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Sore losers with excuses
00:12:20 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Here is his response

You (1/29/2008 6:27:53 AM)

Hmm your death is getting closer and closer.
Mr. Friendly [Wolf] (1/29/2008 8:08:32 AM) GOOD BAD
I am just loving that it takes 4 different clans to take me on.
You (1/29/2008 1:41:39 PM)
First of all it is one KD that is killing you second of all we are called members. A clan is two or more ppl joined to do whatever they stand for and i personally am not two ppl. Anyways its not a matter of 4 ppl beating you because i could kill u single handely but its a matter that we work as a team and destroy anything unlike you and your members. Just remeber this game isnt about doing things individualy but to do things together. Dont get mad cause we slaughter Wolf on the battlefield and say u love how it takes 4 ppl to destroy u cause ur not strong at all. The reason you were ever put on the Hoh ruler is because we destroyed everyone who was strong which is Stalin, Darcy, Pan, Arathon, Kingdom and many more. Since they have been killed you were able to move to about the 10th rank in Hoh Ruler. As for me im number 2 and could have killed you easily.
Mr. Friendly [Wolf] (1/29/2008 3:45:40 PM) GOOD BAD
Nah I used clan correctly. A bunch of red necks that get together is a clan. And it took 4 other people to get through. Not you, not any of your other plaid wearing breatherin.

As far as the HOH goes. Who cares. I really think that you should expand your outlook in life and set higher goals for yourself. But hey, different strokes for different folks.

Don't get mad because you can't put a thought together in a single sentence and don't be mad because you were unable to defeat me your self. It will be ok. You can take you medication again and get over it. ;-)


ok is this guy stupid or what? Where does he get these terms? Im not a red neck first of all and plus to set higher goals for myself? If your going to play this game you dont have room to talk about other ppl getting lives , setting goals and crap. I have a life and the way i choose to live it is my choice. As for him to talk, he is online as much as I am and to lose in Armageddon is just the way it goes. We won fairly and all he can do is make excuses. Just another sore loser who just cant accept defeat.

00:23:44 Jan 30th 08 - Prince Cephorus Septim IV:

Lol, it's a bit ironic that his name is Mr. Friendly...

00:36:59 Jan 30th 08 - Lord Protector Nimic:

Just ignore him, he's clearly a sad loser trying to get under your skin. Don't let him.

00:46:03 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Americanfire:

HAHA hes such a poor loser, yeah its true that soul could of killed him but working as a team saves time in the long run, they dont see it like that they are fleeing all over the map and have numbers of members leaving also theyve got 4 kingdoms merged into one there and we still remain with our orignal members minus a few i kicked for inactivity as of late, but still its been a good era for us and will remain a good era for our last few days with it.

00:51:16 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Yep it has been a good era. And yes the fact that there are 4 ppl attacking is of course us trying to race across the unknown map and kill whatever is in the path as there is only 2.8 days left in the era and i dont want any Wolf alive

01:16:18 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Stalin:

Soul tell them how long and how hard it was to take me

i lost yes but i lost with pride and with my dignity =)

01:40:18 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Emerick III:

It took them 8 attacks, expanding a good week and a half or more, from 5 different members of their Wolfs to take out a city that was on the border of their Kingdoms Core not even 10 ticks away, and to add insult to injury they were guarded by low level troops the whole time. The Wolfs are not that good.

01:43:05 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Erm. Souloflife is a sore winner it seems.

Your death is getting close and closer????

02:07:34 Jan 30th 08 - Lady Rhiannia:

first is mr friendly that is the sore loser...he is trying to puff himself up so his defeat doesnt hurt so bad. i much prefer fighting against players who can accept their death with dignity...and better yet, with a fierce war cry and the hopes they may take me down with them. not whinig about imaginary things that arent so.

second...the proper use of the term clan is used like this..."

  1. A traditional social unit in the Scottish Highlands, consisting of a number of families claiming a common ancestor and following the same hereditary chieftain."

02:44:14 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

He is another message before that one

You (1/24/2008 12:15:18 PM)
Hmm someone is taking a pretty big
Mr. Friendly [Wolf] (1/24/2008 1:07:09 PM) GOOD BAD
meh. just a temprary set back
You (1/24/2008 1:08:39 PM)
Sure it is...once we clear out this section my armies will be coming for you.
Mr. Friendly [Wolf] (1/24/2008 1:09:43 PM) GOOD BAD
promises promises
You (1/24/2008 1:13:17 PM)
Hmm well if you ask me we are closing in on that small core...It wont be long now till the it is under our control.
Mr. Friendly [Wolf] (1/24/2008 1:14:14 PM) GOOD BAD
i have heard that for about a week now.
You (1/24/2008 1:17:04 PM)
Stop acting like your hard. Your not even on the HoH list. Your pathetic little empire will crumble before your very eyes. Plus if it doesnt get all destroyed is because you were saved by the era ending.
Mr. Friendly [Wolf] (1/24/2008 4:06:39 PM) GOOD BAD sound really upset. Now I feel bad.


forgive me...HEHEHEHEHEHe
You (1/24/2008 4:44:06 PM)
wow lets see i have a life thank you very much. Only cause you lose at a game some1 is better than you u say that but if you were winning or better than someone else at this game then it wouldnt matter to you huh?
Mr. Friendly [Wolf] (1/24/2008 5:43:55 PM) GOOD BAD
No, you think I actually care. I wouldn't care if I were winning or not, unlike you. Apparently that helps you sleep at night so that is cool.

You should get some sleep now so you are rested for your paper route in the morning.

Anyways Cow there were earlier messages  between us so i did type "Hmm your death is getting closer and closer" cause he was iritating me with all his excuses. Stalin was the hardest member to take down and yes i will admit it would have taken more than me to defeat him. If he wasnt there then Friendly would have been killed in the beginning of Arm. Once Stalin fell Friendly hasnt put much of a fight and saying he loves how it takes 4 ppl to beat him is just absurd as he hasnt killed one major army yet. He only injured one of my 5k army size killing 1.1k knights and injuring 1.1k knights but once my main army hit him he hasnt hurt anyone. Do you call that defending if you cant defeat a single army? Instead he is running away to i guess build somewhere else which doesnt give him time to though. So you call me a quote "Sore winner" when in fact im tired of all these excuses given by Members of Wolf how they would have won and calling us cheaters and one guy telling me to forgive me when he is online as much as me.

02:46:02 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

I don't blame him. You just goaded and goaded and insulted and insulted.

02:47:30 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

hmm where it says forgive me in the message it actually says forgive me....I dont know how that happened.

02:48:43 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Hmm translation it says forgive me....hmm y does it translate into forgive me i do not know.

02:49:44 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

lol nvm the translation wont accept anything. it just keeps putting down forgive me so im just going to give up on telling u.

03:50:50 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Lol friendly thinks hes so good but what kind of a person puts houses in a wall? 200 houses and 101 GT yeh just another unexperienced player who thinks hes good. I do suppose I have been an ass this era but Stalin and Wolfenstien is the only enemy worthy of my respect.  

04:22:03 Jan 30th 08 - Duke Fafnir:

1st why are you even posting this? None of us care!!!
2nd As far as the HOH goes. Who cares. I really think that you should expand your outlook in life and set higher goals for yourself. But hey, different strokes for different folks.
He does have a point, the HoH is not everything.
3rd You are probably a sore winner........bashing an apparently newb KD that got beaten. Why are you even replying to his *beep*y msges?

04:51:05 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Well fafnir to prove your point of a newb kingdom you would have to read FS vrs Wolf and Arm Wars before you jump to conclusions.

1st I care about this post because im sick of Wolf complaining and making up excuses y they have lost and Im sure its not just Armageddon that complain. Im sure others can relate to this post on other worlds.
2nd The Hoh usually has alot to do with a player if the player has a strong economy or a strong military, or even both. I dont see how you see a point in him telling me i need to expand my outlook in life and set highergoals for myself when we all play VU which is not reality and no-one here knows what others do in reality, so is it right to tell others to have a more outlook on life when you dont know what they do? Its just an excuse for losing a game.
3rd is there seriously a sore winner in a game? Im not bragging that I kicked his ass am I, No im just telling him his outcome by the difference points in KD and how we have just about cleared out his cities and he retreats to other grounds which he thinks is safe. Does it matter if I reply or not? Its my choice but like I said When you lose an era just accept defeat and stop making excuses. You make yourself look stupid and brining reality into a virtual game just makes you look even more pathetic.

06:15:50 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Lennon:

soul you're an egotistical prick and you're the one that looks pathetic...
beating a player isn't good enough for ya. you have to talk sh*t to them and attempt to humiliate them on the forums...ya ur real cool buddy

ps; we don't need the "hmm" at the beginning of every fu*kin comment you type...

06:30:56 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Pan:

1st I care about this post because im sick of Wolf complaining and making up excuses y they have lost and Im sure its not just Armageddon that complain. Im sure others can relate to this post on other worlds.

when did any original wolf member ever complain about losing ?

i dont know about the members from the other kd's but im sure that none of the real wolf members have complained

06:37:02 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Hmm Lennon as a freedom of speech i can say whatever i want as opposing to piss you off I dont care but Im not to one cursing and swearing am I? As clearly, you must be on a *beep* world or something but if you have forgotten this is a game and in a game there is competion which involves trash talk here and there. Clearly yes I am better than him but he wanted to talk trash to me before I got to him so now I showed him his supreme ruler and he wants to make excuses. Lennon you must clearly no nothing of war as your not going to be nice to the enemy and pretend that the enemy is going to sit down and have a cup of tea with you while his armies are at your front gates ready to attack. Anyways the whole point of this post wasnt to humiliate this one guy, But was to show you my point of view of ppl who lose always making excuses. Its for you or others to relate to this. But as for you Lennon you must always be on the losing side so you really cant relate to this post but to defend the losers of the game. You may call me a prick, bully, sorewinner but does it really matter? Do u think i will be affected by the words you say? All im saying is yes i did go a little rough on the guy I am sorry for that, if it makes the ones who disagree feel any better I will apologize to him for destroying his cities and leaving him with nothing. But I am sick of the accusing one a cheater, complaining or making excuses for losing a war or an era. Accept defeat and get revenge next era or go to another world.

06:45:07 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Pan you told me yourself Ambro complained you can read that on Arm wars or Fs vrs Wolf. In your opponion who are the "real" wolf members? Pan i never wanted to fight you, Stalin, Ambro and i could care less of defeating Friendly. The only person I wanted to defeat was Arathon but Wolfenstein wouldnt give him up so none of us could come to an agreement and thats how the war started. Not to mention territory bounderies and lands each of us wanted. All of those were factors of Y the war started.

10:56:57 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Crissxcross:

why bother community with this crappy kindergarten thing ???

He said, I said, he said....he is sooo mean and unworthy and I am soooo fine and faithfull..... who cares.

Post important facts, no more. keep the rest in your kingdom forum, maybe they are interested (I doub)....

But well I forgot the whole kindergarten thread here is not important, so you could have at least make it funny to at least entertain us.....

what a waste of time to read those lines....

21:19:47 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Crissxcross your just stupid if your going to complain that your read a couple of paragraphs that no-one said you had to read. Anyways I did apologize to Friendly for putting him on the spotlight and embarrasing him in front of VU as it was unhonorable to do. I just had a rush of anger that got to me cause I am tired of hearing alot of BS from ppl who lose. I know how it was to be a beginner at this game and if this is his first era he did ok and Im sry for the things I said to him. I just used this message as an example and thats all it was supposed to be used for. I did take it a little to far. I do hope that some of you can relate to the post to other worlds or others eras you played. I am glad that some agreed with me about the sore loser thing but I am sorry for the ones who disagree with me like Cow, Fafnir, Lennon, and well crissxcross (I dont really know what to tell you about complaining about reading so many lines) I hope you can forgive my actions towards another player on VU. I hope you dont think Im a total jackass and can still respect me as a player on VU as I shall respect other players, experienced or beginners it doesnt matter. Btw crissxcross I hope this last post isnt a waste of your time.

21:35:09 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Jones:

How is anyone supposed to read this when the thoughts aren't separated into different paragraphs? Every post made by Souloflife is a mess... and neat presentation can be a better way to persuade any readers to your point of view as opposed to incoherent ramblings.

21:57:11 Jan 30th 08 - Lady Rhiannia:

bah...soul...ignore them...ppl like them will always find something to poke at or complain about. i also cant stand sore losers, they take the enjoyment out of the game, just as cheaters do. and i dont seem to have any problems reading ur i think they need their eyes examined...or maybe need to return to school and learn to read better.

22:34:37 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Americanfire:

Yeah i think the whole point of this post is to make them well known for bein sore losers and get them a bad reputation within the game, so people know that they are spoil sports, its only a game no need to go on about it asif its your life your running... Its like with a game you have winners and losers personaly i would like to be number one on the HOH and have armys attacking anyone but i know thats not likly to happen ever so i will never aim for that, but i will always aim to work with a team and act as a team and as a team aim to rule the worlds we play in. Thats how i see this game...
Those who moan when they lose and cheat to win/lose dont see the point of fair game play, yeah you are cheating and maby winning it makes you no more of a loser than those that are just sore losers..
Those who moan when they lose dont deserve to ever win because they likly to throw a party and only end up needing a bus shelter to host in it.

23:26:47 Jan 30th 08 - Sir Lelouch:

Rhiannia, if you have every fought anyone who never gives up and even when near death will fight "with a fierce war cry and the hopes they may take me down with them" you will find they're not as great as you think they are. Seriously, most of the time they just prove to be extremely annoying if you do not control them correctly. Yeah, I like it better if my enemy would just lie down and die if it is obvious I have won.

23:31:30 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Stalin:

wow what an

chill ppl we are all civilized=)

23:39:52 Jan 30th 08 - Lady Rhiannia:

i have fought against those who refuse to give up and those who see u coming and run...i much prefer those who refuse to give up. where is the challenge in being a bully? only a bully wants to fight without being resisted. and to my way of thinking all bullies are cowards.

edit: i absolutely cannot stand and find it incredibly frustrating and annoying trying to fight an enemy that runs away from me.  and for those who just give up when it seems obvious i have won...u know the old saying it aint over til the fat lady aint over til one of u is dead...and it isnt always the one u think is gonna die. so i will fight til i have nothing left to fight with...and i have utmost respect for those who do the same...and contempt for cowards and bullies.

23:43:13 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Gothrim:

Hmm, is Americanfire perhaps Souloflife's multi? They both cause me the same kind of mental... issue. Don't know how to describe it.

Oddly enough Mr Friendly seems to have a sense of irony. Maybe it helps him stay sane in that environment? :P Nothing posted here suggests he's a sore loser in the least.

23:55:57 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Americanfire:

Yeah sure im souls multi, part from my IP is registerd in USA becuase my host is in america im very much using an english computer here in lincolnshire england. My name is Ben Fordyce is you must know so dun acuse me of bein a multi you dweeb

23:59:58 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Lennon:

last post didn't convince me otherwise...

00:21:35 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Neo Destroyer of Agent Smith:

/shoots thread

DIE! every1 who has posted so far has just sounded stupid and had tame flames at each other.

If your not gonna flame each other properly then let it die. starting now :P


Edit: I said let it die Rhianna =( obey meh!

00:22:49 Jan 31st 08 - Lady Rhiannia:

geez guys...cant u read...there is quite a difference in the way soul speaks and in the way american speaks. i can understand souls post, it is clear and well worded. american sounds a *beep*ilish tho i am sure well intentioned.

00:57:40 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Wow I was only gone for 3 hours for soccer practice and I get accused of being Americanfire. Anyways if you want to settle that out then Stalin will tell u im not Americanfire as he lives in England and I live in Louisiana with all the good seafood.

Anyways Rhiannia and Americanfire thx for seeing my point and backing me up.

 Jones look at that im making paragraphs just for you so you can read this better because you cant read long paragraphs.

Gothrim how r u going to tell me I have issues? You must lose alot in the game so im not worried about you and read the post again and you will see how a sore loser thinks. To say you dont care about things even though you constantly still play the game to stay alive means you are a sore loser in a way. Cause if you dont care about this game and losing Y would you stay online so much to prevent yourself from losing? If i really didnt care and seeing that the era is almost over wouldnt you have quit by now instead of trying to save yourself from dying by running away?

Lennon your still stupid

Neo Destroyer of Agent Smith....No comment.

01:07:59 Jan 31st 08 - Lady Rhiannia:

Edit: I said let it die Rhianna =( obey meh!

sorry my friend...i only obey my MASTER...and you arent HIM.

01:09:06 Jan 31st 08 - Sir Stalin:

Hey everyone give soul some cred...he killed

but he is not a multi! i know this...and trust him very much.

01:33:56 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Yes.....Rhiannia, I am your master....obey me!

02:39:22 Jan 31st 08 - Lady Rhiannia:

oh cow...get over yerself, okay? lol

06:41:31 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Bloodlust:

hmm... if i may ask.. soul what is it that you wanted people to respond to did goad him.. he defended himself your both "sore" losers/winners and everyone in this thread have made good points.. and bad points

unrelated really but Lady Rhiannia who is your master.. since you betrayed DR when it was dieing.. and started your own kingdom?.. just thought this was interesting..

06:57:46 Jan 31st 08 - Lady Rhiannia:

you speak in ignorance bloodlust. my kingdom was dying it is true. knowing i intended to start my own kingdom, my leader told me to go ahead and do as i planned and start it 2 days before end of era. i told him that in keeping with my promise of loyalty to justainius...i would continue to fight on behalf of DR and in future eras unless attacked by them i refused to attack them. i do not call this betraying my kingdom.

07:26:14 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Bloodlust:

ignorance is the wrong term.. i believe it was the lack of common knowledge i apologize for not knowing certain things that you knew

07:39:48 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Dolfyn:

Rhiania has spoken!

07:44:05 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Bloodlust:

and you are? let me guess.. a loyal delusional bug to Lady Rhiannia

08:05:23 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Phoenix Fire:

@bloodlust:   there are no loyal delusional bugs.... XD it wasnt really common knowledge unless you were a member in DR. and we are fighting on DR's behalf still trying to slow down holy's merge that is slowly going through my speed bumps =-)

and on the topic of the thread i am in agreement with you bloodlust they are both sore losers/winners people shouldn't gloat ill sometimes joke around with those killing me like saying "my food =-(" but anymore in my opinion is just going too far.

10:49:54 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Gothrim:

I've changed my mind. Both Americanfire and Souloflife are Lady Rhiannia's multi's. ;P

11:49:32 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Random:

so um whats the general idea behind this thread... too much writing for poor old random. lolz

12:24:15 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

I swear to *beep*ing God Gothrim if you keep *beep*ing accusing me of being a *beep*ing multi I will *beep*ing kick your puny Ass. I dont have to be a *beep*ing multi to *beep*ing kick ass at this game. Just because ppl have agreed with my statements doesnt mean we are multis. If thats the case the everyone who disagreed with me is Cow's multis. You keep this *beep* up Gothrim and I will *beep*ing Shove My Foot Up Your ASS!!!! What *beep*ing world will you be playing in next era? Cause if I find you I swear to God i will wipe you off the map.

12:37:52 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Gothrim:

Ah, seems that the plaid-wearing brethren are sadly lacking when it comes to a sense of humor, lol. Gird up your loins, my friends, the barbarians are at the gates.Well, at least the lesser spotted wind-up ones are. :P

12:54:51 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Accusing me of being a multi isnt a sense of humor.....If you want to start accusing me of being a multi you better start accusing the other 75% popualtion of VU for being multis

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