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Starta 19
21:26:55 Dec 29th 12 - al (Mr. Spiderman):

this can't be it? lets see some more people!

Kingdoms in Starta
Meme10Sir Quicksilver100
Odins Minions2Lord Woden23
The Federation6Mr. General Lee10

i guess weekend starts are tough...

* StartaOpen50002manxmapT-0.343765%

21:42:56 Dec 29th 12 - Pure (Pure Slowty Mcslow Slow):

Ghosts suffered a drop bug where we had members dropping on fant :\

02:21:17 Dec 30th 12 - Revolution (Mr. Uther Pendragon):

The Federation continued?

This makes me happy.

06:02:56 Dec 30th 12 - Dakarta (Duke Dakata):

Yeah.. Ghosts will return next era.

12:53:25 Jan 6th 13 - Mr. Captain Hindsight:

1) No Two Steps this era?  

2) The Travelers and Minions need to find better occupations than bothering a group of superheroes.

Kingdoms in Starta
Meme10Sir Quicksilver100
travelkind10Sir Travelkind87
Odins Minions7Lord Woden80
Two Steps From Hell8Mr. Anonymous of Starta13

16:13:31 Jan 18th 13 - Princess Wonder Woman:

Well, having more than half of the kingdom inactive, isnt good when you're fighting two kingdoms :)
I would like to congratulate Odins and Travelkind for winning this war

Have fun guys in the next of the era
I will be moving to another world
So if Meme stays, it will be a small kingdom :)

Good luck all for the rest of the era

19:18:23 Jan 20th 13 - Princess Wonder Woman:

Hm... I do not understand why Arma was casted this early? :)
I mean Meme will die, is about to fall,
But still there are two large kingdoms in here...
Unless you guys NAPed ? :\

Unless Odins wanted to show they can arma the world if they want
To control when it ends? :)

Kingdoms in Starta
travelkind10Sir Travelkind374
Odins Minions10Lord Woden308
Meme10Sir Quicksilver100
Descendants2Mr. Mac Rye48
Dark Age of Camelot3Mr. Iceworks The Loner4

Still we vote for Yes :)
Thank you all, have a good rest of era and next eras too :)

23:47:18 Jan 20th 13 - DVSklown (Mr. The Gunslinger Roland Deschain):

Little early for arma dont you think? lots of fighting left to do.

06:39:37 Jan 23rd 13 - Revolution (Sir Uther Pendragon):

most certainly :D

13:37:04 Jan 31st 13 - Konspyre (Mr. Polarbear):

Recast Arma please. :)

10:08:22 Feb 1st 13 - Revolution (Sir Uther Pendragon):

That's what I was thinking

23:08:51 Feb 8th 13 - HorusPanic (Sir Polymer):

what jerk  wants to keep going?

Currently 10 people want the age to end, 5 do not, and 3 people have not voted

05:57:54 Feb 11th 13 - Revolution (Sir Uther Pendragon):

uhhh people should join and vote yes... this era needs to end

00:01:18 Feb 19th 13 - DVSklown (Mr. The Gunslinger Roland Deschain):

woo hoo go me!

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