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River Jumping II
00:31:37 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Thunderstrike:

I read the original thread, albeit just now for the first time, and was amazed at the blatant deceit offered by Red Hand members...

My first question is why on earth would Karac ever state that RH would never river jump, when that is exactly what they did...or am I mistaken my dear Mr. Strike Zakira? or did you forget this message ... (For the record only 2 armies jumped: 1 of mine & 1 of Strikes)


You (8/2/2007 2:46:02 PM)
Hmmmmmm I thought you told our good friend Thunderstrike that river jumping is cheating? Look who got caught Red Handed.
Mr. Strike Zakira [RED] (8/2/2007 2:56:26 PM) GOOD BAD
i said if he wanted to play that way i'll give that to him

Next on the agenda is what exactly caused our conflict...Seems Karac was running the show while Krum was away and worked out a MAP with carnage, but Krum returned, canceled it and betrayed Falcons; who also were allied with us...

Later in the war Karnac made nice and wanted to return the original MAP, and I asked him straight out if it were true that Krum screwed things up, ultimately bringing us to war...and asked why this time would be any different...

Apparently Karac feels that RH respects him more than they do Krum and listen to him more...curious...Krum did you even know that you were being made the scapegoat?


You (8/4/2007 12:55:31 PM)
We are...

As for talks, I will pass it along...I seem to remember them talking to you before though, but then Krum came back from vacation and screwed things up...bringing us eventually to this that true? And if so, why would this be different?

Not fighting the idea of being friends again...just asking a straight forward question...
Wolflord Karac [RED] (8/4/2007 12:56:55 PM) GOOD BAD
understandable. this time will be different because most of the kingdom respect me more than krum and listen to my views more now.

So here Karac advises that  Krum being the bad guy and betrayer of Falcons & Carnage...

But then he goes on to show RH's true colors that we already saw with their earlier betrayal, by wanting to betray Abydos now...(also notice he again says RH listens to him over Krum...or anyone else for that matter)...


Wolflord Karac [RED] (8/4/2007 1:11:05 PM) GOOD BAD
Well heres the deal, i am more than able to enter into talks nowadays, everyone in the kd has formed great respect for me and will listen to what I say above everyone else.

Abydos wanted our help to fight, as i notice tho, aby has since abandoned that effort and left us to fight on our own. I do not like this, never liked the deal to begin with as they would not agree to anythnig formal.

I would like to maybe set something up to help you guys fight Aby. They will not suspect it and the inital blow would be crucial. We have ways into their core that are undefended as they think we are their pawns, we are not.

I ask for your consideration in this. I would also request a CF between our kds while we try to work something out. Thank you, i await your answer...

The Wolflord.

Curious to what Abydos would think of this continued betrayal by RH...where deceit and lies are all that I have seen...

So who is calling the shots in RH? Karac? Krum? I'll let the public decide, as this is afterall a public forum...

But I will say this, "something's rotten in the state of Denmark" and I think some one in RH has indeed been caught Red Handed... betraying Falcons, Carnage, Red Hand itself, & now Abydos... sad really, when honor stands before everything else...

And are a moderator who locks a thread before the truth can be told??? You want last word??? what are you twelve? Wait til you get married, and try that crap at truly have a lot to learn...once you get over your over-inflated sense of self worth!!!

00:36:24 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Helmuth Von Moltke:

You may want to save the contents of your post for safe keeping. Krum is a notoriously biased moderator. He may even delete this thread if it's too damaging to him.

00:38:02 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Thunderstrike:

Thanks, I am sure... I just felt the truth should be told...

And Abydos should have a heads up...

00:41:17 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

@Helmuth: Word!

That is the one thing that has pissed me off when those threads started getting locked. He "claimed" that he was following the standards set forth by zeta....and in the riverjumping thread the justification was because the thread had gone offtopic....


Correct me if i'm wrong, but isnt 75-85% of all the threads in the kingdom politics forum off topic? Hell, look at our own embassy for christs sake.

And if it was a case of flaming, then franklly i have seen way too many threads with much worse flaming go for many weeks without ever being locked....


Sorry, wasnt really addressed to what thunder was saying, but had to get that off my chest...

<grabs chair and waits for this thread to be locked>


I dont know if you can call rh possibly betraying abydos if there isnt any nap or such between them.....

00:45:58 Aug 7th 07 - Wolflord Karac:

wow, nice tactics, #1 kingdom pissed off that they are getting beat by #6 so lets creat some bull*beep* propaganda, wow, how the mighty have fallen......

00:47:51 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Thunderstrike:

Propaganda??? they are mostly your words...Did I misread something?

00:51:26 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone: exactly are we getting beat mate?

<looks at map>

Nope, dont see any red hand armies nowhere near our core....actually i dont see any rh armies anywhere near our are of control.....oh noes they must all be invisible!!!!

<looks at map again>

Now i do see plenty of our units already invading and taking the former falcon core...and i just got done on a nice burning spree of our immediate south..

I do have screenshots if you would like to refesh your memory...

<shrugs shoulders>

but whatever floats your boat:).....

00:54:05 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Thunderstrike:

They in fact have not taken a single Carnage city...only cities which we have taken from them... A lottttt of Orange down in RH county, while ours remains Red Free...

I hope we lose wars like this all the

00:58:18 Aug 7th 07 - Wolflord Karac:

Wow, three carnage armies, and a scattered, bloodied carnage merge, way to go 360% of us, wow, you killing machines!!



01:02:48 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

Do you even know what you're talking about? Are we looking at the same map mate?? Hmmm....wonder how you arrived at 3 units when i am counting 10 units in the area with another 5 incoming...

thats some funny math there...

honestly mate, i can post the screenshot of the action for you if you want....

or i can post our victory reports over red hand cities and compare them with yours....

and dont make it look like that is all the forces we have on the map....

01:09:55 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Thunderstrike:

The funny thing is cannot help but look at the Falcon's core (East side) and think of the theme song from the Monkees.... "Here we come...."

01:45:21 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

For the record, my posts arent aimed at the red hand kingdom in general, just krum's inconsistent moderating abilities and karac spouting off whatever comes to mind that isnt exactly based on fact. Alot of the rh crowd i have found to be fun in combat...

2 more things and then i will go back to spamming our forums...

If we are getting beat, then why the offer for a nap?

And someone needs to have a talk with RH engineers, i mean i know everyone needs a drink every now and then, but seriously, alcoholic wall builders?


TinyPic image

02:40:12 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Sloth:

I think some one in RH has indeed been caught Red Handed... betraying Falcons, Carnage, Red Hand itself, & now Abydos.

Please leave Abydos out of this. Abydos has no relations with Red Hand.

02:49:11 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Thunderstrike:

Perhaps you should tell Karac this?

" I would like to maybe set something up to help you guys fight Aby. They will not suspect it and the inital blow would be crucial. We have ways into their core that are undefended as they think we are their pawns, we are not."

02:59:46 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

come on it was an accident and i only river jump because i was piss at thunder who try to jump over 10 army, but that be the last time i river jump  . then i made that wall on accident i was putting it somewhere else but whoop it had to be there >.<. and we helped jester because y'all all bullying them and falcon wasn't much a map anyway we told them to help but no army never left there core to help us against a certain someone so we red hand is hmm irritated so we made a 48 hour end of map it not really betrayed. and we never have any relation with carnage other then wars

03:01:37 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

@Thunder:I think sloth just did^^

03:03:31 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

hey thread maker of a war are the one whos dying since smuff made one...and then you thunder...your going down! canage got too much member look at them over 40 no wonder there kingdom the bigest creep

03:07:48 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

Its like he's talking to us i know it!

03:10:18 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

that a lie thunder made it up we red hand just want to be left alone karac just using his diplomacy skill

03:20:37 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Enyalius:

You know you sound like some other *beep* who doesn't know how to write in English..............btw SUUUUUUUUUUUUURE that was an accident! LOL, you call that diplomacy skill, well others call it "trying to betray an another NAPed KD" Hmmmm guess what, RH should of stayed in Mantrax. That's where KDs like you belong............Music finnally found its place.

03:25:07 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

Heh Enyalius, do i have to put a muzzle on you? oh wait...forgot you liked that sort of thing....

Anyways, Sloth already said no relations exist so it isnt really betraying, just being underhanded is all...

@Zakira: Riiiggghhhtttt.....that wall was purely accidental......uh huh.....

03:33:47 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

aaaaaaaah everyone against me >.< well you know i thought im built on enemy army no good...and thought build too close to a city....then too close to a wall it was lagg or somethings lagg i tell ya!!!curses Firefox. you all know accident happen and all game is never freed of bugs give me back my light ..what will you say >.< im not so popular hmm? enyalius a meanie were too good to go to mantrax we wiped out 2 kingdom and almost destroyed one and helped one too . we not liek bully who attack the weak(carnage) since jester is taking both carnage and phi empire we just be nice and give them a break since karac's ex-bow member is there so......>.<

03:42:43 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

<sigh> you make my brain hurt......

03:54:02 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

rofl carnage just made i crosswall!

03:57:33 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

03:59:00 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

03:59:23 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

umm sorry for doubvle post..

04:03:04 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

Unfortunately that was done by a newer player without our knowledge...if zeta can it would be great to have it deleted......

besides it was stupid to build one like that anyways, that one unit already has it path set and will just cross over it....

04:08:30 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

it mine army =p 140k giai and 140k mage ftw

07:28:56 Aug 7th 07 - Duke Drakos The Indomitable:

 If Abydos themselves said they RH had no "Official" alliance.


 Falcons and RH Mutually ended the alliance which was allowed in their agreed terms, how is that betrayal?


14:54:02 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Gothrim:

Thank you Duke! =) As for all the ravings above, it comes from the Carnage "black propaganda" department. Those who can't fight get sent to study there, spending all their time reading Gobbels and suchlike on the "Big Lie". So Carnage being what it is, there are rather more of them studying there than actually fighting. ;)

15:18:31 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

Just couldnt let the thread die huh Gothrim? Had to throw in more insults to make yourself feel good?

I still dont see how you can possibly call what Thunder posted as propaganda WHEN IT CAME FROM RED HAND MEMBERS THEMSELVES. Not from us but from red hand. Important distinction to be made there.

I also love the futile attempt there to portray us as nonfighters. I guess you're right, i mean we clearly are in the presence of overwhelming military masterminds and pure fighters...that can explain why you guys have beaten us and are currently overunning our area of control....oh wait you arent....nevermind sweetie....and i love the assumption on your part that since you have only seen maybe 5-7 players figthing you guys that thats all we have to offer...funny....i guess it never crossed your mind that we could be fighting other fronts as well? And i guess you yourself have had tons of experience of being around us so you're post must be credible, right?

My offer still stands about battle reports and screenshots, those really cant lie.....

As i said, if red hand was clearly the better fighting kingdom, then there would have been no attempt to sign a nap with us, even going so far as to offer a backdoor into abydos country.....

Sorry, didnt mean to let loose, i trying to be a good little girl but just cant resis tearing down strawman arguments....


15:30:46 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

the leggendary wall jump this how it guy teach them how to river jump and wall jump?

Close Window

15:34:37 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Gothrim:

This was posted by Wolflord Karac...


They surrendered. My Lord. We have won the battle!

We killed a total of 115744 enemy troops, 0 peasants and injured 65106 enemy troops.

Our troops gained +1 extra experience.

Now Thunderstrike was involved in that debacle, which also had the other members of the great Carnage "Merge" (the big huffing puffing schoolyard bully wobbling around in great rolls of fat) scattering off in all directions. Which is why Thunderstrike probably got demoted to the BP department (see above).

But when you analyze the armies involved, it really is all just that. Bully fat. Spam in a tin. No substance. Here is one of those caught trying to flee. Note the casualty figures!

Corothian Deathbringers

Commander:Duke Acheron
Size:Corps (Around 50,000)
Status:Moving North

Sixth Army with 81111 soldiers awaiting your orders, Mr. Gothrim...
The enemy has 35347 soldiers armed with Magic weapons and mithril armor. They have 9099 peasants traveling with them. We have 100% chance winning this battle.

We slaughtered them and left no one alive. Mr. Gothrim. We have won the battle! We killed all of the 35347 troops and 9099 peasants.

Troops Alive Dead Injured
Sixth Army (your army)
Swordsmen 2 0 0
Hammerthrowers 16136 720 917
Axemen 51849 2314 2945
Runemasters 5655 252 321
Cavemasters 0 0 0

Case closed. By the way, have you also been demoted to BP, Ms Persephone? ;)

15:34:38 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

Says the guy who crosswalled;)

And again with the riverjumping?OMG let it die, it has already been established multiple times before this that carnage members jump, what you're saying is old news now.....please find som new dirt on us (do a bacground check on echion...methinks he involved in some weird nun fetish cult)...


(And before you start in on how a member of ours did it also, we have already warned him and i have asked zeta to remove our crosswall)

(And before you start in on hows yours was an accident, sorry mate, dont know you, so i cant say definitely whether you're lying or not:)

15:36:36 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

Message From Wolflord Karac

Back to message list

Wolflord Karac [RED] (8/6/2007 9:24:03 AM) GOOD BAD
How is it looking at South Pass?
You (8/6/2007 9:26:50 AM)
destroyed all tehre wall =]
Wolflord Karac [RED] (8/6/2007 9:30:26 AM) GOOD BAD
NICE. Got any chance to take the city for ourselves?
You (8/6/2007 9:31:00 AM)
0% lol ill prep sonn
You (8/6/2007 10:49:16 AM)
i screw up so bad im gona get banned!!!!!!!
Wolflord Karac [RED] (8/6/2007 10:54:12 AM) GOOD BAD
why? what happened?
Wolflord Karac [RED] (8/6/2007 10:55:10 AM) GOOD BAD
how did that happen? just write Zeta, he'll fix it.
You (8/6/2007 11:06:27 AM)
you see hte cross wall i accidently build~>.<
Wolflord Karac [RED] (8/6/2007 11:22:15 AM) GOOD BAD
its alright, zeta will fix it, there is still a way into the area, he shouldnt be too worried about it...

15:37:05 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

erm how you ask zeta...and is his name realy zeta?

15:45:04 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

Ahhhh...deciding to personally flame me now gothrim? You dont know me, so dont even start....

Funny victoy report you posted mate, it would have more weight if you didnt have 81k troops and he had 30k troops....


Maybe tis a good idea that krum lock this thread now....funny me that i though it could die but i guess some are trolling for fights....


15:51:15 Aug 7th 07 - Lord Hermes:

Perhaps we could post our victory reports?

15:54:24 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

What i find amusing is that noone has yet responded to or debated my post regarding the pm's we received and the battle situation. Instead some decide to start randomly throwing in victory posts trying to give everyone the impression that that is how things are going....

And i wouldnt start talking about armies gothrim, we have eits on some of your armies.....hammers mate? As a dwarf? <shakes head>

I would post my victory reports from a few days ago when i burned no less than 10 red hand cities in a row...but i am above that chilish schoolyard behavior that some want to engage in....

But i could start posting some interesting pm's from red hand members if you would like?

15:55:55 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Thunderstrike:

@Strike Zakira: You accidental river jumped ...ya ok... me too then... as for what jumped? 1 army Zeus (who is still alive despite being told we are losing) I un merged Odin from him, but he eventually died... sob sob... Beyond that, what else jumped you claim 1 other... nothing did, sure I sent lots of scouts, they worked as nice distractions as Zeus brought out the bulldozers of Olympus and RH buildings started to disappear, but nothing else jumped...

But I do notice that RH NEVER addressed who is calling the Zarac correct, is he "the man" you all respect over all else? Is it Krum? Is it Strike and his "gramma bad n tewable spallin?" I'd like to know...

I would also like to know once and for all on a serious note... and I invite RH & Falcon members to post seriously on this topic...what caused the war, in a serious attept to see this through this is what I understand...

1. Krum was away and Karac was in charge.
2. Karac worked out a MAP with both Falcons & Carnage.
3. Krum returns from vacation, does not like what has gone on & unilaterally decides to cancel the MAPS and...
     A. Betray & attack Falcons.
     B  Betray Carnage and join some "secret alliance" to attack Carnage.


This is to my understanding as to what happened...Since then Archeron & I marched south to help Falcons out a bit, but it was not going to well and we were going to pull worked out with Krum & Strike...

4. Gothrim however, again decides to unilaterally attack me 3 times before I can evacuate the area...
5. I messaged Krum who claimed this was wrong and he would speak to him, and apologizes. Gothrim then apologizes. Which is fine...left me angry, but I could deal with it...
6.But now Gothrim decides to Attack Archeron before he could retreat, (He works a lot and had not logged in to pull back yet and was just sitting there)...That attack was the straw that broke the camel's back...


Since that time Archeron & I (now joined by a few others) came south to "deal with this betrayal" we took the North, and Falcons were all but wiped out in their core. Strike & I made our "legendary river jumps at this point" and the war continued.
7. RH made a bit of a come back in the North, nothing major, just they take, we take, they take, we take...armies kept real busy doing a whole lot of nothing...In the end, the era will either end or the area will end up destroyed...
8. While the North was being fought, Carnage broke into the Falcons old core and started claiming cities...
9. Karac messages Carnage claiming he is the boss wants a MAP and wants to fight Abydos...Claims nobody respects Krum
10. We are writing here now...

I think this is an honest view of what has progressed...

But as asked before, Statements 1-3 describe what I honestly believe as what started this war, and I again invite both RH & Falcons to leave the insults out and seriously address those 3 comments... Is this what started this war? Am I mistaken? Please address them and explain...I am listening if you can keep it serious...

As for the rest of this post? Insult away... Beat your chest and claim victory as you lose cities... HOWEVER: for the 3 statements...please refrain, as I tried to and be serious...

I look forward to replies...

16:02:45 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Gothrim:

Thunderstrike wrote "RH made a bit of a come back in the North, nothing major, just they take, we take, they take, we take...armies kept real busy doing a whole lot of nothing."

Thank you for that tiny little nugget of truth. So that's it then. An admission you can't break the North and you're feeling sore. That's what this whole thread is about, isn't it? ;)

16:16:30 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

<sigh> Whats the use Thunder? It appears that the current opposition is unable to argue cogently and rationally.

@Gothrim: Talking about propaganda, my hats off to you mate. Trying your best to skirt the real issues and questions and turn the focus on something're pretty good yourself at as you call "BP".

16:32:15 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Thunderstrike:

@Persephone: They won't address the real issue...I posted a fair display of how I saw things from start to current...However sometimes nothing said speaks volumes, and this is a public forum... The message is heard...

17:37:12 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Thunderstrike:

@Gothrim...Cannot break the north? lol we did break the North...we broke it and marched into the core...what is in the north worth investing attention further? We are breaking areas a whole lot more valuable to  you now...and it will only get worse. :P

Now how about a serious response to the above? Unless the truth scares you? is ugly...but I was hoping for some honest, calm, well thought out discussions  on what started the war, and who RH follows... I tried to start it, see if you can  return the ball...even my dog does that... :P

17:38:56 Aug 7th 07 - Ms. Persephone:

<sighs> Alright Thunder, dont make me lock you up in our dungeon with the other malcontents......just let it die man, isnt worth it....

17:42:46 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Thunderstrike:

lol...ok boss ;-)

19:10:36 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Sun:

nice 2 walls...lolz.

19:33:53 Aug 7th 07 - Mr. Thunderstrike:

Hey Sun...How's things?

19:39:30 Aug 7th 07 - Duke Mielo:

Gothrim you're an ass ... Stop offending my Persemobiletelephone

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