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Russian Dem. Rep. --Embassy--
01:46:59 Dec 20th 07 - Sir Gennady Mikhailov:

Hello everyone.  My name is Gennady Mikhailov.  I am Chairman of the General Assembly of the RDR.  We are currently accepting applications, preferrably from experienced players, but we will accept new players, and we will train you *how generous*

RDR Facts:

  • Leader: Gennady Mikhailov
  • Government: Democracy
  • GEP: 89%
  • Military Vice: Genghis Kahn
  • Diplomatic Vice: Rephekul


Application Requirements are listed as follows

First, tell us:

  1. What was your first era?
  2. List of previous kds
  3. What type of player are you (example: attacker, diplomat, defensive)?
  4. Preferred Race
Note: All players must be ACTIVE. 
Players who are absent for more than 2 days WILL BE EVICTED if they do not write of their leave in the forum prior to doing so!

Embassy Note: All problems/complaints of foreign nations may be posted here and will be answered by a viceroy of RDR or myself.

01:48:42 Dec 20th 07 - Sir Gennady Mikhailov:

Yeah. Sorry guys, no pictures of Anna Kurnikov or odd-themed cakes in this one.  Trying to keep it serious as to not make the admins any angrier ^_^

08:19:14 Dec 20th 07 - Pirate Lewatha:

But Belgium will always kick their ***

08:24:39 Dec 20th 07 - Mr. Opium:

Mr. Cigaro


12/20/2007 4:52:54 PM
well 10 players is a bit better than 42 players :P

the question is will they care what happens to their members they didnt last era

17:20:07 Dec 20th 07 - Sir Gennady Mikhailov:

Opium, we cared plenty for our players, I made sure that EACH message from every one of our 42 members was taken proper care of.  You left the kd early in the era because, i believe your exact words were, that you could not deal with another member.  Its not my job as leader to help your problems with another person.

18:54:37 Dec 20th 07 - Ms. Fellatio:

"Its not my job as leader to help your problems with another person."

I'm pretty sure it is.

20:19:33 Dec 20th 07 - Mr. Vengence:

a request please: shorten your names, when trying to write to one of you or say your name in the foru*beep* the chat, it is nigh on impossible to spell it right. so players in this KD, please shorten ya naems!

22:28:42 Dec 20th 07 - Sir Gennady Mikhailov:

@ Fellatio: Well, he never told me about the problem until he left, as in leaving a comment in the forum and then leaving immediately after that.

But still, I lead the country, im not the national psychiatrist.

04:01:46 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Hewhowasdeleted:

Arthion again.

What would you do if I sent in a APP?
Just wondering....

04:12:27 Dec 21st 07 - Sir Gennady Mikhailov:

I'd accept it.  You qualify, and you're the type of person RDR employs (vet)

20:59:50 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Gennady Mikhailov:


4 more applications will be accepted

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