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21:57:54 Oct 13th 10 - Mr. Amaroq XXI:

Greetings everyone, many of you probly know who I am, my main character is Millman.  I've been playing for ever 20 eras and with the new character option I have decided to give running my own kingdom a shot.  I have played as a vice in kingdoms such as the Black Chain and BoW for many eras.  I welcome all new comers who wish to learn, all old friends who wish to assist me in my new challenge, and any other veteran player who is just looking to join a noble and trustworth new kingdom and help bring it to possible greatness some day :)  I have just started out on Armageddon so apply now...

22:52:23 Oct 13th 10 - Mr. Sun Bian:

Oh, so it is Millman, i definitely see...

Good luck in Armageddon =D

01:29:10 Oct 14th 10 - Mr. Amaroq XXI:

Haha, yes it is.  Too bad u didn't give me a chance to build up a bit more :) 

02:51:11 Oct 14th 10 - King Burninglegion of The Orcs:

Muwah BL remembers many eras together <3



in fant so your not in luck

04:04:53 Oct 14th 10 - Mr. Millman XXI:

Haha, yes we did.  I have one of my characters in Fant. maybe i'll see u there :)

08:44:09 Oct 14th 10 - Mr. Gimli:

Good luck on arma = ]

No one knows who I am heheheh

09:18:40 Oct 27th 10 - Sir Ozymandias Back:

good luck on arma... actually I can see you, please dont hurt me

23:25:26 Dec 9th 10 - Mr. Amaroq XXI:

Ok arma is taking way too long to end.  Sleepless is currently recruiting and will probly jump worlds when the next opens up if we get more players and Arma doesn't end soon...

07:29:15 Dec 29th 10 - Mr. Roq:

Sleepless is now on Valhalla so hurry up and join before all the slots are filled :)

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