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Rogue Phoenix II
07:49:21 Nov 23rd 08 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

i made it again yay rogue phoenix.... >_<  though this time instead of tag being RP its Phenix >_>, i think....  not really recruiting... but if you were a member of either HH or the old rogue phoenix then your welcome in or if i know you. i dont really expect many responses though..... so by all means flame as phoenix's are of fire so flaming is natural XD  well in the mythological sense...

08:33:28 Nov 23rd 08 - Duke Random:

Rouge Phoenix is a nub KD

08:38:51 Nov 23rd 08 - Sir Justanius Fontainius XVI:

gd luck pheonixy know what happened to rhianna?

09:10:02 Nov 23rd 08 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

i have not heard from rhianna since she quit and left me running HH. o and thanks justin =-D

and random is the nub        -_-         


20:44:00 Nov 23rd 08 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

nobody noticed my funny kingdom info =-( so i changed it to normal kingdom sort of stuff  =-(

21:42:03 Nov 23rd 08 - Mr. Ajax:

i noticed it lmao

22:50:09 Nov 23rd 08 - Mr. Lova Lova:

Haha I never even checked your KD info :P

00:58:12 Nov 24th 08 - Mr. Justin:

lol i thought it was funny Phoenix

03:09:25 Nov 24th 08 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

=-')  thanks justin XD

11:41:44 Nov 24th 08 - Mr. Megas Nikos:

Good luck phoenix!

00:49:46 Nov 25th 08 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

hi megas =-)     thanks

00:58:41 Nov 26th 08 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

i joined the guild solo gave me too much hate mail. XD

21:00:19 Nov 27th 08 - Mr. Mafia:


00:34:17 Nov 28th 08 - Mr. Dope:

Yet i was gunna join you and we were gunna take over Valhalla -.-
lolz ;)

01:08:33 Nov 28th 08 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

then you messaged me saying you were good   =-(  i understood that as you were not gonna be joining me   =-'(

16:47:58 Nov 28th 08 - Sir Fever:


Dope wont join you because he's a nub and got pwned In Starta xD

16:47:59 Nov 28th 08 - Sir Fever:


Dope wont join you because he's a nub and got pwned In Starta xD

11:34:42 Nov 29th 08 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

dope is not a nub it was a misunderstanding on my part. he is however in the same kigndom as i right now -_-

11:44:28 Nov 29th 08 - Sir Fever:


Good luck Phoenix .....I understand your pain.....=[)

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