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11:00:25 May 15th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian:



hello to all other leaders, Viceroys, and members in general

This Topic is for any kingdom-related stuff from other kingdoms and to say who is on our crosshairs.

kindom requesting NAPs or alliances should post here, to make it public, but also please PM me or my kingdom mates Avionaro and Dwarf Assassin.

Thank you.

20:50:04 May 17th 07 - Mr. Evermeet Iii:

Heya, just wanted to say. Cool kingdom name :)

13:45:15 May 18th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian:

Well thank you Evermeet the third! We appreciate you dropping by :)

Good luck on your quest btw!

14:14:46 May 21st 07 - Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian:

The Rogue Phoenix Kingdom has come up with a new Motto:

Let your enemy die for his cause, you live for yours!

05:53:29 May 24th 07 - Mr. Brizencorbin:

Hmmmm, spoken like a true king.                                                                   Unfortunatly, many will die on both sides, and those noble warriors that do, could have fallen for a greater cause, and used on the unthroning of other "true" Tyrants, and we know who these men are. I have sent you a message, and you have heard my words, and sent nothing in return. We could have called you brothers, but now under your rule...  Lord Acelnorst Dezhelian, it would seem our fates are locked togeather in hate and warring.               So,.... maby spoken like a king, but when the vail of decite has been lifted, only the truly honorable men will see the throne in Mantrax. But iwish you good luck on any fronts Acelnorst Dezhelian, because that is what a true king dose.


10:36:37 May 24th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian:

Bold words. I have just sent you a reply (before reading this. And let me tell you that the first one to offer my hand in friendship was me. The only on who did not EVEN REPLY to my friendly proposal on two ocassions, right at the begining when we established borders with Mr. Urud and later on, when we were attacked by the THC, was you.

Only when your kingdom seemed to be losing terrain in front of our troops you decided to try and get in touch. it's a good feature on a king to try to protect his members, but not even bothering to reply to another kingdom's offer, what can I tell ya, says absolutely no good about yourself.

Also, you can keep your "True king" stuff. Our kingdom isn't ruled by me or by anyone, but by EVERYONE in it. We share the objectives and we organizate to achieve them. Everyone has a vote on this kingom and we discuss things amongst everyone. That might not be what a "true king" does, but I like my way better, and my fellow kingdommates too.

However, I also wish you luck, because that's what a noble man says to one another in the full might of their forces when they come to compete against eachother.

Let your enemy die for his cause, you live for yours!
Acelnorst de'Zhelian, of the Rogue Phoenix.


16:38:22 May 24th 07 - Mr. Brizencorbin:

Yes, mine to is a kindom of kings, and we meet in counsle to discuss the actions to be made. Hence the name "The Allied Kingdoms" so one may assume "allied kings", and i assumed you are a king if you have lands and castles. As for me not responding to you, that is utter nonesens myfriend. I would at least give you that respect, as you are the founder of your kingdom. Just as i would exspect it in return. I did not recive any invitation of freindship from you or i would have probably responded favorably, because we are a kingdom of diplomacy and not hasty actions. I have allready pulled my troops away from your city's to foster my friendly actions twords you. However this type of friendly action will not last long between us, as i see your responce and now know where you stand.  Maby on a different day we could have shared swords and form strong alliances, but now it is clear that your choice to keep this war. Remember Lord Acelnorst, when things come to pass, i did offer friendship at one time.  And thank you for your kind words twords Urud, he is a true king and brother of mine, holding fast in the face of his enemies till death. Before you try and sack the rest of my brother kings, why dont you come for me. I will see you on the field .


12:59:43 May 25th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian:

Actually you probably won't see me, for that is not my front. My fellow kingdommates Griever Maelstrom and Hodgesd will come for you, and maybe Mr. Avionaro too, to ease things up. I am battling down south and won't risk my campaign to attend your nonsense challenge. A kindom after all is a unit of rulers, and if you offend someone you offend the rest, therefore it's the same if either myself or any of my mates battle you or any of your members. It's one kingdom against another and that's it.

-Will continue later gotta go now.-

13:27:33 May 25th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst Dezhelian:

About the messages thing, you may have recieved them, you may have not. I really think it's rather odd that you'd not recieve 3 messages sent separately in time (yes, 3) and for that same reason we believe you lack of that respect you're talking about. Furthermore, you stated that what I say is nonsense, calling me a liar, and that is another offense that sums up with the other, and our kingdom will not leave an offense unreplied.

Lastly, and basing my arguments on what you said on your first letter to me, I don't think you retreated from our city, "Blockwest", as a sign of good will, but more as a sign of impotence. our forces there were maybe just slightly inferior to yours, but we were defending a well fortified city. Here I quote: " I will soon take "Blockwest", but i would like to resolve things between us before any more damage has been done to our Kingdoms" Well at the time of that letter I could not respond due to personal stuff. Since I didn't reply right away, you sent a second messenger, saying: "If i recive no responce in a few hrs, i will assume you wish to keep waring and i will take "Blockwest" continuing onward twords you." By the time I was able to answer, your army was already retreating from Blockwest. Therefore I think there is a bit of difference between what you told me and what you're stating here. If it's true what you say now then why did you sent me those 'theatening' messages or why didn't you sent me a message speaking of your good willing action? Us in our kingdom think you retreated just because you couldn't go any further. With every reinforcements you brought in we responded with an equal or superior defence.

Therefore, and unless you got anything to add or suggest, this discussion is over. Let the best win, and may the loser die honorably.


Let the enemy die for his cause, you live for yours!
Acelnorst de'Zhelian, of the Rogue Phoenix

17:56:25 May 25th 07 - Mr. Brizencorbin:

Acelnorst Dezhelian,
I respect your view on the matter at hand, in fact Lord Acelnorst, i even have a great deal of respect for you. You seem to know how to govern your people well, and set up mild tacticl manuvers and deffences.  I am not a man to make exscuses, but i dont know how i did'nt recive your messages. And as for me,... i tell you now, i have more honor then you know, and i will not be so easily dispatched. My men are loyal and are willing to fight and die for our cause. And yes i would let them leave and hold no i'll will twords them, becuase i understand what it means to have a Tyrant crwaling into your lands. As well, your time will come, and then you will see. You have a long and tiersome road ahead of you if you keep this path. But i grow weary of these usless conversations that you and i have. I will not constantly chase this wagging tail, i have more "Honor" than that. Alas remember i have offerd friendship, and no matter who falls between you and i, i know it will be an honorable death. I will see to it that no one in my kingdom mocks your name.
Finaly, i wish you luck on your conquests Lord Acelnorst.
When your eyes gaze upon the sky from your back, and you breth your last, you rember my words. And the way things may have been.

Lord BrizenCorbin
With your shields myfriends, or on them!!

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