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10:08:24 Jun 24th 08 - Mr. Random:

looking for any former members of the KD SinX.

PM opium of myself or just post in this thread if your still out there.

may be looking at getting the old crew together again.

10:43:05 Jun 24th 08 - Sir Cookie Monster:

Hey random.. It is me, Professor.. Haha.. :D

I have changed my name to this.. Heh heh..

I see you around alot but not Opium.. What happened to him? Btw, i kind of lost the KD old banner..

10:45:52 Jun 24th 08 - Sir Cookie Monster:

Just found the old banner.. :P

11:06:59 Jun 24th 08 - Mr. Random:

opium stopped playing for a lil while, started again late this era.

If any other former players could reply it would be much appreciated.

even if your not intending to play again, just wanna know who's still out there.

11:36:48 Jun 24th 08 - Mr. Opium:

OPIUM LIVES...gettin his butt kicked on talents by hall but so far im holding out. Professor you need to stick with one name lol.

00:04:16 Jun 25th 08 - Sir Cookie Monster:

Lol.. I will try .. Haha.

04:25:02 Nov 19th 08 - Duke Random:


i was still Mr. Random here ^_^

06:05:58 Nov 19th 08 - Duke Slade Griffin:

:) i wasnt in SinX but i was in Jumpers  :D

20:20:02 Nov 19th 08 - Sir Justanius Fontainius XVI:

i dunno i was ina lots of kds =)

20:40:27 Nov 19th 08 - Mr. Sin:

I fit in this kingdom!

20:16:13 Nov 21st 08 - Duke Slade Griffin:

:O its Opium :O

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