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Soul Society Embassy
21:33:11 Aug 1st 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Soul Society is a new Kingdom Full of New members (though some are a bit older and have average experience)

They are having a blue banner which is made by paint. and uhm...what's more to tell about them...They are on Nirvana.. and losing against Mystical..

and well, They dont seem to have much tactic and dont have much respect for people with more experience.

anyway, I am not a member of this kingdom, just making an embassy for them, so I can declare war upon them :D

21:33:20 Aug 1st 08 - Mr. Gallyon:


The Kingdom of The Fuzzy Little Man Peach has at this moment declared war upon the Kingdom of Soul Society. We have various reasons to do this. People might have been aware of the tensions between our two Kingdoms the past few days. These Tensions have now exploded and came to the moment in which we war eachother. We are having the following reasons to Attack the kingdom of Soul Society:

- Building inside Our Core (which is not allowed according to NAP)
- Attacking one of our Scouts
- Not giving Aid against Heaven when it was requested
- Insulting our members in public and private
- Making War preparations against us few days ago (and denying it)
- Not controling ur own members
- Giving us incorrect information (ex. U said u could beat Mystical)

I think that are all of them, I might add some later if i think of it. Members of SS should know that we are not warring them because of any personal grudge we might have against you all. Also, Good players like your king and perhaps some vices are allowed to send in an application to our kingdom for next era. I hope this action is understandable.

Yours Sincerely,
- Viceroy G of The Kingdom of The Fuzzy Little Man peach

21:36:20 Aug 1st 08 - Duke Argyle:

I fancy this war :D kill genesis first.

03:07:41 Aug 3rd 08 - Mr. Luis Pocho:

some people (not me ) would add this reason:

-you are not the strongest kigdom anymore... :P I was joking ^^

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