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08:18:24 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Rocketdude:

You (8/7/2007 11:28:22 PM)
do you negate conditions of NAPs often? what about the 48 hour cancellation notice?
Mr. Anatoliy Grushkov [RUS] (8/7/2007 11:31:41 PM) GOOD BAD
You think my power can be bound by these tiny promises and peace treaties? You are in the way of my onslaught and therefore will be cut down swiftly, prepare to cross blades....all of them.



Wow.  These guys are bringing down the Russian name.  What gives them the right to make an entire country look bad?  Well now I know not to trust any Russians, and whoever reads this should remember that too.

08:27:51 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Gaius Septim:

*Septim pulls out his Stick of Spamming

"That guy shalleth geteth the spammeth downeth...hic...he deserves it...oh, and I would like to publicly announce that I will stop spamming the Politics forums!"

08:50:09 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Rand Althor:

Lol Sep I'll belive that when I see it : )

08:51:28 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Epyon:

that is pretty dishonorable, but i dont think you should believe that that is how all Russians are ...

09:23:34 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Ghouma:

11:11:39 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Rocketdude:

ofcourse the Russians love their children too!  that was a fun video.

11:25:36 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Roxbury:

Russian sites give me spyware :S

11:33:50 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Dar Grakh:

without the whole backround of this storry I can not see any very bad thing in Anatoliy's answer. Maybe he is giddy with success, but nothing more. Do you have NAP with them?

17:37:35 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Dark Orion:

"I can not see any very bad thing in Anatoliy's answer"

Ofc it's nothing wrong for a russian..after all they always disconsiddered the treaties and promisses and always have lead by power of arms and not by silly things like    " tiny promises and peace treaties" :P

18:50:21 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Ragnarr:

I don't think that that is correct. Anyway, this Russian Empire has ambitions, and if that message is correct, no one should trust them,...why the hell are we talkin' about Russia when the problem is a kingdom in VU which is a bit more pompous?

20:27:28 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Rocketdude:

well we had an NAP with these guys with the condition of a 48 hour cancellataion notice, when suddenly they were taking our cities without even telling us that they were ending the NAP.  I messaged their leader and that was the reply i got.

20:57:25 Aug 8th 07 - Sir Ragnarr:

well that really s u c k s,....

20:58:13 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Breadlord:


18:39:18 Aug 9th 07 - Mr. Nieander:

who dares impude the Russian empire?!
you puny ponies! FACE ME! I'll crush all of you single-handed!

*ahem*... so um, seriously, VU is a game, and just like in life, promises can be broken and w/e... remember our dear Hitler? we(USSR) kinda had a MAP with those nazis >_> and then they just attacked. nobody actually cared much about that.... USA only sent some sacks of food.. pff. let's not get into history.

so anyways, don't you kids dare downgrade the name of the Russian Federation (the real one)!!

18:43:08 Aug 9th 07 - Sir Ragnarr:

You have just prooven you could not be trusted. You would be the last person I would trust, VU, could be a good guy in real life (:

21:32:08 Aug 9th 07 - Mr. Rocketdude:

yeah, its not about there being diar consequences for you abandoning our nap its just that now nobody will trust you... at all

17:44:51 Aug 10th 07 - Mr. Anatoliy Grushkov:

Yeah, this would all make RUS look really bad but I had sent a message to the first person in thier kd who i intended to attack like 3 human days before i did so. It is not my fault if a kd has very poor communication between its members.   

12:38:06 Aug 11th 07 - Mr. Shumino:

Let me state something right off the back... just so everyone is on the same page...


If a Russian dcides he wants to threaten you or respond in a way he is not giving his country a bad name... he is playing the game. Dunno if some of you know the object of this game but it is to kill opposition and not invite them to tea and have nice little chats where u say how splended life is. It is to come out on top and thus this is a war game. Allies are allies if they choose. So next time a person wants to war you and he so happens to be of a different nationality... he is not making a name for his country unless he says something about it that would. So please... for all of the sane people playing... dun make another thread like this.

/end rant

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