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So the biggest tributes in VU
03:04:12 Mar 24th 17 - Swedish chef Brashen:

We seen alot of tributes to good players and kingdoms through alliances against them.

Which is your biggest tribute alliance,

You might have hated them and despised them but you did gang up against them and it was not because they sucked and came last.

So through your actions you did tribute them

For me it was


Another Related Rambo Slayers Empire
And then ganging up against Legacy (just a couple of eras for me since I then joined THE BRIGHT SIDE, and since ever been fighting the forces of the lesser peoples dark side)

04:05:05 Mar 24th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Kurt Barlow):

Dark Blood / Juicy / DOA - mighty kingdoms led by the best VU player of all time in the multiverse, Wilberforce aka Josh Reed. Together with his equally capable minions, the Quiet One, Raistlin, Arzun, Oya, Warlock, etc. Wilberforce led Dark Blood / Juicy / DOA to countless map-clearing, curb-stomping victories in old, competitive Fantasia. Even peerless players like Binh, Drakken and Aligreat had to be subordinate to Wilberforce, such was his dominance in the realms of VU strategy, tactics, mechanics, people management, psychological management, kingdom management and game admin management.

Under Wilberforce's incomparable leadership, their momentum was unstoppable, their force overwhelming, their objects immovable. VU legends like Roxbury, Swifty, the Carnage team, etc. hated and feared Dark Blood / Juicy / DOA. Friends and foes, allies and enemies alike, whispered of Dark Blood the way Wellington whispered about Napoleon when asked who was the greatest general of all time: In this age, in ages past, in any age, Dark Blood!

Unless Dark Blood / Juicy / DOA were gangbanged, they practically won every era they played. No one could stop them at all in a fair fight.

Except when some strange, weird dude, who was born a loser and not one by choice, played the game.

05:50:19 Mar 24th 17 - Mr. Bling:

I know a bling guy and a TBL guy, and the bling guy liked to break stuff, and TBL liked to plan to break stuff, so they got together and broke stuff.

18:09:50 Mar 24th 17 - Endless (Lady Elizabeth of The Garter):

Probably Dark, first of the game regulars to take in this newbie and teach her some tricks 

18:19:03 Mar 24th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Kurt Barlow):

DLO needs to come in here and give a tribute to his all time favourite player in the game, Lennard, and his (Lennard's) kingdom, the Smiths :D

18:30:59 Mar 24th 17 - Mr. Torro of Corinth:

MADD..theyre teaching me all i know. Watebenders crazy offense keeps the game fun..and wins. Fred meanwhile knows how to build the larger of armies and how to use them. 

00:21:05 Mar 25th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Sir Eros Returns):

Black Flag and BoW for me

01:09:42 Mar 25th 17 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

No alliances/NAP/CF deserve tribute.

16:11:48 Mar 27th 17 - Mr. Forum:

You getting soft in your old age TBL? 


16:13:16 Mar 27th 17 - Osiris (Mr. Demandred):

I'd say anyone who abuses bugs to ruin the game goes into the group TBL :D

17:08:15 Mar 27th 17 - TheBornLoser (Sir Big Flying Chockroach):

Forum (Swifty?), I've always had a very soft spot in my heart for Wilber. He is one of the very few human beings on this planet that makes me absolutely confident that I am not at the very bottom of the great food chain of life :) (I had to use so many adjectives to ram home how special Wilberpoo makes me feel <3) :D

07:43:11 Mar 28th 17 - Mr. Forum:

No, it's Wilbad. Nice to see after all these years you still have a raging erection for me. Let it go, move on with your life. Stop and crying into your brother's Sun Tzu book. 

09:43:33 Mar 28th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Kurt Barlow):

My erection for you is like permanent viagra. No matter how many times I try to "make it go away", it just won't.

So how are you doing with your life? Have you gotten yourself a proper education yet? Have you reached a quarter of a million dollars (USD) in net worth yet (after deducting liabilities)? Are you still enriching your landlord by paying him or her rent month after month? You will be happy to know that I am still staying with my parents in Malaysia after all these years and have yet to move out of home.... I am such a failure :(  :D

10:52:23 Mar 28th 17 - Mr. Forum:

I'm currently travelling around the world actually. I'm in Australia right now but thanks for your concern and interest in my life. What else can I tell you?

I've contemplated getting into politics as I'm a socialist nowadays. The last girl I dated was an Aussie girl, a lecturer at University on a damn lot more money than anyone else I know. The girl before that was a Brazilian girl who came to Hull for a year to do her masters in Chemical Engineering and before that a Primary school teacher who went to the best Uni for her course in England (Durham, as Oxbridge don't do a primary education course, or didn't). So that's my love life. 

So given that I am travelling, no, I have no house or job. I built a top of the range gaming pc mid last year and I went on holiday to Greece in August, then came out here over 2 months ago so I did fairly well last year. 

Can't think of anything else to tell you my good man. It's nice to know you're doing so well though assuming you're the one with a net worth of 250k. I suppose that's the benefit to being with a girl who makes a lot more money than you though. Bought your own copy of D3 yet then? Do you add the value of that to your net worth?  

I may come visit you in Malaysia 😘

11:34:03 Mar 28th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Kurt Barlow):

Ooh, your love life sounds interesting! Its much more colourful than mine since I have stuck with the same lady for.... a very long time now :D Hopefully, one of these days, you will mature enough and a girl will be willing to settle down with you for the long term ;)

The world needs more good politicians. The current crop are mainly rubbish. If you do get into politics, please change your attitude and do not behave like how you have behaved in VU. Unlike VU, the actions and courses you set in politics can affect real people in their real lives. There is no reset button, no restart option, and definitely no such thing as Armageddon and a new era. So less stupidity and idiocy, and a lot more careful and in-depth thought and action from now on please.

Unlike the great you, I did not build a top of the range gaming PC; am still using a two year old Lenovo laptop. I did not go on holiday anywhere last year except back to Malaysia to visit family and friends. I might go to Japan and Taiwan and join a cruise later this year, but I am very reluctant as there are bigger priorities in my life for the next three years.

I am very happy to be with a lady who earns about 1/3rd more than I do. It gives me very large financial and personal security. Naturally, I carry my weight in other matters - I administer the entire household and financial and investment affairs and I cook a solid 4 or 5 course meal several times a week for the family. We do not have a car. We do have a live-in maid / domestic helper. I have not bought my own copy of Diablo 3 yet. Nor, I am horrified to say, did I buy my own copy of Starcraft 3 - Legacy of the Void. My brother also bought that for me. I also do not own an Xbox or PS4 or any other game console.

I am less horrified to say that my net worth, combined with that of me waifu's, is about a year's savings away from 7 digits in USD, maybe 1 and 1/2 years if calculated in pounds. I contribute at least 2 / 5th to it. I did not include bought goods into the calculation - that amount is pure cash and liquid investments. We hope to buy a house in Hong Kong in full cash in 3 years, and retire completely from work by the age of 50. Maybe I will go to Greece then. And travel around the world for a few years.

You are welcome to visit me in either Malaysia or Hong Kong. Please notify me about 2 months in advance so that I can arrange my schedule and plans accordingly. Alternatively, I will be in Singapore for about 2 weeks in early July, so if you are there, we can meet up too ;)

11:38:48 Mar 28th 17 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

wow, are TBL and wilber become friends?

11:43:47 Mar 28th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Kurt Barlow):

Wilber has no qualifications to be considered my enemy or rival, Bran :P

11:56:30 Mar 28th 17 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

you love him really, he rarely leaves your mind jsut admit it

12:11:20 Mar 28th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Kurt Barlow):

Of course I always think about him, Bran. Wilber has one of the most memorable and amazing character and thought process that I have ever seen, whether in game, fiction or real life. He is so outstanding, so remarkable, so spectacular, that I really have to question the standards of modern British upbringing and education! Hopefully, he is just an outlier and not the norm, or I will really fear for the country that I obtained my tertiary education from! :D

12:25:23 Mar 28th 17 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

hahah anyone from the outside would think its to friends catch up after 10 years with a bit of playful banter haha you guys are nuts lol

12:53:56 Mar 28th 17 - Mr. Stormyvonaussieslove:

Anyone that dates an Aussie cant be that bad... SURELY.. :)

13:32:41 Mar 28th 17 - Mr. Forum:

Oh I'm mature enough, thank you very much. The Brazilian and Aussie girls were temporary though given one moved back to her home country and the other has responsibilities so is unable to travel. Australia is a very large place and I did not intend to spend a prolonged time in Brisbane. The brightest candles burn the shortest after all. The relationship with the primary school teacher didn't work out due to conflicting work schedules. 

I was young and naive and it took two the tango back then, but it's amusing to see that a young & silly person left such a lasting and tangible impression on a self declared important and successful person. It's even more curious that this impression was left mostly through the medium of a forum on a very small game that most people are embarrassed to admit that they play. 

Of course, you too have responsibilities so are unable to just decide to drop everything, then a few months later be drinking wine by the beach at the opposite sidebof the world. Given I'm younger and have minimal responsibilities I was free to do so, in fact it was one of the reasons I chose to do it now, because of not now it certainly wouldn't have happened for several decades. 

I'm be honest, I built it and it cost an absolute bomb but yet I've not used it very much. Any free time I did have to play games usually went on PS4. That was mostly due to have a large group of friends as my squad so most of the time I was gaming went on custom GTA 5 races with them or BF1.

That's a shame you don't have a car, you'll be back to his and hers matching SUVs or whatever you had when you need them though I'm sure. What does your waifu do in terms of career, out of curiosity? It's good you're with someone successful though, I've always found apart from the obvious reasons for a relationship being with someone successful always pushes you too as it's seemingly easy to fall into an unexceptional routine.

Frugality and smart investments are definitely the way to becoming a millionaire/having a lot of cash if that's the goal. Unfortunately I'm really not frugal right now, it was a miracle in itself I managed to save money for this trip in a very short time. Retiring at 50 is nice, a lot of people either retire too late to properly enjoy retired life or retire far too early as soon as they have sa little money so 50 is a good age. Hong Kong is cool that's on my list of places I'll hopefully visit, but most places in Asia are on my list. I began learning Mandarin a couple of weeks ago but I've heard it's better to speak English as they don't like mainlanders there. 

Unfortunately I'm not sure what my plans are, I'll probably go home for Christmas and fly back out some time early next year. It depends on what happens in Asia, I might buy a motorbike and travel around Vietnam for a while after Indonesia and Thailand. Then if was going to be Cambodia. Maybe next year I'll go back to Aus, then Malaysia, before heading to China and hopefully end up in North Korea before going home. 

Glad I'm unique enough to you to warrant your attention and studying of my character. 

14:43:06 Mar 28th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Kurt Barlow):

You and I have very different perceptions of relationships, Wilber. I firmly believe that if I am blessed enough to find a lady possessing a wonderful character, a kind personality, high intelligence, generosity and faithfulness, there is no way in hell I am letting her go. I was in a long distance relationship with my wife for almost 7 years, and in each year we were able to meet only twice or thrice per year. It was only a few years ago that we were able to get things settled on a more permanent and stable basis You do not let a jewel that is in the palm of your hands fall from your grasp. But that is me anyway.

I am neither important nor successful yet, at least not to the standards I aspire to. And my ambitions are more personal rather than social. But yes, you did leave a very deep impression on me. I very rarely meet any character comparable to you, even in mediums much bigger than this game and its forum,
 and you often serve as a very good foil and example to me and my loved ones :D

We also have very different perceptions of the "right timing" to enjoy life. I personally believe that life is to be enjoyed only once you have most of its security aspects down pat. I am a firm believer in the principle of delayed gratification. If I were in your position, I would be working and saving money. If I were single like you, I would be working TWO jobs. But alas, some people believe that that youth is the time best spent exploring the world while one is still young and healthy, so *shrug* another difference in principles.

I can very easily afford a top end gaming rig, but there are bigger games in life that I aspire to than ones played through a computer. Such games do not require expensive computer equipment. Most of my old gaming crew have reached early middle age like me and are busy with families and climbing up whatever ladders they are on. But hmmm.... maybe one of these days we will have a Starcraft: Brood War reunion....

I will not get a car for myself until certain financial ambitions of mine are met. It will probably take a couple of years. Wifey has suggested getting a personal driver in a couple of years time if we are able to generate enough passive income on a yearly basis as hiring one is quite cheap here in Hong Kong. We shall see on that.

Wife is a corporate lawyer.

I believe in smart frugality and smart money management. I would never skimp when it comes to nutrition for my wife and son, and I spend a fairly large chunk of money each year on books. I believe in long term investment for one's body, mind and soul. Money is of minimal object when it comes to that. And I would never feel monetarily troubled if either my loved ones or I ever happen to have a medical emergency.

I will definitely do a large bout of traveling in the future. That's my promise to the wife. But it will only take place once we are financially firm within my standards. That should be in about 14 years.

I look forward to welcoming you to Hong Kong or Malaysia if we ever have the chance :P

And on that note, will stop hijacking this thread for off-topic discussions. Apologies to Brashen.

14:51:36 Mar 28th 17 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

i think thats very wise tbl, saving for the future is correct. i hardly think resigning yourself to a future of wage slavery and debt is a very happy way to live your life, for you or your family

14:53:44 Mar 28th 17 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

See you in HK later in the year :)

14:54:07 Mar 28th 17 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

Once you do all that TBL you can sell up and might even be able to afford a small house in South East England god knows the rest of us cant

14:58:52 Mar 28th 17 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

or you could live somewhere that has a culture :p

15:05:37 Mar 28th 17 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

Bran defines culture based on the number of curry takeaways in a given area :P

15:06:56 Mar 28th 17 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

youre a curry connosieur judging by your muffin shaped waistline. i bet you fit right in in america

15:09:43 Mar 28th 17 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

Err, last i checked, women have muffin shapes, not men. But im pretty solid for 130kgs, not podgy.

15:16:51 Mar 28th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Kurt Barlow):

@Bran: I think it is incredibly important to have some degree of financial freedom. If not full financial freedom, then at least some financial security. I do not mean depriving yourself completely of joys in life and working 7 days a week for the next 10 years, but not building up a nest egg while you are still young and able-bodied is.... a crime (in my eyes anyway :P)

@Bling: Drop me a message when you are coming here <3

@DLO: Wifey and I are thinking of getting a home in Bristol after most of our fundamental needs here are accounted for. It is, after all, the place where we met. And we both like Bristol - not too big and not too small either, just perfect size and location. We can afford a home there, but we are both averse to taking on debt, so we shall see how it goes.

@Bling and Bran: I love curries. I can make several South-East Asian, South Indian, North Indian and Japanese curries :P The healthy variety too :D

15:29:47 Mar 28th 17 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

Will do. I have stores opening on TMall and Taobao later in the year, and supply contracts with JD to take care of, so will be in HK, Shenzhen and Beijing for 5 weeks starting August.

22:15:09 Jul 25th 17 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Bad Bell Mate):

Why did my post get deleted rofl.

That was pretty ta me by swiffer standards. 

TBL > Wilbad

13:40:23 Jul 26th 17 - TheBornLoser (Sir Sadako):

Hah, yeah, I wonder who deleted your post, Swifty :D

Well, different people have different values and principles in life I guess. Wilber places a high value on being able to travel extensively while he is still young and able. I place a high value on becoming a millionaire (in USD at least) while I am still young and able. If we both die tomorrow, he can probably claim to have led a better life than me. If we both die in 15 years time, then its a different story altogether......

14:44:58 Jul 26th 17 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

I get spammed with his snapchats almost everyday, if I'm ever in birdees I'll never get lost. seen every inch of that place.

19:26:43 Jul 26th 17 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Bad Bell Mate):

12:40:23 Jul 26th 17 - TheBornLoser (Sir Sadako):

Hah, yeah, I wonder who deleted your post, Swifty :D

Well, different people have different values and principles in life I guess. Wilber places a high value on being able to travel extensively while he is still young and able. I place a high value on becoming a millionaire (in USD at least) while I am still young and able. If we both die tomorrow, he can probably claim to have led a better life than me. If we both die in 15 years time, then its a different story altogether...... 


That's the thing, though.  You had such a traumatizing effect on him in VU that he hasn't gotten over your verbal tongue lashing and BEO's all conquering armies. He's trying to fool you into believing he's got one up on you IRL by prancing about in this thread as if he's some Che Guevara fella, travelling the world on his motorbike. 

The fact is, he isn't travelling the world. He's went to Oz 7 months ago, telling everybody who cared enough to listen he was going to work and travel his way around the globe. He's spent all 7 of those months in Brisbane in the same hostel, blowing away what little savings he had, getting wasted every night, singing shit pop songs, banging easy/average girls 5-6 years younger than him taking their gap years before they start proper careers. He's "worked" for maybe 2 of those months. He spent one month lying in bed in a hospital getting prodded with needles and probes. The other he started this month, pretending he's Ace Ventura.

Fact is TBL, you're still the better man than he is. He's just a wasteman at this point.

13:44:58 Jul 26th 17 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

I get spammed with his snapchats almost everyday, if I'm ever in birdees I'll never get lost. seen every inch of that place.

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My sides. The fucking state of that place. Same shit music erry night.

05:51:00 Jul 27th 17 - TheBornLoser (Sir Sadako):

Can he even do that? Travel to Australia on a tourist visa and work there? Isn't that illegal? :D Or is there something I am misunderstanding?!?!

If he wants to work his way around the globe and travel at the same time, why not do what Lewatha did? Join a global charity, actually contribute to the greater good of humanity, and still be able to visit different parts of the world properly (albeit also still on a budget of course)?

I doubt he was really mentally scarred and traumatised by Beo and me, LOL! Its just a freaking game, and I am some random dude he ran into on the interwebz. He did try to push his balls about though, and of course, such action tends to provoke push-back... especially from me :D

He's still got my ass kicked on one aspect of his life though. He probably has had many times more girlfriends than I ever had in my life till now (and will ever have) :D

I suppose that's the benefit of having the state back up your welfare. Where I come from, if you have two arms, two legs, all organs functioning, and a healthy rational mind, you go out and work and start saving money. Because if you don't, there is no safety net to catch you if you fall down.

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