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SLLK recruiting
14:52:35 Feb 19th 09 - Mr. Sepelchure Grail:

Saint Lazuras Leper Knights

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Name: Saint Lazuras Leper Knights
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Created: 2/19/2009 12:47:47 AM
Leader: Mr. Sepelchure Grail


The Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem originated in a leper hospital run by hospitaller brothers, founded in the twelfth century by the crusaders of the Latin Kingdom. It was originally established to treat virulent diseases such as leprosy, its knight originally being lepers themselves.It is one of the less-known and less-documented orders.

The Order of Saint Lazarus remained primarily a hospitaller order but it did take part in a number of battles including the Battle of La Forbie on 17 October 1244 where all of the lazar brethren who fought died and the Battle of Al Mansurah in 1250. The leper knights were protected by a number of able-bodied knights but in times of crises the leper knights themselves would take up arms. The Order of Saint Lazarus quickly abandoned their close combat military activities after the fall of Acre in 1291 and the disillusion of the Templars due to expense, being a relatively poor order they then relied on crossbows to take out foes from horseback without losing manpower.

On valhalla

15:04:47 Feb 19th 09 - Sir Magnetassium:

Sounds kinda like it's a bunch of *beep*s :D

15:05:22 Feb 19th 09 - Mr. Sepelchure Grail:

o well :)

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