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Special terms of a PHI NAP
11:04:24 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Frodo Lost His Ring:

1.  We agree to let KoH pass through our blockers to Fanta, except we wont.

2. Should KoH manage to get to Fanta by some other route we will have no problem with them building there. except we will.

3. Phi is allowed scouts only in valhalla, except they will attack and take over our nap partners cities in valhalla and then remain in valhalla.

4. we will give KoH a city "here comes phi" of a couple hundred buildings when we retreat from valhalla but then tell everyone we gave KoH all our valhalla cities.

5. should phi breach any of these conditions we reserve the right to run to the forum talking about how dishonourable KoH is and how little respect we have for them etc.


11:07:00 Oct 22nd 09 - Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo:

I have a good idea.  pull a <insert kingdom name here> and declare on them.

13:27:17 Oct 22nd 09 - Wolflord Karac:

Grow up frodo. Read the messages. Its was agreed EDD could go thru, ask why, he cared about his endscore.

The only reason we have cities is because ur shit kd let crazy thru to attack us, AFTER the nap was signed, and then swapped a blocker with crazy giving them direct access to our core, yeah, we came to valhalla and took cities. Who fucked the NAP? On two occasions, your piece of tard kd.

13:48:19 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

1.  We agree to let KoH pass through our blockers to Fanta, except we wont.

The treaty Drakos posted in forum and mass mailed concerned only player Edd, maybe there was a little misunderstanding.

 2. Should KoH manage to get to Fanta by some other route we will have no problem with them building there. except we will.

You have builded one of your towns direct next to tows from my kingdom, why so close, wasn't the one in fantasia enough ? As said, we didn't declared war to you because of that, we even didn't sent any msgs to you nor your kingdom about another overbended NAP term from your side. We even didn't give a sh!t on it, because all our interests were to fight our enemies on fantsia and later Rebirth.

3. Phi is allowed scouts only in valhalla, except they will attack and take over our nap partners cities in valhalla and then remain in valhalla.

This was the result because your kingdom let crazy move through your terrain to attack us in starta.

We never have planned to move into Valhalla but those who wanted a 1 building town for market issues. We never cared for valhalla, because our goals have always been in fantasia. So we were never a thread for any valhalla kingdom till the time they attacked us first.

And then the attack from crazy came after our NAP was signed. Your kingdom even refused to sent us a warning about incoming armies from crazy, though I am pretty sure you knew what they have planned or at least you have seen their big armies moving south.

So do you wonder why we do not trust you and give free passage to your troops ????

Don't trust my about crazy plans? read here:

quote from Pscho:
actually CRAZY had no targets left on valhalla so we thought Phi would be a good target.  Didn't expect No pulse to ignor their agreement over some blocker foolishness.  LIVE AND LEARN.

So this was allready first part you broke the NAP, with handing over blockers and towns to crazy giving them access to my kingdom in starta.

I even asked people in forum if your two kingdoms are in war and why the blockers have been changed. Later the lame explaination came, the hand over was agreed log ago the treaty between our kingdoms...
(.. so at thetime when hearts attacked us first time in Valhalla and Phi was fighting back ???)
Though this was allready a broke of the NAP agreement, Phi decided to solve this "Crazy" issue on his own and sent troops to fight Kitty in starta and Valhalla. During this fight some towns in valhala got captured.

Thats why we had towns in valhalla again. Crazy planned to attack us, but while attacking us in the back, they got hit themselfs by suprised and suddenly asked for peace. Kitty got the blame for the hole issue and everything was fine.... but then again you from hearts showed up causing more trouble and more trouble and more trouble, not understanding that we are not interested in your towns in valhalla, nor fighting you. We wanted to fight Fate for Fantasia, a worthy opponent, not a kingdom half of our side with lots of fresh bigmouthed  players that's why we offered peace to you.

4. we will give KoH a city "here comes phi" of a couple hundred buildings when we retreat from valhalla but then tell everyone we gave KoH all our valhalla cities.

Yep you were right, you did not get much from us back. But Phi gave up also the all the towns in Valhalla built by themself, so till crazy attacked us, we totally retreated from valhalla. Main reason why we got hit by crazy player Kitty so unprepared, suddenly a 500k army stood in fron of our emptied blockers in starta !!!

5. should phi breach any of these conditions we reserve the right to run to the forum talking about how dishonourable KoH is and how little respect we have for them etc.

Every1 is free to have his own oppiniion even you.

But if some1 really wants to know how Phi is really treatening his NAP partners then pls ask known kingdoms with reputation here arround and not that kind of bigmouthed kindergarten kingdoms who are changing their minds weekly.

18:21:36 Oct 22nd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

LOL actually there was no blocker swapping thats bullshit, I walked around his blocker as it didnt block at the time.

then I took cities because you were too dumb to build troops, if Nopulse hadnt backstabbed me I would have taken half of starta before you could do anything, instead I had no Mus and you managed to freeze me.


we signed a nap and you tried to chnage the terms afterwards, you got flat out busted being dishonourable and now its biting you in the ass.

20:01:15 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Mavich:

"I would have taken half of starta before you could do anything, instead I had no Mus and you managed to freeze me."

20:03:25 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

You are soo strong Kitty you are sooo powerfull you are soo magnificant you are you are your the one and only.

Ofc the world only circles arround you and all other members of crazy might not be important for you, but maybe for others.

One more time you have proven to have blinders on you point of view, because when talking about towns swapping no1 said we ment you, we talked about Crazy, the kingdom, not Crazy, Duke Kittty. There are another 33 players in your kingdom as well, though it seems this kingdom has the wrong name.

It should be named Insane Kitty, because all concerns about you only, no1 else is worth beeing mentioned, because no1 else there is playing the game,

So let's come all together and praise Kitty.

Cheers Kitty the powerfull, the big spender, the one and only worthy player of Insane Asyl äh Kitty.

*bows down and praises Kitty*

20:13:38 Oct 22nd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

LOL , you were whining about Crazy, what was funny was how easily I was taking cities, however Nopulse killed the army that was bringing my Mus so I was able to eb frozen by roariing silence. anyway you guys were whining about nap breaking which i found funny given that your broke a nap 2 hours after agreeing to it. then made excuses.

20:18:03 Oct 22nd 09 - Sir Struddle:

I'm kinda curious why you'd even need MU's in your army........ unless I'm mistaken I thought Kitty was playing elf........ Elves dont really need MU's once they have Archmages. The only reason an elf should ever have MU's in their army is to cast spells on the move they arent needed for magic protection....... I havent put a single MU in my Archmage armies all era and I've never been frozen so I really really really am curious how your 500k army got frozen....... do please explain...........

20:19:21 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Frodo Lost His Ring:

lol i think the funniest thing i have EVER heard in 3 years of gaming was i swapped a blocker to allow Ryan through.

Ryan hates my guts, the feeling is mutual and last era you would of seen crazy and KoA(my former alliance) in a slanging match in the forum which resulted in a whole bunch of locked topics. before that i had been in hellbunnies who also have no love of crazy, however my kingdom mates DO have relations with them.

ryan even threatened to destroy my army once this era so that little theory goes out the window.

i gave ONE city to a guy who had been tagged demon of razgiz and was down to his last 2-3 cities and hurting bad... the blocker served no purpose for me at all( and was given to him before any nap with phi was signed anyhow) so i gave it away rather than have any expectation to maintain it.

i do try to keep fairly informed but frankly i had no idea, and still only some, on who phi's allies and enemies are etc.  the first i even knew of any issue tween phi and crazy was when phi commented on that blocker and then shortly afterwards attacked those cities. i have no scouts excet in fanta so i had no idea about any attack from crazy(and assumed phi was the agressor only from what i saw) and the pieces of the puzzle have only just dropped(crazy-duke kitty- attacked a non aligned kingdom in starta)and thus phi's response i witnessed and just now realised why it occurred.

as for my cities in fanta...well i thought we were friends and despite the 12 mill gold or so cost to build a city (which i havent touched since) i would of destroyed it had it been an issue ...ironically i thought i could of acted as a later blocker for that friendly if needed but oh well.

we have had our fill of war we dont need more cities or more battles won, we have had a splendid era. what we needed was access to fanta and PHI admitted they wont let anyone other than Edd through. i am not a leader or diplomat but he did message a lot of people and we did try to get it resolved....we had no enemies in fanta or starta so it could be no nap breach to let us through and it would of helped forge , what we had considered, further positive relations.

20:22:35 Oct 22nd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

Struddle elves dont get very good magic protection on archies, at least not as good as they should, I had 100k acrhies and 30 k mages when Roaring silence froze me from across the map. my mag level is 8. so now i make sure more mus are added.


as for Palp, lol we dont see eye to eye. nuff said.

20:33:42 Oct 22nd 09 - Sir Struddle:

i somehow doubt that....... and they actually get great protection. They get the protection of an MU and then the magic science tied in it's why they are so powerful. So I doubt that your entire army is all Archmages...... Especially since I was on the front lines against FATE most of the era and never had my army frozen from the other side of the map and I only had 85k AM's until Beast killed my army. Btw good kill never got to say that.

20:38:50 Oct 22nd 09 - Duke Drakos:

No mu's in an all archmage army is easily froze by a decent Mage....they do offer some Magic Protection, just like a MU. Thats it.
 Why wouldn't you want the ability to "Cast Magic Protection" on yourself when all alone in  the field on or on another world, as he was?? On the move EIT's, taking a Magic city and being able to move your MU's into it so you now have Magic coverage in your solo assault, Magic Protection, etc....I can think of numerous resons why you should have had some mu's with your arches.

20:46:38 Oct 22nd 09 - Duke Drakos:

As far as the Title of this thread, it was in the messages between Edd and Karac as they hashed out the agreement that ONLY Edd would have passage to Fantasia as he wanted the score "he deserved". As Edd was an ex-wolf and Karac and I trust him, we said HE could move to Fant. The rest of your Kd did not to have the same privilege.
 I can tell you EXACTLY the day and time we did it as I was at Karac's house when it was done, I logged on just to post the NAP and say it was official once Edd and Karac came to an agreement....Karac and Edd did the hashing out of details. I was sitting in the same living room as Karac talked to Edd, I personally saw EVERY message, and logged on to post the NAP when they were done. So do not bother saying Karac lying about the details.
 If anyone says different, there is your liar.

20:51:13 Oct 22nd 09 - Sir Struddle:

But the question for me remains whether or not he actually had all archmages in the army. I laughed my ass off when I saw it frozen and then thought to myself well it's not the first time Ryan has talked about having a massively powerful army which turned out to be a fluke. Drakos I'm not saying I never do it. I just found it hilarious that he: 1. Got frozen 2. Never bothered to scout merge up to another city 3. Never bothered to even make an attempt to cast Magic Protection on himself because he was frozen there for a while 4. Would have that few MU's in his army in the first place. And when he sent more didnt protect them. Ofc the biggest thing for me Drakos is I'm lazy and never really bothered besides I know it's the same for PHI as it is for RVL. We have great Mages that work hard to get the job done so I never had the need to go into battle with an over excessive amount of MU's. (back to the topic at hand) PSHT EVERYONE KNOWS KARAC AND DRAKOS ARE THE BIGGEST LIARS AND MOST UNHONORABLIST PEOPLES IN THE GAME!!!!!!!!! <3 love you guys ^.^

21:14:50 Oct 22nd 09 - Duke Drakos:

LOL Struddle. <3 you too

21:20:20 Oct 22nd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:


1- I tried to cast MP on myself I had a rousing 17%.

2- I had at the time 100k archmages and aroudn 20-29k mus or so. I was waiting for the rest in a city in the south for a day or so before I decided to risk it. btw 100k archmages is apparently not that powerful lol.

3-I didnt bother to scout merge because I was watching how many times they had to cast they were wasting shitloads of mus but they were getting me frozen. 

4-When I sent more it was in an army with 80k archmages marching on a world where we didnt have any enemies anymore (at the time we were in an agreement with Nopulse) Random saw a chnace to break the CF and attack an army smaller than his at the same time.

21:30:59 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Frodo Lost His Ring:

this is from our forum from Edd when the nap was published there:

I negotiated a path from phi that will give us free passage through their world to fant so use it and go there to get a good score.


21:39:55 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Edd:

exactly stupid Phi never said only I could go through at any point thats why i told everyone in my kd to go to FANT and get a good era end score.

21:51:46 Oct 22nd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

They seem to have problems with english.


Our nap specificaly said NO CITIES ARE TO BE RETURNED. yet afterwarsd they claimed that they meant something different. the problem being that we accepted the nap as it was written and so did they.

22:14:13 Oct 22nd 09 - Mr. Edd:

exactly Phi is the dishonorable kd here.

22:32:43 Oct 22nd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

Yup, but oddly enough they will argue their position even when it is obviously wrong. You are evil because you attacked them when all they want to do is farm, I am obviously the bad guy because I kept my word and followed the nap terms as they were written and they took my city anyway LOL.

23:00:11 Oct 22nd 09 - Wolflord Karac:

You both are retarded. Bad kitty, your kd admitted you were being dumb, so I will no longer respond to your childish crap. Go back to the farm and 'enjoy' your animals.

Edd, I said YOU, show me a message where I said Kingdom Hearts. You said YOU wanted the endscore YOU deserve. So, I said fine, YOU can go through.

Not my fault you didn't think to ask for everyone from your kingdom, stop being selfish about your endscore, like 300k ams is even going to give you a top 10 finish. You can be pissed at your own stupidity if you want, and keep trying to blame me and PHI if ya want. Its pathetic.

23:42:32 Oct 22nd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

you will no longer respond because you were wrong, here Ill post it in your words for you.....


So, you jackballs broke the nap by attacking, therefore, Phi= unhonorable.

*Yawn* next please.

23:55:37 Oct 22nd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

btw 300 ams is a lot for someone who wasnt just farming all era while fighting a couple easy battles against an alliance who was fighting off 3-4 other alliances.

00:09:04 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

oh btw, Duke Kitty really had 100k AMs there and some mus, but magic level 8 is really week for an elf, even some of our trolls have that magic level ^^, so no wonder we were able to freeze him several times, we learnt from former eras and kept one operating mage base in starta for cases like a sneak attack from a kingdom from Valhalla or Nirvana.... and we were right, btw the same mage base will keep Suprise frozen till his army get slaughtered, so you can say good bye to your army scores and be happy that era will end before we have gathered some more of our troops from fantasia to invade Valhalla.

Because compared to you guys, we prefere to fight and do not run into fantasia the last few days to get a better ranking. In my oppinion are the hoh places for RVL and Fate players who really fought almost all time in fantasia, with 100%. One of them should win the era, because those two kingdom put in most efforts from all into it and played well also....

Anyway @Frodo you think you did nothing wrong by handing over the block to crazy, because you made the promise before our NAP was sealed. But Crazy took over the block after the NAP was sealed, the same kingdom who planned a scneak attack on my kingdom on starta what they allready begun and only stopped because they got  attacked somewhere else.
If No Pulse would not have attacked them, Crazy would have come with a lot more then only one 500k elven scout army, through the block what was giving away from you after the NAP was sealed between our two kingdoms, or through the passage Kitty used.

 Both were terrain from your kingdom, and normally naped kingdom will not allow other naped kingdom to move through their terrain when they know the other naped kingd will get attacked by the other naped kingdom. Because this will lead only to one thing, all naps are no more usefull, if they can't garuntee a safe boarder. Phi garunteed this safe boarder to Koh, none of KoH eneimies passed the north of Starta and attacked them while we were Naped. But KoH didn't care to safe the boarder for Phi as well.

So tell me EDD and Frodo, did you or did you not let crazy armies move through your terrain to attack my kingdom ???
Even after we were NAPed, you even didn't sent any warnings, nothing. You also did nothing to stop them, you did not asked crazy to take another route.


you just didn't cared about the safe boarder between our kingdoms.

This is called unhonorable in this game, this is a habit from kingdoms you will never trust again.

Insteat you asked that we remove from Valhalla, what we did and lost all LOS and did not knew what was going on there, thinking, with naping kingdom of heart who is controlling the south of Valhalla makes the northern boarder of Starta finally safe.....

How wrong we were, trusting your kingdom.

Crazy was able to plan and fullfill a massive assault against us from your terrain without our knowledge.

Only the fact that No pulse attacked Crazy and forced them to cancel their war attentions toward my kingdom lead to the point that handing over that block was no big deal, and crazy removed from their war efforts toward us before more then one of their armies arrived.

So tell me who here is unhonorable.

Whom you can't trust, when having a peacetreaty.
Whom NAP treaty is worthless when you accept one ?

Yes it mght be true, that the one blocker Kitty mentioned was returned after he accepted the terms. And it might be his right to feel cheated here, thought the kingdom message about the NAP with Crazy arrived leadership 3 turns later
after the town got liberated.

So this is something what can move wrong when not making agreements via chat and asnweres are not mass mailed instantly.
Kitty is right that this little misunderstanding happened here and Kitty was the fooled one here and Phi took profit from it.
But looking ahead what would have happened when Kitty would have kept the blocker in starta ???

Kitty would not have been able to keep the blocker. Because how should he be able to keep the blocker when the kingdoms agreed that he removes his army, so no troops are allowed inside ??

How should he protect the blocker against RVL, the kingdom he attacked also without army and troops ?

The blocker would have been gone into RVL hands.

What would have happened with RVL having this blocker and acces to Valhalla.
Suddenly all kingdoms in Valhalla who have a NAP and peace treaty with Phi and none with RVl would have fealed betrayed that suddenly RVL has access to Valhalla from a point every1 thought it is safed by Phi and they would have been right. We garunteed a safed boarder there.

So the easist way was to return the blocker asap before any1 from RVl will sent troops and the hole NAP with Crazy and KoH would become worthless again when RVL would have moved to a counter attack on Valhalla (would have, conjutive^^)....

Well afterwards it would have been better that way for Phi, because the treaties with those two kingdoms are worthless anyway and we would have been ready for the assault what came now....

Phi tries to play honorfull and sometimes we fail like every kingdom else because of misunderstandings in communication between players. But in our  plans and the following actions we always keep to our words and know what it means to have a NAP and how to make sure it benefits both kingdoms included.

And this is something both kingdoms, Crazy and especially KoH still have to learn and why theyare yelled unhonorable.

00:10:24 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

btw who really is reading this massive mail hehe, I normally do not so long mails, because too tiring ^^

So would be interesting to know who took the effort and read my grammatical desaster here :D

00:34:21 Oct 23rd 09 - Psycho Puff Daddy Choo Choo:

I think the problem kitty has is that by losin the blocker he lost the troops that were training.  anywayhearts didn't open anything for us we moved down south of them and had a path so they didn't betray PHI.  It was a little evil for us to attack but we had no relations so it wasn't a stab in the back.  a stab in the back is when a kingdom has a NAP and attacks.

anyway it sounds like hearts misunderstood the PHI agreement.  I can see that your kindom would be angry at kitty's attack but after agreeing to a NAP and attacking him was lame.  the messages are instantaneous.

01:26:58 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

well, then there must be some misunderstanding in comunications, just look here my logs. This can happen when people are not active all time and not reading all forum msgs and mails isntantly.....

23:32:09 We received a message from Mr. Zerocool of Phi Factor.
21:48:15 Our city, Healu Kaferatch has been liberated! Mr. Millman XII has freed our people.

--> town got liberated before the msg sent from Zero...

and here the msg from Zero, the first mass mail the kingdom got about NAP with Crazy and the first time I heart myself about NAP with Crazy.

Mr. Zerocool (10/15/2009 11:32:09 PM) GOOD BAD

here are my terms
1.) no cities that we took shall be returned. a small price that you guys need to pay for the damages you caused us.( barely enough to cover since its mostly wreckages)
2.) Bad kitty's army shall fall back, out of starta.

and plus the standard terms

+ So this is what we got from Zero who is telling us two things:
The cities taken by Phi from crazy are not to given back, for repayment for the damage Kitty did with his attack.
And that Kitty has to move back to starta.

my kingdom got those two informations  almost 2h later when the town was allready liberated.

So whom to blame ???

If Kitty is right, then Phi players got informed to late about the agreement and this only if  the agreement he accepted is different from the post we got.

Because it was only written that no town from crazy will returned. Not those from Phi. aswell, so you can interpete this sentence in two ways...
They have to be returned,
or they have not to be returned.

So in the end I think it is a misunderstanding,

So again whom to blame ?

Oh and psycho I never said you broke any peace agrement, because you are right, we had none. I said sneak attack, not backstab :D.
The backstab was made somehow from KoH not warning us, what is coming toward us, letting us believe the northern boarders of Starta are safe after the NAP with them.

02:24:01 Oct 23rd 09 - Duke Random:

lol lvl8 magic AMs. cool story bro ;)

 Duke Bad Kitty


16:32:09 Oct 3rd 09 would 75k archmages at lvl 7 magic and lvl 6 mil beat that?

maybe thats why you can freeze his army strud :)

02:37:59 Oct 23rd 09 - Prince Sprout:

  I have alot of respect for alot of members of PHI,, ( LL BOW)  I will say I have seen some unhonorable actions from them this era tho,  but hey its a war game rite ? 


07:12:31 Oct 23rd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

well Criss either it was a massive attack or an elven scout army its one or the other. this is my first era as an elf im learning lol, always played orc before.

my other problem Criss was that I sent the terms of the nap THAT WE WERE GIVEN a full two ticks before he retook healu, he ignored them even though it was obviously from your leader. if your leader was busy messaging me and not his kingdom thats more than a little lame anyway.

Bottom line is that it no longer matters but you pissing and moaning about nap breaches is now amusing.

07:27:03 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Frodo Lost His Ring:

well no crazy attacked through that blocker anyway unless i am mistaken, i certainly didnt see it and i had no idea what relations phi and crazy had.

certainly if i knew crazy and phi were to fight i wouldnt hand it over, it was just to help out a single player( in case you are still too thick i DONT LIKE crazy especially much) was a demon of razgriz player who changed tags as he was about to be wiped out. i offered the deal to him when he was demons but he didnt get back to me until later(or i wasnt online which i havent been much-massive internet issues here have limited my time).

there is a problem in english language of the word "you"...russians solve this Bbi formal and plural(more than one person) and Tbi singular when you say " You can go through the blockers" the term in itself is vague but netherless you should have opened them anyway as we were friends and we had no enemies on fanta anyway. no pulse would do it for us on manta to get to fanta so why couldnt you??


14:28:52 Oct 23rd 09 - Mr. Mavich:

Anyone noticed that only Kitty is posting from Crazy?

Ms. Nurse Plagalicious (10/17/2009 12:56:32 AM) GOOD BAD
I just want a clear and open line of communication between our two kingdoms. I did not ask for compensation.

Any communication between Bad Kitty and your kingdom is not official. Anything pertaining to Bad Kitty needs to go through me and not Bad Kitty. Ask your players not to respond to any messages that Bad Kitty might send. Instead, send those messages to me.

So Phi players, please ignore Kitty since he really has no credibility to begin with but I have to say, sucks not having the support from one's own KD says a lot about the person's character.

20:51:40 Oct 23rd 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

LOL Nurse plagalicious is our diplo, as for compensation that would have been up to me as a vice and the person who was attacked when you broke the nap. if plagalicious was just trying to talk, then good on her.

00:04:04 Oct 24th 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:


did anybody said something important ?

Oh Kitty posted, well I guese in this case I can continue


00:09:11 Oct 24th 09 - Duke Bad Kitty:

LOL yet you still read and responded.

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