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Reviving Zetamania
14:41:43 Sep 4th 17 - IIBlood LegacyII (Blood Lord Tiny Rick):

Greetings all :)

I have a plan to revive Zeta by having 2 to 3 big kingdoms dedicated to war with each other every era on Zeta and allowing and protecting smaller kingdoms who join us in our fights or just join the world to learn or are just try start a new kingdom.

We already have Tiny Ricks Adventures on the world(Awesome people/the best) as one of the big kingdoms dedicated to war with a good bunch of skilled players and saving Zeta.we all just wanna have fun and a fare skilled war :)

Also Anonymous is here as well and ready to recruit to become one of the big kingdoms, they are good players and friendly people. they also wanna save zeta and be the sister Kingdom we fight.

Pestilence is here as well but their plans are to be an open recruitment kingdom every era and do their own thing.

The people on this world are great trust worthy people i am glad to try revive zeta with them.

14:57:04 Sep 4th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Pesti is just Sprout, Endless and myself breaking shit waiting for Necro to stick his head out again and twat his assplug back into his mouth for good.  Till then, we just crush whatever comes our way, and next era we forming the anti aby alliance where I am going to teach how you farm two players using a halfer and a human and manipulating a flaw in the games code, the way abydos does every era, back to the DB days when the flaw was first discovered.

16:06:06 Sep 4th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Towerbuilder):

Sounds interesting - really...... That about the flaw that is.

16:09:10 Sep 4th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Feel free to ask SFD what my income was when the rest of you were still trying to get going. Im going to guess i hit 3 times your incomes in early era.

16:22:47 Sep 4th 17 - Sprout (Mr. Sprout):

Want some candy? its kinda sour...

16:27:10 Sep 4th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Towerbuilder):

A few beers sounds better - afterall, it's cocking time :big-grin:

16:38:14 Sep 4th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Brans a big cock... you should speak to him about cocking.

16:52:59 Sep 4th 17 - Sprout (Mr. Sprout):

maybe he was looking for "cooking" like he gonna cook us with some rof..... tho they probably do like to play with their cocks...   Maybe they just want to molest us ....

16:56:14 Sep 4th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Towerbuilder):

I have made dinners for my family for more than 35 years.

I read and see articles and programs - something I adopt, but most I dischange as too fancy. I know my limits and I know what I want to do.

16:59:36 Sep 4th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Good, cause cooking sounds better than cocking.. the thought of Bran running around cocking people made me feel very ill for a while then.. rof is fun, though its usually Sprout who does the BBQ but im up for some fried chicken... wait bran comes to mind with fried chicken... or is that where the cock comes from.. wait now im confused. Endless, molest me babe and lets show them how to do it right please.

18:42:10 Sep 4th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (God Short Dwarf):

cocking? or cucking?... there is a difference 

18:44:43 Sep 4th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

none of us is sure anymore, but mc should have a 24 hour forum ban for mentioning it, and bran should have a game ban for being one.

18:53:41 Sep 4th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Towerbuilder):

LOL. So that's why I got a warning before I posted my answer......

18:55:26 Sep 4th 17 - IIBlood LegacyII (Blood Lord Tiny Rick):

Why has this page turned into a place for Bling to hate on Bran and talk about cocking?? please no cocking in this forum people. this is a safe place Bling and I think we are all adults so just show us on this halfling where Bran touched you :P

19:03:58 Sep 4th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Bran likes to play hide it in the poop shoot... he does it with osi all the time and osi likes it a lot

01:23:10 Sep 5th 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes of The Royal Order):

Lmao what the fvck lololol

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