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Starta 21
16:18:59 Mar 31st 13 - HorusPanic (Sir Polymer):

We got Shattered map!!! haven't played this is years - literally!

01:13:11 Apr 1st 13 - Mr. Borid:

I am in need of a KD

17:10:18 Apr 2nd 13 - HorusPanic (Sir Cursive):

most boring era ever?

Kingdoms in Starta
The Synarchy8Mr. Polarbear100
Dendarii Mercenary Corps7Mr. Jangsta61
The Federation6Mr. General Lee1

17:12:12 Apr 2nd 13 - Zond (General of Hate):

maybe most boring on starta.. try arma. one kd. we just farming.

put it this way, im an elf there. no magic. just mining and military. ive got 500k riders atm lol

02:20:09 Apr 5th 13 - Jondy (Beast Lord Jangsta):

How dare you kobu! That poor scout had a wife and 2 kids. 

I'd like to officially declare war with Synarchy. 


03:37:57 Apr 5th 13 - Dropkick (Sir Dropkick):

looking for a kd to join :)

16:02:36 May 2nd 13 - Konspyre (Mr. Polarbear):

Our forum is kind of dead, but we're still winning. :)
We need more kingdoms here next era though.

16:09:15 May 2nd 13 - HorusPanic (Sir Cursive):

maybe we just split up into smaller KDs next era?

16:20:45 May 2nd 13 - Konspyre (Mr. Polarbear):

Nah, there's no point if we don't win :D

18:32:01 May 2nd 13 - Mr. Borid:

I know a few people who are actually leaving Starta at era end. I may leave as well, but not out of spite or anger. Synarchy, you have done well. Good job. 

00:59:50 May 6th 13 - Jondy (Beast Lord Jangsta):

why do i feel like i was specifically targeted?  :(

08:37:30 May 7th 13 - Konspyre (Captain Polarbear):

Thanks for summoning a dragon in your own core, only to make our halfer's army even stronger Stupid Warriors. :)

13:50:13 May 7th 13 - Fire Lord Party The Usa:

Dont even know whats going on! Forums have died out allot these days  Woah.

23:15:22 May 7th 13 - Mr. Boredd:

dragons are stupid they dont wander far enough but still i had fun with them. but wondering what that player got for killing the big one .

06:41:54 May 8th 13 - Konspyre (Captain Polarbear):

He lost a lot of troops, but his army did get stronger due to the exp. He's also finding lots of sciences and gold. But I guess that was pretty predictable. :)

So who's going to kill the other one? :D

19:12:57 May 10th 13 - Mr. Borid:

Congratz for the era win, Synarchy

23:12:58 May 12th 13 - Mr. Borid:

Arma would be nice :)

23:59:05 May 12th 13 - Jondy (Beast Lord Jangsta):

yes, this is getting boring now. hehe

01:34:59 May 13th 13 - Mr. Iceworks Armageddon:

arma will only be casted once dendarii is out of the map... :P

02:41:01 May 13th 13 - Jondy (Sir Jondrus Kilowatt):

I can keep doing what i'm doing for a  good bit longer.

06:54:47 May 13th 13 - Konspyre (Captain Polarbear):

If you can keep doing it, it's reason for us not to arma yet. :)

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