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Shen an Calhar aka traitors?
07:52:12 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Swan:

I guess the rumors where right ... This betrayal Newbie kingdom has started to back stab us after all we have done for them. Never ever will their deed be forgotten!

It started that we offered their small kingdom a MAP so they could survive, kinda out of pitty and that their leader was friendly and nice towards us. But now all off the biggest nubs inside BHR started attacking the kingdom of Destiny. This is so lame, it is a grossfull deed.

Do not trust that 'kingdom', you can't call it a kingdom really, a gathering of the lamest backstabbers in VU perhaps? I don't know where their leader is, I thought he was a loyal and respectful person?

07:55:20 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Epyon:

Hmmm kinda makes you wish you had helped Music out =o

but really, no hard feelings Swan I understand why you guys did what you did and it sucks that you got back stabbed like that

07:57:41 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Swan:

yes, I but we couldn't look into the future now eh :-)

07:59:16 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Epyon:

Yeah I know =)

still kinda sucky from our standpoint but... it's just a game and there's no point gettin mad at you guys

good luck recovering

08:06:20 Aug 3rd 07 - Sir Gaius Septim:

Even though you are attacking us with thousands of soldiers I feel sorry for you, I know how it feels to get stabbed in the back by somebody you thought you trusted

17:43:50 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Swan:

yeah, and especially when we protected them in the beginning. Just some newbs (not all of them in that kingdom) think they can do and fight whatever they want ...

19:51:51 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Ender:

Well, I guess maybe you should hear both sides of the story eh?  Though I doubt anything I say here will change this situation, since most people who play this game are too hard-headed to think that maybe there is another way of looking at things and maybe the way they saw it is not correct.  Please keep this in mind as you read the following, it really is quite simple:

The kingdom of Shen An Calhar has waged a personal war against Mr. Dalion the Brave because of some cities that were taken and not returned.  This is a clear and defined war between us and him not spilling into the rest of the Kingdom.  Somewhere along the way, people in our Kingdom got the idea that we were going to war with the entire kingdom and therefore started to attack everyone.  This was a huge mis-understanding on our part because of a lack of clear and concise communication.  The order to stand down and return all cities has been given and they will be followed to the entire kingdom as stated here. 

We consider Destiny to be one of our strongest allies in this game and have no interest in "backstabbing" our friends.

There, now thats the entire situation, as I said, not too complicated, just blown out of proportion.  If you still think we are lying, cheating, backstabber's, then so-be-it.  You are entitled to your opinion whether your opinion is based on the facts or not.  Make of this what you wish, but when it all comes down to it, those are the facts, that is what really happened.

Vice of Shen An Calhar

20:09:35 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Epyon:

Ender, that is complete bull

Music had a MAP with you guys in Zeta but one of your members went and waged a war on us. So we did exactly what you say you did to Destiny. We were attacking that member without attacking any of your other guys and somehow your members got the impression that we were warring you when our vices had sent message after message to you guys to inform you of the dishonest playing of your member (Im not gonna say names)

Your member kept attempting magic on us and attacking us, thereby breaking the CF that we had. You should be able to account for each of your members and make sure that they know what is going on. You guys said that a war on one of your members is a war on your whole kingdom, so then you attacked us. CAN ANYBODY SAY HYPOCRITE?!?!?!

20:21:52 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Ender:

First off, we had no MAP, we had a CF, 2 very different things.  We were doing nothing offensively until we saw that Music was moving multiple corps in our direction.  The only magic he cast on you guys was EiTs' to find out exactly what we would be up against if you decided to break our CF and attack.

Secondly, the only messages I ever got were from one of your members giving me crap for something I didn't fully comprehend and then the threats of war went back and forth.  None of our magic spells would have hapened had you not provoked us.  I have played against Music in Fantasia several times and I know you guys to be a pain in the butt because of your own backstabbing a few eras back.  If you wanna blame it on someone, then blame it on me, because I was the one who after getting crap from your members, and seeing you move troops into our area, pushed for a war on behalf of our kingdom.  You brought that war upon yourself, and at no point was it established that you would be able to attack our player. 

And yes, it is a similar situation however, from my understanding, this war has been agreed to on both sides, unlike your war which was just started by you.  You cant come into a world, spawn next to a kingdom, demand that we help you, establish relations, then move troops in provoking our eits' and declare war on one of our members.  You were asking too much and the easiest way out was to kill you, so we did, and I have no ill feelings about that.

20:37:11 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Epyon:

sorry i meant CF. and he attempted to cast ROF. just because you're a vice doesnt mean you get all of the messages. messages were sent to all of your higher ranked members

20:42:30 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Artartas:

I havn't bothered to read all of this, but Music........ya.....they would know EVERYTHING about backstabbing and cheating........yup trut them at your own risk....

21:38:38 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Epyon:

I'm not saying I'm getting mad at him, I'm just trying to back up DSY a little bit. There's no point in holding an grudges.

Artartas, this is my first era in Music so you shouldnt judge players just by what kingdom them are in.

21:55:21 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Swan:

omg Ender, I cannot even believe you have the balls trying to defend what your kingdom has done? We protected you guys and treated you like our sister kingdom ... Why wasn't I aware that Dalion has token cities from you guys? We had a MAP for god sake! You just don't break that like woop ... Everythime one of you guys started backstabbing our kingdom again, did we warred you guys? no we had a conversation with your king and he acted like he should in a political way.
Like trying to behold peace and give a offer to repay the damage!

Don't give me that bull man! You obviously don't know what you are speaking off ... Hearing it from your side? Complete BULLCRAP!

22:53:06 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Tussin:

for the record i dont even know what the hell anyone is talking about between shen an calhar and destiny.... i thought we had an era long NAP... where on the map is this happening... when the hell did we declare war on dalion the brave... and why?

04:55:47 Aug 4th 07 - Mr. Swan:

I was wondering the same ... untill suddenly 2 or 3 retards from Shen an calhar started attacking us

10:40:30 Aug 4th 07 - Mr. Penguin:

dalion the brave tok over my city madlandija ;)

10:41:34 Aug 4th 07 - Mr. Penguin:

oh first mr. rimta tok my city then dalion :D

10:44:22 Aug 4th 07 - Ms. Spoon:

Sorry, but. Did Music ever break a NAP?
And what backstabbing did we do a few eras back?

I'm kind of low on information on this point..

10:46:14 Aug 4th 07 - Mr. Rimtas:


11:12:45 Aug 4th 07 - Sir Rand Althor:

Ok to settle the reccord strait I'll give exactly what happened. First Dalion took a city, A uno city, Thats ok it was being passed around like a sack of potatos in an Irish market. No big deal, it so happened to be Rimatas's ok so he'll want it back, once again no big deal right? Wrong, Dalion doesn't respond, why? No idea wish I knew. So somewhere along the line questions are asked about what to do. Unfortunatly they don't ask me, and they don't ask the vices either, they ask my ordained coordinator of the lords in the center who up until now had been rather bored. So bored that he almost had gotten kicked and taken out for absence without reason. He comes back when I'm gone sees a problem proscribes a solution. I come back see all hell being raised asked questions. A few answers are given like well we're attacking because Dalion took a city. OK I say but why the hell are you attacking other people? I can justify attacking without authorization on someone who already has some answering to do but why everyone else? No answer except some lame excuses about going to war because they're after us??!!!??? OOOKKK now someones on crack. So I kick and kill the root of all evil and make orders to stop. Now this is over 2-3 days, oddly enough I haven't heard a thing from destiny. So I figure my guys are following my lead saying I'm sorry some ass told us to do this and we were dumb enough to do it. Please take back your cities. Hmm yes and no, at first they start and now I have 3 players 1 of which has left and is now up for killing, who need dealing with.

  Now the first thing I hear is whats going on, this is however after Mr Swan has a city of his own under attack. I proceed to explain, saying that the infidel is dead, killed at my own hand, which by the way was what Music was suposed to have allowed me to do, that was OUR agreement which they proceeded to ignore, which lead to their subsequent demise, all after they gave me crap about not being fast enough in moving my armies which were over 50 hours away into place to take out the offender. In anycase I then recive a message asking that we resolve this in a peaceful manner, to which I agree, saying that I'm sure that we can figure somthing out and I will be working on my side to figure out if anything exactly what these guys will want ie that city, and will have them allow the return of all taken cities.

 The next message I recive is that Swan is Pissed at my kd but not me and really not the entire kd just the 3 people in particular 2 who want to just go to war against everyone. The last message is that they're going to die. To which I responded just recently that this is their fight and We (ie the rest of the kd) are going to stay out of it, I think now I should have added somthing about after its over the return of previous assests but it really doesn't matter.

 So if you want to call it crap and us tratiors then by all means call us so. I've bowed to your wishes in the begining when I was asked to move cities around to accomidate your defensive situation, I allowed William to hold one of my cities that was taken from me in the begining because I really didn't give a damn so long as peace was instore. I even kicked out and killed 2 players because of their *beep*ic behavior towards your kingdom. We even protected your southern flank and were willing to go threw hell for you if you hadn't made peace with Corisars, and that was when my position was most weak. And now we are traitors. Hmmm very nice swan very nice. Have your personal war with those three, you deserve that they are retarded for ignoring me, my vices, and our aggreements. Both NAP and alliance through MAP. But don't ever think I said anything to you that I did not mean. Hell I have carnage, Jester, Mad, legacy, dark riders, and a hell of a lot of other kingdoms who know that when I speak reguardless of what else happens I stand by it. If we were tratiors I would have killed you myself but we're not so thank God I have my principals.

11:52:38 Aug 4th 07 - Mr. Penguin:

"it so happened to be Rimatas's ok so he'll want it back"

i think he is mr. rimtas :D:D:D

15:31:32 Aug 4th 07 - Mr. Swan:

I never said your entire kingdom are a bunch of traitors. I've always respected you Rand Althor, but this time you can't blame us if you didn't contacted me about the city swapping between Dalion and your kingdom ... I  wasn't aware of that issue

09:07:22 Aug 5th 07 - Mr. Dalion The Brave:

I dont know what to say.  So many accusations against me.  I didnt attack anyone from your Kingdom, Althor.  And if I did, I wasnt aware we had an MAP at the time.  If one of your members had asked for the city back, it would have been given back.  The only message I recieved from Rimtas said this I believe, seeing as I deleted it (im retarded)


it was my city, but whatever


Thats all I remember getting.  I wouldnt steal cities from people who are my allies.  Thats all I've got to say.

09:31:11 Aug 5th 07 - Mr. Epyon:

omg i dont feel like reading that long ass thing...

ya im with spoon!! when did music break a nap?? :D :D :D

10:02:12 Aug 5th 07 - Sir Rand Althor:

Well seeing how things have been going with a particular two people whom Swan and I have personal grevencies with. This whole matter should be quite taken care of if not to the end we all are requiring to one we can all start to accept. 2 of the 3 are now marked for death by all DSY and BRH members. And if I don't hear anything from the 3rd soon he might as well say his prayers as well.

  I know Swan but there was a point where you insinuated that we were all just siting on our hunches letting it happen and I took offence and well you've read it so need I say more. I'm sorry if I went off the deep end a bit there but Ender is right, with all the info we had everything was being handled correctly until all of a sudden we had a crap shoot and all hell broke loose. A matter between two people that should have needed clearence to do anything that they did after personal talks failed went strait to trowing punches before anyone in the top knew what happened. Yeah I can see now that I probably should have said somthing like oh by the way I've been told so and so took a city and hasn't given it back, but I was hoping that I was working with mature individuals, well that perception is no longer exsistant and is being rectified. Again sorry of flip'n off the handle there but like I said I do take offense somtimes.

 In anycase for those in music don't start with me on who did what because your last vice that I talked too mr Bandallow, was and I supose still is a real ass. He knew our agreement about the problem and he went directly against it, not to mention he didn't wait the 48hrs that was required before attacking on our C*beep*reement after we had voted and properly declared war on your kd. If it hadn't been that I deleated the messages I had from him once he was dead I'd show it too you but one can only scroll through so much mail before one tires of it especially when a lot of them say dead.

03:02:11 Aug 6th 07 - Mr. Ender:

hmm, I just noticed something.  I keep all my messages for the entire era, every single era just in case something like this happens. :D  Only problem is that since we send the mesages back and forth to eachother, I believe that half of the data from each conversation is held by each player, and when Bananahallow died, his half dissappeared and with it all of what he wrote to me after the initial contact as well as all of my letter to him.  This may not make sense, but i tried.

08:43:40 Aug 6th 07 - Sir Rand Althor:

Well I normally do but when half of them are questions about things that no longer exsist or have been forgotten by half the world, or those who do/did care are dead I somtimes end up getting sick of trying to find those people are still responding to when their at the bottom of the pile lol. Also I believe the conversations in the letters do contain both sides of the conversation so you might want to check on that I know I am.

09:30:14 Aug 6th 07 - Mr. Swan:

I never received any message containing this stuff, so I can't help you ...

16:21:24 Aug 12th 07 - Mr. Anatoliy Grushkov:

Russia remained neutral.


Anyways, I'd have to vote in favour of Shen, thier story is a little more convincing, though we are not lawless pirates! We need to solve these things in a LON court, not a battlefield.


And, I know there is only like 19h left in the game, but why is Destiny attacking Shen An Calhar in the south near Gilly iii and Endless City?  I know this is last minute diplomacy, but be forwarned that Russian will mobolize if the war gets any closer to Russia's national border.

17:08:12 Aug 12th 07 - Mr. William Iii:

that would be useless now, only a few hours left till auto-arma

20:00:38 Aug 13th 07 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

I believe Rand Althor....

20:49:26 Aug 13th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

1.Mr. Dark OrionAbydosDwarf6857673

1.Mr. StasisLuna WolvesDwarf9596410

im confuse!

20:51:45 Aug 13th 07 - Mr. Kassius Xxi:


20:55:30 Aug 13th 07 - Duke Mielo:

he's bi-curious, it means he's confused inside his mind (quote South park)

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