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Searching for a KD
01:37:01 Jul 8th 08 - Mr. Torrents:

I am currently looking for a good KD. I just started playing VU thanks to a friend and it doesnt seem to hard. All I need now is a KD. I am still in the tutorial but I am ready to finish them off. I was told I needed to find a KD first. So, I am a human. I can be online for 8-10 ticks of the day and I catch on quickly. If anyone would like to have me just send me a message. Thanks.

02:25:16 Jul 8th 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

Me! I have around 14 eras experience, join  'Dacii'  if you would like to, we are located in mantrax!!

02:53:50 Jul 8th 08 - Mr. Bob Marley:

Haha, join Cannabis :)


04:14:37 Jul 8th 08 - Lord Uther Pendragon:



06:14:36 Jul 8th 08 - Mr. Uttkarsh Bhardwaj:

join "Matrix" ....looking forward to seeing u soon  Mr. Torrents

06:39:44 Jul 8th 08 - Duke Argyle:

It's theese kind of people in good kingdoms are looking for, thoose who can make the tutorial and who can be online! I would not hesitate to accept an application from you (Heaven).

14:13:59 Jul 8th 08 - Mr. Bobinscas:

hey no leave the kid alone let im make up is own mind he aint gonna join you really if you carry on doin at + it makes im fell like you are desprate so ya know

14:35:01 Jul 8th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

if u wish, Myth is always open for you :)

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