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02:03:28 Aug 11th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix Slayer:

Rogue Phoenix is now recruiting!!!

we are formed by 2 "vets" who are more than willing to impart our knowledge unto new players. also welcoming any older players who wish to play with either phoenix or wolf again =-)

we dont promise to win but a good time is guarantee  =-D

07:10:31 Aug 11th 10 - Mr. Justin:

Im coming hoe :)

09:00:14 Aug 11th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix Slayer:

wouldnt have it any other way =-D

12:57:59 Aug 11th 10 - Mr. Samual:

Good luck guys = )

19:13:54 Aug 11th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix Slayer:

thanks man  =-P  as of now just 3 of us >_<

19:14:52 Aug 11th 10 - Mr. Legend:

Good Luck FLP I hope to see ya on tha battlefield :D

00:29:29 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Justin:

And what makes you think its the Justin you know??????

03:56:47 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Pure Instinct:

Wolf as in? Wolflord karac, wolfenstien etc?

04:01:05 Aug 12th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

old kingdom aint it?

04:01:46 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Lolz:

*waves at Wolfie*

Hope college is goin' well brah :)

07:47:01 Aug 12th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix Slayer:

lol it is an old kingdom of mine ice =-P  

and wolf as in chipotle snack wrap wolf (era winner) from fate  >_<

15:15:16 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Hiroshima Infected:

Gl flame lord and the rest of you :P

16:09:57 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Gonads The Glorious:

Hey Wolfie... GL guys..

16:38:14 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Old Mcdonald:

Good Luck Phoenix

06:21:37 Aug 13th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix Slayer:

thanks guys =-D  good luck to all of you too.

15:25:29 Aug 13th 10 - Lady Quietone:

good luck boys! =)


08:52:44 Aug 24th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix Slayer:

lol we had to self destruct =-P

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