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SS and Greg Talk
06:14:16 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Greg, noone is responding to our messages to you ingame and your troop movement towards our core is very suspicious. Talk to us, please. You have no honor at all if you do this without at least messaging us about it first. For anybody else reading this and wants to know the details, ours(Soul Society) and their(Fuzzy Little Man Peach)cores are close to each other, with 2 blockers on a bridge, 1 ours and 1 theirs, separating us. Right now they've moved their hoh 1st place army into their blocker and are moving 2 other brigades towards it. Our NAP with them is supposed to be era long, with a 48 hour warning if breaking the NAP. They will not currently respond to our messages and continue to move troops. We are currently at war with Mystical, with many of our troops to the north fighting them. If greg turns on us now it will be very dishonorable and very cowardly. We are still sticking with the NAP until you decide your move.

07:59:08 Jul 26th 08 - Lord Random:

If your that worried make defences.

08:00:12 Jul 26th 08 - Duke Argyle:

hehe, they did the same thing with us (Heaven), moved troops in position and waited... Then when we saw that they were going to attack us and there was no other way, we attacked them (though we didn't have a nap). then gates of hell was opened.

Yesterday Fuzzy took some of us out, thats why they are moving on another target perhaps... Well done Fuzzy's, very impressive for you to kill really rock my world.

09:18:16 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

I'm not gonna flame them, or tell them how great we are until I can get a statement from them ;-) We can handle ourselves, but the problem is, they would be a huge distraction from our other war. And from teh looks of things, this may be coordinated. Mystical is sending down everything they've got(a bunch of lvl 1 troops-.-) in a merge and greg is moving into position. We just want to be honorable about it.... But greg has so far refused to reply to our messages.

09:20:40 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Duke Argyle Stay out of this, I will explain this situation..My HoH army is giving my 31k upkeep..which I do not like..therefore I moved them to a blocker not mine to lose the upkeep.

I will be away The coming Week On holiday. Our whole Kingdom Will not be making any Big wars that coming week, so do not accuse us of Making a war with you guys. Also, how could we reply to you when we are all sleeping?? we are from England and The Netherlands (oh and one is in greece now) that means that we were all sleeping when you send that message.

I hope we can make this conversations private again. because like this u are giving away information to other Kingdoms. U are not even a Vice of SS. So please let your leaders handle the job.

09:33:58 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Problem solved, thread dead-.-

10:11:17 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Whoop:

well spoken Gallyon :)

17:32:51 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Well, Soul Society has now kicked me from the kingdom as a suspected spy. I have no multis, no allegiances to anyone, and this is the first time I've played since era 27. Hmmmm.....

Here is a quote from the SS forums by Mr. Dire Wolf, after he saw the suspicious movements of greg. This statement is the reason I created this thread, desparetally trying to save our NAP from Dire Wolf's child-like mind. I am NOT a vice or any type of leader in SS, just a concerned member because of what Dire Wolf was doing.(sending messages to everyone giving them attack plans)

Quote Mr. Dire Wolf, Vice of Soul Society - "Also whatever they tell you is a lie, THEY WANT TO GO TO WAR.. its obvious, and I guess they might come up with stupid excuses.. They want to attack us while we are weak from attacking mystical, but it wont work, we have lots of members who are not attack mystical, and lots of members who can handle both at a time.. so get ready to make lots of troops and do as I say to beat these guys also.":

17:36:29 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Now thats an interesting bit of information Dire Wolf just sent me o.O This just got a little more interesting. Here's a small quote from a conversation I'm having with him.

"haha, so it was you, thanks for telling me, that is the only thing that I appreciate you doing, the rest is only an *beep* who cannot understand that they put me as the war strategist to come up with safe ways to WIN wars, not to avoid wars, but you think you are doing us a favor when in fact you slow us down."

18:00:27 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Zump:

What did Ruby do to get kicked? And what the heck did mafia say?

18:08:59 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Pathomatic:

lol, kids

18:12:12 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Exactly-.- I'm not flaming all of Soul Society or anything, msot of them are cool guys, Aizen especially was cool to me. But Dire Wolf is definitely young in the real world and I have no idea what Mafia said o.O

18:26:22 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

lets all make love

18:28:11 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Old Greg:

ok guys just leave it now, KD relations are supposed to be between the concerned KDs not the whole VU community. please close this thread

21:25:57 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Sir Mafia,

I would Like to Ask you not to use such Disgusting language against one of my members. I do not like this at all. I Heard from Hanky (who has kicked you from Trio in the past) that you are a young kid. Therefore I will be teaching you a lesson now. Please pay good attention. If you are in Negotiations Because Tensions existed between two kingdoms. and you wish to keep the already decided Diplomatic relationship made in the past. Then You do NOT insult the other kingdom, but you are kind and gentle, and try to solve the problem.

Your King has been like that way towards me, and we have solved the problem. That is a good way. I Respect King Aizen for acting like he did. On the other Hand, The way you just reacted towards us has been a very bad bad way. The way of a bad bad boy :). You do not earn any respect with it like that. You will only get people to hate you and not like you. You will keep people to ignore you and not take you serious anymore. It doesnt benifit anyone.

That is Why I kindly ask of you to please not use Such language against my members anymore. I have forgiven you The one you have used before. Though please do not show me this again. it does not help you at all. you do not need it.

Thank You,
- Sir G

21:38:58 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Woody:

well said Gallyon.

the English invented the English language to be used properly, not like your from 'da hood'.....

21:59:29 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Aizen:


Let me just say this is just a good example of 2 KDs that are NAP'ed with each other that are just being cautious. There will be no war unless someone breaks the NAP and untill then we will live up to the NAP.

Ruby, I know what Mr. Dire Wolf has done to you but when you really think about it hes become one of the few who we can trust in SS. You will do good in FLPM and you got some good things coming to you.

I apologize on behalf of Mr. Mafia and please excuse him from his behavior. However he has also became one of the best in SS and other than his language problems I believe him to be a good asset to any KD.

To conclude this thread I will support all of my members in SS in every situation possible. I hope some of you reading this now don't have any judgments to SS based on one's actions. SS is a great KD to be in  as well as FLPM and by the looks of it both of us will be around for a while. We are past this now and looking to bigger better things. I wish everyone good luck for the rest of the era.

Thanks you,
-Lord Aizen of SS

23:15:45 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Dire Wolf:

Ok Everyone has said something and so shall I.

First of all, Mafia might be a kid, but that doesnt make him anything less than you old guys, first of all hes got a great life ahead of him, and your is only getting shorter and your body are getting rusty.

Second, this is a game, if someone wants war, hey, its a war game, if someone wants peace, thats what NAPS are for, you guys (fuzzies) take this WAY too seriously, first of all let me tell you ruby you're so lame =D yep, so stupid that I dont even know how you come up with your dumb ideas that make EVERYthing worse.. Gallyon, you say I think highly of myself?.. well yea, ofcourse I do, its a game and I intend to play it as much as I like to, but look who tells others they think too highly of themselves, when you think you control everyone, that everyone has to agree to what you say, and that no one dares to confront you... well you keep thinking that, thats what makes things funner.


Yes, that is true, Ruby Knight was in SS. We took him in just a few hours ago. We are having a spy inside the Kingdom of SS. and they thought it was Ruby Knight. so they kicked him out of their kingdom.

when i heard about that, I felt i was responsible for that. so i decided to take him in in our kingdom. And he's an old friend, he was in Music with me a long time ago :)

Its lame that you have to resort to such lowlife things as putting a spy on someone you hate and fear.. well, keep it up =D

We kids play games, not lives.

05:33:01 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Nicely worded by Aizen, and I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused. I got a little overexcited trying to stop a war. I know I shouldn't have posted this thread to begin with, it just seemed like the only way to avert what Dire Wolf was saying. I did what I felt was best, and I messed up doing it. But Dire Wolf coming on here and saying everything he said has basically made me hate him. Mafia, you are just supporting your kingdom, and although I am very disappointed with the way you chose to support it, you were just acting on what Dire Wold said. Dire Wolf, everything you just said in the post above this proves to me that you are ready to go to war with anybody, and anything. VU is not real life, and I know that. But you must respect the other players on the game and show some honor. This is my last post on this thread. I truly am sorry for any tensions I've caused Aizen, I truly do respect you and the majority of SS.

Flame away Dire Wolf, I'm not going to reply back ;-)

09:51:59 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Dear Dire Wolf,

Let me for once send a post directed all the way to you. Maybe you feel important that way. First I would like to point out to you that we are not old. we are just grown up kids. for example, I am not even twenty. so, we are not getting rusty yet. And kids need to learn things.. people who a bit older already learned those things. perhaps you understand that? :)

Second of all, In your post, visible above. you just insulted Ruby Knight, Just as Mafia did. this will only make me think ur a small kid like him. And ofcourse I know this is not real life. I have a whole other life next to this game. And well, it's obvious that I say I can controle everyone on Nirvana. Simply because I can (Except for you and some other SS members). You might say I think highly of myself. But other than you, I am not the person telling everyone I got the power. I am not the one telling everyone how great I am. even though King Aizen calls me a King already. I am not. I am just a member of The Fuzzy Little Man Peach.

About the Spy thing. It is very Normal that Kingdoms have spies in other Kingdoms. I have seen you kick out various members yesterday. But let me tell you this. and for once just listen to me. We do NOT have a spy in your kingdom. Yes I knew of that forum piece that I copied. One of your members which I never knew before came to me and gave me that. I had never spoken with that person before. and after that message we havent spoken either.

This person would never have came to me, if he/she did not thought it was important. Anyway, i saw you kicked out Ruby Knight and Ms. Panda. and Sir Raymond II. I hope they are not all Victims of this so called 'spy'. because well, I can't take them all in. :) and it would be so sad, if you kicked someone out for something they did not even do.

As a last thing I would like to point out that we do not Hate you guys at all. we just do not like you. and we especially do not fear you. We havent seen any action from you all era. well..taking over one village after preparing two whole days on it. anyway. we do not fear n'either Hate the Kingdom of SS.

oh, and if you read the posts that were made above you. then you would have known that we all agreed on not posting in This Topic anymore. and want it to be closed. If u wont just stop talking urself. Then I'll get someone to close this topic for me alright?.

now,for the last time
Yours Sincerely,
- Sir Gallyon of Greg

10:28:48 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Mafia:

First of all since wen did i become a kid??

Second gallyon ur kd member was in our kd he *beep*ed and *beep*ed and *beep*ed to much far too much and yet he hasnt stopped.

Third thing i got to say is gallyon ur gnna try teach me a lesson ur a funny guy arent u.

Final thing i got to say is gallyon wat u gonna do:P ad love to see u try something

10:36:05 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Dire Wolf:

Well Gallyon, first of all you keep mentioning the word kid as an insult, or a bad thing overall.. its not, anyways, your posts are long.. way too long, make them shorter.. also planting spies might be common but whoever does it is a little (you know).. also, I dont care if ruby hates me... what dammage can peoples hate do to me, in a game.. anyways I do things my way because thats the way I know, seems like talking is how you do things.. good for you, also, I have kicked a LOAD of people, because they are inactive, not helping, and a danger to the KD (example Raymond 2)

Oh and also, if ya'll wana hate, go ahead, I only hate a few people in life, and only for short periods of time.. so if next era we meet again, dont expect me to try and kill you at sight lol, which is what most people would think =)

10:41:42 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Bling Bob:

lmao...Mafia...DR Mafia who got pawned by our trainee KD...he's a joke...RoF him cause he cant use magic to save his life.

11:08:50 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Mafia:

bling bob how many eras was that 6-8 eras wen i started off?

17:11:01 Jul 28th 08 - Mr. Pulse:

So many insults and so much disrespect in here... I'd say the people who are unable to differ this game from real life, don't really belong in here... as well as those who are unable to keep their cool about a mere game...
It's not that difficult to talk with dignity, a few guys in here have demonstrated that already, so why don't the rest of you give it another go and show us all that you're able to stick to the topic and express your arguments fluently and maturely...

19:30:05 Jul 28th 08 - Mr. Luis Pocho:

this is a game, here there is not "honor" or dignity, and you dont need to make long boring formal post....

19:39:06 Jul 28th 08 - Mr. Dire Wolf:

Well said Luis Pocho.

See the only people who cant differ the game from real life are those that make them really long formal posts that have everyone bored, because they think they have honor and they are above anyone else as if they were some kind of royalty.. its a freaking game, I treat you how I feel like, and honor aint really a thing... if you dont have honor in real life, then stop trying to act as if you do in a game.

20:52:45 Jul 28th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

You just dissed Aizen XD

20:57:40 Jul 28th 08 - Mr. Pulse:

There you go Dire Wolf, not feeling the difference of a game and real life again... It appears my simplified reasoning is still way beyond your level of understanding... It really is my own fault when I forget how many under-aged rulers there are in this game... There's no point it trying to improve your disastrous communication skills, as anything that makes sense is just too boring for you two... Go ahead then, keep on flaming, I will not try to stop you from demonstrating your poor intellect again... =)

21:34:13 Jul 28th 08 - Mr. Mystery:

Pulse that was well put. Actually i couldn't have put that any better, but I have one thing to say about Dire Wolf. Dire thinks he is all smart (which he is not) to where he has to accuse people of doing things they don't even know about. For example I get a message saying something like I'm stupid and other things and I ask him what is he talking about. From there he sends me another message 3-4 paragraphs long talking about nothing saying there is a hidden message. After time goes by I finally figure out he has accused me of multi accounting to spy on them, and then saying its my brother. First of all my brother has not played this game for like 2-3 months because he is in Maryland for a basketball scholarship. Second of all my brothers name was Bartimaeus IV because when he tried to make his old account Bartimaeus was taken. Meaning some one took it, so what I'm trying to say is I do NOT like being accused of cheating and having Dishonor when you know nothing your taking about all because you think your the next Einstein or something.

23:56:59 Jul 28th 08 - Mr. Luis Pocho:

next Esiten lol :D

even if it is a game and there are not honor, you need to be polite and reliable because nobody will trust you so nobody will help you... and thats all...

howeber, I would like to know, why is Ruby Knight in Fuzzy Little Man Peach kingdom?

00:44:46 Jul 29th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Because Dire Wolf kicked me for being a "spy". Fuzzy Peach knew I wasn't and allowed me in. They also allowed in Ms. Panda, another person that Dire kicked as a suspected spy(neither of us were spies).

01:31:26 Jul 29th 08 - Mr. Luis Pocho:

I see, so you are not an spy, but once they "discovered" you, you join fuzzy peach.... why do you think they believe you are a spy?

01:42:21 Jul 29th 08 - Mr. Dire Wolf:

lol.. all these people just wait for you to say something so they can act smarter than you... lol pulse, if your so highly intelligent why are you wasting your time with games?.. go cure cancer.. or go get laid you lame nerd... also I kicked Ruby knight cus he tries to fix everything his way and butts in whats not even his business, then i kick him out and he does the most cowardly thing ever.. but its ok, I understand he is just a lowlife.. so now he seeks protection else where... and mystery is a dumb cheater who uses two accounts.. you can clearly see how he logs on one account and on the next in the world chat.. which is he is too dumb to turn off.

And, for some reason you all seem to hate under-aged rulers.. does that mean under 18?.. and why?.. are you jealous because we are young and like to enjoy the games and play them without a worry, and since you guys make the game your life and act so seriously on it then you must talk crap about us, since we dont share your extreme compassion for the game.. well deal with it.

03:42:06 Jul 29th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Underage = immature ;-) Some people are the same age as you but have alot more maturity than you and thus they are well liked and respected.

"also I kicked Ruby knight cus he tries to fix everything his way and butts in whats not even his business, then i kick him out and he does the most cowardly thing ever"

What cowardly thing did I do! I'm not gonna bow down and die because I did what was right for SS. You just made yourself look even stupider by saying that! Your basically supporting that statement you made on the SS forums about warring Fuzzy. And that was all over them trying to lower their troop upkeep! I did what I thought was right for the kingdom, you only want whatever makes you seem better and less stupid! Pocho, if I was a spy I would have never had to create this topic in the first place. I would have known why Fuzzy was moving those troops. <That wasn't an angry statement, just stating the obvious... The only person I have a problem with is Dire Wolf.

03:49:24 Jul 29th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

-.-Just remembered what I said in my earlier post.

"Flame away Dire Wolf, I'm not going to reply back ;-)"

This time I'll try to remember it. ^That was my last post on this thread, if anyone else has a reason to question my honor, mail it to me, looking at this thread gets me mad-.-

04:02:25 Jul 29th 08 - Mr. Bartimaeus IV:

04:07:13 Jul 29th 08 - Mr. Mystery:

I supposedly log on and off with two accounts. I would like to see you prove that for one because if its that important you would have copied it for back evidence dumb a**. Also about that comment you made about Pulse I bet the most ***** you have ever seen is on the dam internet. I swear youngsters!!

05:03:07 Jul 29th 08 - Ms. Kiera Red:

It was Colonel Mustard in the Dining Room with the Wrench..!!

(and it was gooooooooood...)

15:31:11 Jul 29th 08 - Ms. Panda:

Haha, nice job breaking the tension. :P

16:44:14 Jul 29th 08 - Mr. Pathomatic:

Mr. Dire Wolf


7/28/2008 7:42:21 PM

And, for some reason you all seem to hate under-aged rulers.. does that mean under 18?.. and why?.. are you jealous because we are young and like to enjoy the games and play them without a worry, and since you guys make the game your life and act so seriously on it then you must talk crap about us, since we dont share your extreme compassion for the game.. well deal with it.

No, personally the reason I dislike little snotnosed thumbsuckers like yourself is because you are immature and your brain has yet to fully develop the ability for higher thought.  Basically, people like you are a liability.  You go to school and have a bad day because one of your little playmates called you a dork, so you come  home and take that aggression out by leaving your kingdom and attacking your old kingdommates or who knows what else.  My kingdom is not afterschool childcare for immature kids so I don't let them in.  Nor do I waste time talking to them diplomatically because I'm just not familiar with sandbox diplomacy anymore.

That said, there are some kids who are mature and reasonable, but they are just so rare...and theres plenty of so called adults who have the maturity of a teenager.  Thats why I judge people individually.

18:31:16 Jul 29th 08 - Mr. Luis Pocho:

well, this kind of topics are funny ^^... howeber you should remind that this game is mostly played by underaged people -.-  we dont need to be rude and we DONT NEED TO SEE SMARTER THAN OUR ENEMY -.-

01:05:08 Aug 1st 08 - Mr. Pulse:

I know I said I wasn't gonna respond, but I'll be short so that you don't find it boring again =)

You completely missed the point, Dire Wolf, as the only word that got to you was 'under-aged'. That was not a legal term for the age of 18 or 21 or whatever - that was just a hint at the childish reactions and responses to reasonable arguments.

And just for the record, nobody in here is trying to look smarter or anything... there simply are a few folks who have the natural ability to appear less smart, thus making others comparatively smart-looking. =)

01:52:32 Aug 1st 08 - Mr. Luis Pocho:

"And just for the record, nobody in here is trying to look smarter or anything... there simply are a few folks who have the natural ability to appear less smart, thus making others comparatively smart-looking. =)"

lol that is true :S

14:35:53 Aug 1st 08 - Prince Insomaniak:

I'll just like to say this...Bunsenburner...ON!!!

11:26:56 Aug 3rd 08 - Mr. Yoshi:

OK cut out the hatered i am only 12 so i might turn EMO "beacause of my childish reactions" as some of you say. This is a game so lets play it not have so much hate, i mean go kill a couple hundred nazzies or somthing its a game not reality. O and quit telling kids what they should and shouldnt play its not right. Also quit blaming everything on each other go buy a dummy and take it out on him.


17:26:19 Aug 3rd 08 - Mr. Luis Pocho:

yeah, it is a game, if you are over of 18 you should be doing another kind of things in the Internet :P :P :P :P

06:21:45 Aug 4th 08 - Mr. Guthix III:

OMG theres so much choas in ss. i feel sory for mr. yoshi (mainly cause hes my twin) that hes stuck in this i mean go join carnage. But for those who want to have some fun with this game join the kingdom boo made for fun =). Im just saying this is a free game so lets be thankfull this game was created and be nice and helpful to others not talk about killing people. Like my twin said go kill a couple hundred nazzies or somthing. And ruby knight can you please stop this war once anf for all if you want to stop war life just threw your chance at you so go make a long speech so everyone is happy.

06:51:14 Aug 4th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

^Well thats obviously not a multi... I apologized to Dire Wolf privately. The war wasn't my idea, it was unrelated to anything on this thread. Stop bringing this thread back to life! All 3 of you(maybe 2) just kept proving why immature players are hated by the more experienced players in those last three posts..... Doing other things on the internet o.O Pocho? What are they teaching kids these days..... Your parents need to set a filter on your computer or something. Or maybe take you to the park once in a while so you can figure out what the outside world is like....

07:34:54 Aug 4th 08 - Mr. Luis Pocho:

I like Ruby because he thinks he is better than the other people, but He even cannt understand a joke...

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