
06:47:04 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Slade:

Good story, i would like to see more, :) good stuff fordy

06:59:01 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Fordius:

I’m looking in the mirror wondering if I could become the man I wish
to be. It’s going to be a hard struggle to achieve my goal I know that but I'm willing to give my everything to get where I want to be.

Its been 4 years ago since I've left my village with my uncle who has learned me everything to become a better and stronger warrior.
I was still far away from my legendary brother Fordius who was a well know warrior .
Loyal , Honorable and Kind..

I live in a small village called maysun near a river and the population is around 900 people. It’s not big but it’s a well know place cause of the warriors born here.

My story started to become an legendary warrior started 4 years ago.
My Brother Fordius that was known for his fighting skills and kindness and sometimes crazy stuff got executed in a nearby town called Jancold.
He got betrayed by his friends and been ambushed but my brother didn’t resist as he couldn’t bare to hold up his swords against his own friends even after being betrayed. He surrendered just like that I still don’t understand why. My uncle told me stories but I'm still not able to understand what he's meaning with it. With time I would he said.

The day before his execution I visited him in the prison. He never looked afraid of dying and found that very brave. We didn’t spoke much but one thing I remember very well is that he said that he was proud on the man I was become. I had no father nor did I have a mother they had die 10 years ago in a war and I only had my brother that looked after me.
When I was going to stand up and leave he put his hand on my shoulder and said you should finish of my journey I had to stop for you to continue he said.
I remembered my uncle say something about a old myth but at that point it didn’t make any sense to me. I asked what do you mean brother he turned around and walked away. I was wondering what does he mean what journey ?

The day after I saw how they executed him by ripping him in pieces with horses sending body parts all over the nation to celebrate how they defeated Legendary Fordius and that nobody could beat this nation.
We all knew that this nation was corrupt and only a few dared to stand up to its king. But now many people were afraid to stand up against the king. But only few knew that my brother gave up freely without a fight there had to be a reason but what was this reason he would give up his life for.

The day after we started our journey to make me a better warrior and a educated warrior able to use my brain. Bit by bit I became stronger and I started to understand the pieces of the puzzle I had in my mind about my brother and his journey. Four years have passed by since I came where I’m now. In front of the mirror.

Today I will start my first mission to achieve the legendary status of my brother and also to continue and finish the journey where he left.
My name is Evil_Ates but I will fight with the alias of my brother FORDIUS to show this nation that he isn’t dead. To honor his name and continue his legacy. Then I started walking towards my room and see my brothers armor and his sword. The sword my father made for him long time ago. It’s called the celestial and it’s a weapon that posses a secret power that only can be used by the special once. I put on the armor and hold up the sword and I put on an ODE that I would finish his journey.
I put back the sword and take the banner with our family weapon on it I walk towards outside and jump on my horse.

Here my journey begins I’m walking out alone towards the unfamiliar that is awaiting me there outside. What will become of me what will I meet on my way towards the end of the journey. Will I be able to live up to my Brothers name.

........ We will see .... We will see ...


All right that’s it for now if you guys think it was a bit entertaining I would like to finish of the journey I’m walking but if you guys think its crap the journey won’t end its up 2 you guys.
I’m just doing this cause
I’m bored and I thought it would be entertainable

The first post can someone delete that something screwed up there.

I double posted that story ( this is the story what has to be read )
not that the people get an impression of the story being to long.
Thank you very much.

15:09:51 Dec 28th 09 - Duke Random:

gimme a role in your story >:)

15:12:05 Dec 28th 09 - Duke Slade:

:O me to, i dont wanna be some bum that dies... or some greenhorn, i wanna be like your brother in arms!! :P

15:26:10 Dec 28th 09 - Duke Random:

I wanna be something sexual. in a good way.... and don't steal my clothes!

15:28:27 Dec 28th 09 - Duke Slade:

You can be greased up deaf guy!! :P

15:39:09 Dec 28th 09 - Sir Kobuskan:

Did you smoke Nederwiet Fordius ?

Welcome back


15:44:21 Dec 28th 09 - Sir Chee Cat:

Nice story Ford. Keep it up!

16:28:20 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Finwe:

*Jumps out from behind a tree*

*slays the evil ates with a big stick*

16:40:00 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Spoon:

its dem ford!

17:18:49 Dec 28th 09 - Lord Adelbert:

Hey mate =)

18:16:44 Dec 28th 09 - Praetorian Wyzer:

Keep it going Fordius, it is a interesting read.

19:07:15 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Barny:

I think that the openening was pretty good. It will be annoying waiting 37 hours for you to update this with shit from OOP fights, so you might consider making some kind of post before that related to the story dealing with preparation for the OOP battles or something? I can't tell you how to run your story, but make sure to at least get something in before OOP.

19:45:07 Dec 28th 09 - Sir Lazuras of Acre:

Good story , but shouldnt it be in RP ? , however i do see why its related to the games politics.

19:57:33 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Fordius:

I posted here as it will contain politics in it :)
the story will be add a few more stuff and yes I will add new post every day,

sometimes its just pure extra information just to be able 2 read.
if there isnt anything @ all than Ill post day after

so max once per 2 days.
it will contain politics in it thats why I posted here :)

20:29:07 Dec 28th 09 - Sir Chee Cat:

Its combination, of rp and politics. Nothing wrong with it and its openly encouraged. Lol though i too wondered at first if he posted in the wrong forum.

02:14:13 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Fordius:

3 months has passed by since the moment I left my village. I’m wandering the empty desert
a fortress named  Fortress Solitu. My first mission is to gather around a small army so I can fight the corrupted king. The rumors say that some of my brothers old loyal friends are located there. I have to take my chances and try to convince them to join me in this journey.

1 of the oldest friends of my brother named Roxbury is known for his kindness and his well eloquence but besides that he isn't really a warrior but more of an Intel gatherer.
are 2 more warriors located there 1 guy named EZ they say that he’s as big as a mountain and strong as an ox while his compagnon is the opposite of him and is rather small but he has excellent talent on archery his name is stirlin. This small group is a welcome addition to my team.

3 more days have passed by before I finally reach the fortress. I jump off my horse and slowly walk to the entrance of the fortress. When suddenly a guy stops me and says : “whats your business here little man, I dont think you are from around here.” My hands on the cling of my sword ready to face off everyone that would jump me I get suprised. The man in front of me wearing a blue cape and with long white beard suddenly starts to laugh. “Evil_Ates you dont recognize me anymore he says”
still confused about who this man is in front of my he answer my thoughts. “Its me Frederick I’m an old friends of your fathers its sad that he passed away my son” Suddenly I recognize him this man was my fathers best friend he learned me math and other stuff when I was a little child.

He walks at me and throws a arm around me and invites me inside the fortress.
“So what brings you here my son I’ve heard about your brothers loss he was a brave man and his loss can be felt thrue out the entire nation.” And he continues to mubble. I didnt hear much off what he was saying as I got distracted by 2 guys standing near a Inn. They kind of looked familiar and it was as if they were watching my movements too. Could it be that this 2 guys are Ez & Stirlin? I had to find out quick. So I ask the old man who those 2 guys were standing there by the Inn.
Frederick answers they are one of the most wanted guys outside this fortress the kings man dont dare to enter this fortress and thats why they can arrest them in here we are the kings. But they also were loyal friends of your brother.Since your brothers loss some of his man started to take jobs as mercenaries while others a plotting for revenge. You should see Roxbury he’s living at that big white house on that hill over there. He knew your brother the best and I think you might need him.
Need him I asked. “Yes I dont believe your here without reason your uncle sended me a message about your being on your way.” And than he walked away towards the other direction while he was dissapearing he screamed also your my guest tonight so im expecting you. Before I could say anything he dissapeared btween the crowds.

I decide to explore the fortress a bit first before I head towards Roxbury’s house. When I reach the Inn some huge guy steps up on my path and ask with a heavy voice “dont I know you from somewhere you look so familiar”. Not that I know of sir, maybe your mixing me up with someone else. “he calls out for his friend a small guy but steady he takes a good look at me and than smiles “your moron isnt he Fords brother what was it called Evil_Akes or Evil_Asat. Yes im Evil_Ates and im Fords brother who are you guys and what do you guys know about my brother. The big guy throws a punch at me I managed to dodge the punch at the last second. That blow would have me knocked out cold for sure. “Proof me that your Fords lil brother.” I’m not interested in fighting you but before I could finish of my sentence he charged at me. I make a quick move towards the right than turn around and kick his leg than I jump on his back and make em fall to the ground. Holding him in a lock he cant escape my brother teached me this when we were Young. The smaller guy laughs and says he is defenitly Fords brother nobody else could execute this move so easily. “I’m stirlin and the guy biting the dirt is EZ so what is your business here he asked.” My mission is to finish off where my brother left off. While the big slowly starts to get himself back up again he laughs and says “Your Crazy” you want to finish where your brother left off. You must be insane” Stirlin laughed and asks did you meet with Roxbury try to convince him and when you do we’ll give you our word and join you in your so called insane journey. “The other people surrounding us all started to laugh and one of em said dont be mean he will never pull it off. Dont  give the guy false hopes. And they laughed again.


·         Will continue the story tomorrow hopefully its still enjoyable im trying my best :P
you guys have to know im not good @ this so im just trying and hope its something decent :P

·         Thanks for reading and leave behind a comment.

Also forgive me for my bad english :P

04:51:31 Dec 29th 09 - Duke Slade:

WOOT! nice story Ford, but just so you know.. taken ez to the ground aint that hard :P

04:57:20 Dec 29th 09 - Lady Boobson:

In addition to what Slade just said:

He lives on the floor, face down, biting a pillow.

06:15:55 Dec 29th 09 - Toaster Struddle:

*waits to see if he gets put in the awesomeness of this story*

06:24:51 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Fordius:

After leaving the group at the inn I thought about what the guys said about Roxbury, curious about whom he was. I decided to move to his house and meet him. Underway I visited a few shops and than set foot towards Roxbury’s house. I was curious but afraid at the same time. The guys at the inn said he was a difficult person and has a hard personality.


After walking 2,5 hours and seeing the sun almost disappearing behind the mountains on the end of the fortress I knocked on the door. Come in Evil_Ates someone said on the other side of the room. He knows me I thought at myself how? It took me a few seconds to react and open the door and walk inside.


There behind a big wooden desk he sat and said come closer. He was a tall guy I could tell but he was skinny he also had allot of charisma. He was a real ladies man no doubt about it.

“Sit Down.” So I did what he told me too and I was about to ask how he knew who I was, when he interrupted me and started talking, I was expecting you and you passed the first test I see. So you’ve been prepared pretty well. I’m sorry about your brothers’ loss but we got no time to moan about it. I will tell you a story after that we will leave the fortress asap.


“What you have to know is that … that I’ve betrayed your brother.” I looked up with disbelief in my face you... you did what? Before I knew it I charged at him and tried to hit him. But I missed he managed to dodge my attack this easily. I became even angrier and started to punch all around me. Roxbury was cool and only dodged my attacks till he stepped right next to me and hit me on my back of the head. I fell forwards on the floor. Than he went sitting on me. “Relax; listen to me first before you decide to end my life. What I did I didn’t do because I liked it he was my friend my brother you think it was easy for me.” He stood up and said “sit down.” Curious about what he had to say I decided to listen to his story before I decided what to do with him. “It was 3 months before your brother got executed he came to my camp and told me that you would visit him a few years after he dies. I didn’t believe him but he kept on continuing his story. He said that he couldn’t finish the quest as he didn’t have the power that you possessed and that you had to finish where he was left. But he also knew you wouldn’t take part of this quest as long as he lived you had to have a reason to join the quest to accept it.

You don’t know yet but you posses a special power that you have to activate. We have to find a way to get you in touch with your inner power. Your brother planned everything till the last details. Even his own dead. He also left me this note that I should pass on to you after we finish our first mission that he planned for us.


We have to go to the village Dragon Spire where we will find a tribe that will join us in the quest. But we first have to defeat a strong guild that’s blocking our way there.

The leaders of this guild is Struddles a fierce warrior that once fought on our side but he became corrupted and were only interested in wealth and might. THE GUILD OF FALLEN.

The suites them well as they all are corrupted and betrayed there old tribes and nations just for wealth. They have no loyalty towards anyone but they are a force to reckon with. Our first mission is to defeat this guild and bring an amulet that Struddles posses and stole from the Dragon Spire. We will unlock a scroll that will tell us more about how to active your powers and what it contains.” How can I trust the man that let my brother die? How can I know that what you say is the truth? Roxbury suddenly took out a knife and put it on his neck order me to cut myself and I’ll do. My loyalty was with your brother my life belonged to him as it belongs to you now. Tell me to kill myself and I’ll do it as it’s worthless if I can’t finish my promise to your brother. Take the knife away I’ll give you the chance to prove me otherwise.

Roxbury suddenly went on his knee and said “Yes Sir” than he stood up and said “Now we have to go to the far south to get the amulet from this guild” We better leave now as we have allot to do. Well I have to do something first before we go Ill meet with you guys at the Inn in 30 minutes from now. “Hurry up”. I will. Than I left with lots of question marks in my head what was it what did my brother want me to do. Why did he have to die? And what is this power that Roxbury was talking about. I set foot towards Frederick’s house and before I could knock on the door. Frederick told me to come in. Your leaving I know so I’ve prepared some medicines for you guys. He handed over a little bag. “Wait here he said” After a few minutes he returned with a big white sheet. He took out a nice shining bow. This is for you it’s a special bow that belongs to the Wizard Tribe. * Frederick is the last few of the surviving wizards of the tribe Ancient Magic. * It doesn’t need real arrows the bow uses the power around you to create an energy light as arrow. But use it wisely as it will also consume your energy too. I took it in my hands and pulled on the arrow suddenly lots of light came into the arrow. “Careful Careful” Frederick said. Than I put the bow on my back the light disappeared. Thank you very much for the medicines and the bow Frederick. I promise I will come and visit you soon. Than I turned around and left the building I didn’t look back but I knew Frederick was watching me walking away.


My mission to steal back the amulet that Struddles stole and what will happen after that. Not knowing what I will find on my path and who to trust I’m setting foot towards the Inn.


* More will follow later *

07:07:30 Dec 30th 09 - Toaster Struddle:

hmmmmm......... what happens when we beat you?

07:10:29 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Rocknrolla:

hush corrupted one, i wish to hear more of the story :)

07:11:41 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Fordius:

cant tell struddles cause than I'll ruin the story :)
keep on reading to find out :)

07:39:35 Dec 30th 09 - Duke Slade:

Nice story fordy, keep it coming

08:01:34 Dec 30th 09 - Mzz Mzzery The Mzzchievous:

Oh the wall of TEXT... recap please?

09:42:27 Dec 30th 09 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

* More will follow later *

Not if we can help it :P

09:45:22 Dec 30th 09 - Loser The Born Loser The Enforcer:

So this is Revelation's and Fordius's personal embassy?

13:53:29 Dec 30th 09 - Toaster Struddle:

nah more or less his personal story for the era :)

18:01:38 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. And Ezzington:

Carlsberg don't do VU forum RP threads, but if they did, they would probably be the best VU forum RP threads in the world.

21:33:14 Dec 30th 09 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

shouldnt this be on RP forum?

22:25:00 Dec 30th 09 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Nah because it includes politics and its about in game stuff :).

09:05:44 Jan 1st 10 - Mr. Fordius:

Story delayed cause of new year.
Ill continue the story tomorrow.

Happy New Year Everyone ( dont spam the thread with happy new year )

05:46:24 Jan 2nd 10 - Mr. Fordius:

On my way towards the Inn something strange happened. I became dizzy and I was seeing things it was vague and it felt as if I was being in two worlds at the same time. I got on my knees and started to relax and waited till the dizziness disappeared before I stood up and set on my walk. What was this visions what was it that I was seeing? What happened?


Decided to leave the thoughts for what it was and forget about it. I reached the Inn and greeted the guys.

Ez said “about time you came” Stirlin laughed and said “relax Ez he’s here isn’t he”.

Roxbury commented only by jumping on his horse and said “let’s go”.

We all jumped on our horse and started to gallop. With me there was a group of people.

Two, I've met at the Inn Ez and Stirlin and the one I met in the villa named Roxbury. There were 10 other guys with us that I didn’t know. But there was a guy that caught my attention he had an eagle on his shoulder and had an eye patch. He looked like a fierce warrior. He didn’t pay attention to any others in the group. I slowed my horse so I could get near him. And I said Hi.

He looked at me than he looks back forwards. Curious about what his story is I continued my investigation on him. I said my name Is Evil_Ates alias Fordius what’s your reason to ride with us and what’s the story for your eye patch. He looked at me again and than looked forwards again. But this time he answered me with “When I was little struddles forced me to kill my own family I was still a teenager. I refused at first that’s where the eye patch comes in.

Struddles man Rexar cut out my eye and promised me he would do worse if I didn’t do what they said. I was in pain and afraid when I did what I did. And I have to carry this burden the rest of my life. That’s my motivation to fight them. My name is GEE. That’s enough for now we’re falling behind” than he speeded up his gallop and disappears. I thought about his story and about a coincident I just noticed. All this man has one thing in common. They all want revenge.


We set foot after it started to get dark we decide to put up camps on the side of the road.

And put an up a nice warm fire to lighten up the camp. All of the man started to drink and shared some stories with each other. When my ears catch a story a group of man was telling each other. It was about the amulet. I got interested but was afraid that if I would join them they would stop telling so I took place nearby so I could listen to the story.


The guy started to tell “As far as I have heard there are four different kinds of amulets and they have the symbol of the elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind the story goes that the king posses two of this amulets and he wants the other two. One of them is being possessed by Struddles and the Fourth one nobody knows. What I have heard from rumours is that when those four amulets come together they will open a portal to the world of GODS. While others say that it will give you the armour and weapons of the old war god Swifty. But whatever is true the story is that the four amulets definitely posses a strong power. I wouldn’t want to know what would happen if our corrupted king would get these amulets in his hands. I believed in the way of Fordius that this world could be united and that’s why I Slade have decided to join this path to continue were Fordius left “may he rest in peace”. We have to get those amulets in before the king. Or else … “He didn’t finish of his sentence he laughed and than he changed the subject and they all laughed about a joke he was making. Seems this Slade guy knows allot more about this subject I should try to talk with him later and see if I can get to know more about the amulets and other stuff.


It has been a busy day and I barely ate something and slept even less. So I decided to get a quick dinner and than head to bed. The next morning we all woke up before the sun came up and started to ride further towards the south on our way to get the amulet.


* will continue later on *

06:02:16 Jan 2nd 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

When did this become the roleplaying thread? :O

07:09:54 Jan 2nd 10 - Duke Slade:

nice! :)

10:03:26 Jan 2nd 10 - Loser The Born Loser The Enforcer:

Mmm.... looks like Struddle features very prominently in Fordius's story as the main badguy character.... so far....

10:09:21 Jan 2nd 10 - Mr. Fordius:

Nah this story will continue over the era.
as our first OOP war is with GOTF the story remains in the Struddles and his kd m8's time period.

But when era continues we will meet more enemies when we get closer to the
end of the era things might happen.

This story isnt only an attempt on roleplaying but also tells about the battle war.
There will be so many more people in the story :)

15:38:38 Jan 2nd 10 - Toaster Struddle:

but alas no one knows where I have hidden the amulet!  I will not give it up either!  You will have to kill me before I will allow you to take possesion of it!

15:44:17 Jan 2nd 10 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Yes he will never tell!

Emm... where did you want me to put it again Struddle? :S

15:48:08 Jan 2nd 10 - Lady Boobson:

Are you taking the Amulet to the Banana King?

06:53:07 Jan 5th 10 - Mr. Fordius:

A week has passed since we left the fortress and more and more man has joined our forces.

Hearing about the resurrection of Fordius they all wanted to be a part of the group that would overthrow the corrupted King.

In the days that we were on our road to Struddles I’ve learned more about the amulet and the effects of them as well as other things from Slade. He’s a man that possesses allots of knowledge. Also I have got to know GEE a bit better about his past what was quiet bitter as well as what his goals where. He’s mean reason is pretty much to take revenge on what has happened in the past but he also wants to prevent the same happening to others in the world of Visual Utopia. That’s a quiet noble cause if you ask me.


Finally the day has arrived where we got to the lair of where Struddles and his man are hiding.

Today we will camp outside the mountain and block all escape routes and come up with a plan to overtake them. But the next day when the sun came up we were surprised with what we saw. On the foothill of the mountains Struddles and his man were standing there with a white flag waving. I immediately jumped on my horse followed by Roxbury and a few more man and set foot towards it.


Hello Fordius, Struddles said.

Who are you? I responded.

My name is Struddles and the man right to me is Rexar and the man left to me is Shmeh.

What does this white flag mean? You dirty traitor.

We’ve chosen to surrender and I was hoping we could pledge our loyalty with you oh mighty Fordius. God has spoken to me in my sleep and told me that I only could find forgiveness if I would fight for your cause. So I beg of you Fordius to take me into your legions and use my life as it was your own.

Why would I take you you’ve never sworn any oaths against anyone and you’ve never been loyal to anyone before.

Struddles said I haven’t been loyal to anyone before cause there was nobody to swear an oath to nobody worth giving my life for. But with you Sir, I can and will give you the oath and I will serve under you even if that means my life. If you don’t believe me than take my life now sir but spare the lives of my man.

Where is the amulet you’ve stolen from the Dragon Spire? Struddles answered I didn’t steal it sir I’ve taken it with me to keep it safe for you sir. In a vision I’ve seen what would happen to Dragon Spire. The Private armies of the king the nation of HIV where Binh the ruthless is the general would attack there, in search for the amulet. So I’ve gone there and stole it to guard it for you sir. Struddles took out a little pocket from out a chest. Here sir here it is. Five days ago the armies from HIV has burned down Dragon Spire and kept no one alive. Roxbury suddenly looked up and I could see he was shocked. He moved back towards the man and ordered them to gather there stuff and should prepare to move again. Than Roxbury came back we must prepare for leave Fordius.

Struddles said take us into your legions Fordius and we’ll ride under your banner.


I was thinking than I said I give you guys 2 hours to get yourselves prepared we have to leave soon. Yes sir struddles said and left off. Roxbury said I can’t believe that HIV would burn down Dragon Spire. I hope we aren’t too late. We have to find Scientist the magician before we are too late. Only he can unravel the scroll and tell us about its powers.


Time ticks by when we finally see Struddles and his man all coming towards us all geared up on there horses. Thousands of riders came down the hills. It was a beautiful sight that I’ve never witnessed before. Our army now counted over tens of thousands of warriors. And I knew this would only become bigger.

Without losing to much time I’ve given out the order to move to Dragon Spire.

In our search to Scientist the magician a few days of walk is ahead of us.

What will we face there? Who knows but one thing I do know and that’s that I’m prepared to do anything to achieve my goal.


* Continues the story later *  

07:26:43 Jan 5th 10 - Lady Boobson:

Nasty HIV!

13:02:34 Jan 5th 10 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

this not about ingame events! what happend to the oop war?

16:46:07 Jan 5th 10 - Duke Slade:

As always very nice!

10:00:54 Jan 10th 10 - Duke Slade:


21:07:34 Jan 21st 10 - Loser The Born Loser The Enforcer:


21:55:03 Jan 21st 10 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Our hero, John McClane, whips out his gun, empties the clip and ends the rebirth of Ford. "we all know chev's are better ..." he mutters, leaving the revelation worrier splattered againt the forum walls.

22:36:52 Jan 21st 10 - Duchess Kittieh Aargh:

continying story: *helpful*

RVL guys was sitting in the forest talking by the warm fireplace, Fordius stretched and leaned back preoccupied with his camera. Struddles put another brick on the fire, and sharpened his ears. " I think its gonna rain guys, I can hear the thunder coming!

They stood up lazily and started setting up their tents. Then suddenly a blaze of light struck them, "lightning" Elsin thought to him self . The wind seemed to pick up, till they realized it was the sound of voices chanting getting higher and higer, and suddenly they were slapped back to the ground, and trolls and elfs of a high and mighty Clan was over them, killing whatever they came across. In the distance they could hear the villagers scream as the mighty warriors wrecked their hometowns.

23:24:58 Jan 21st 10 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

In steps our hero, and kicks seven different colours of shit out of the hiv twats. "smelly bastards..." he mutters on his way out.

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