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21:52:53 Jan 24th 08 - Lord Seloc:

Wow some-one seriously like revenge, they made there own kingdom about it!


Kingdom Banner

Name: Revenge
Members: 1
Tag: Foam
Created: 1/24/2008 7:09:23 PM
Leader: Ms. Helga Foamjaw

You think it's another revenge multi?

anyway Helga if that your real name! feel free to use this as your embassy.

21:56:39 Jan 24th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Women Shouldnt Foam & CO (merged)

Army Info
Commander:Wolflord KaracKingdom Banner
Kingdom:Brotherhood of the Wolf
Size:Corps (Around 50,000)


22:45:37 Jan 24th 08 - Dark Lord Finwe:

thought i killed you O.o guess not

01:44:14 Jan 25th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

no, but the killing is being finished.

02:41:12 Jan 25th 08 - Ms. Quietone:

Women shouldnt Foam? is that seriously the name of the army?



05:11:57 Jan 25th 08 - Sir Lexas Vineraven:

Whats that supposed to mean anyway?

*somebody coughs*

Oh... that kind of foaming.... ew

05:47:18 Jan 25th 08 - Mr. Trogdor:

Yeast infection...



14:35:37 Jan 25th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

Yup its the name of the army, well was, changed it after the city fell to Wheres the Revenge.

Her name is Helga FOAMjaw, so, the name seemed right at the time.

14:37:06 Jan 25th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

and i expect a vote for funniest army name ;)

15:03:15 Jan 25th 08 - Sir Revenge:

Im famous?

15:25:58 Jan 25th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

seems so.

15:54:59 Jan 25th 08 - Sir Revenge:


16:31:38 Jan 25th 08 - Ms. Quietone:

oh i get it now...i was gonna be insulted but i guess i will save it :P

18:01:34 Jan 25th 08 - Pirate Lewatha:

what's foam?

18:07:56 Jan 25th 08 - Sir Revenge:

I believe it reffers to the white substance the woman ' Excretes ' out of her vagina

18:25:55 Jan 25th 08 - Mr. Justainius Fontainius XI:

Anti Lgc Spray
Owned by Mr. Justainius Fontainius XI



05:26:31 Jan 27th 08 - Mr. Ambrosias Arilyonis:

hehe thats nice Justin

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