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Starta 26
08:35:45 Nov 24th 13 - Teirdel (Mr. Chalkz The Chef):

Pretty late into the era and didn't see Starta 26 on first page so just made one. Looks like Stormcloakz are far in the lead but still quite a few kingdoms.



Kingdoms in Starta
Stormcloakz8Mr. Timur The Lame3638
Companion Knights4Lord Paschal1236
Mercury2Mr. Arthur Dent II324
Rwby6Prince Illidan164
Breakfast Aboard Serenity1Mr. Redjax124
Kingdom Hearts7Sir Sorra100
Starcraft II5Mr. Ponsa66
Fula Mbororo1Duke Kathandarion of The Imperium15

15:34:04 Nov 24th 13 - Timur (Mr. Timur The Lame):

We came to Starta from Nirvana after reading last eras threads about multiple kingdoms and some fairly even warring.  Nirvana had dropped down to only 1 other viable kingdom.   .

We arrive here, and the biggest kingdom had left.  With a full kingdom, we seem to overmatch everyone who was left.   But we also got to farm in a corner while two smaller kingdoms warred each other when they should have teamed up to try to fight us.   Stormcloaks are not sure if we should stay here on Starta.     Maybe we should try Mantrax?  By the way, I can cast Armageddon anytime people want me to.

A couple of us stayed in Nirvana to screw around and run test positions....and lo and behold...lots of enemies appeared on Nirvana..making the world competitive enough that I've had to refill the  Stormcloaks back to help protect my test position <g>....We were winning, but we just lost a major city to our main competitor, and some very powerful neutrals could swing the map either way.  One of the neutrals we are warring already has a #1 hoh rank zerk army <when he fields it at full strength>.




17:52:52 Nov 24th 13 - Mr. Token of Lgc:

Mantrax has three active KDs. 

Forgotten Warriors
Grim Reapers

00:49:16 Nov 25th 13 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent II):

Next era there will be an addition to Mantrax.

ALSO, sadly I was on a trip the past few days :( Or else I could've given Eminence Front more of a fight :/  Probably would have lost though, cause damn! That army was huge.  How was it that Eminence had two armies that were twice as strong as any other army on the map?!

04:35:58 Nov 25th 13 - Sir Sorra:

End this era already Timur! Cast Arma. Why prolong it when the end result is obvious. 

16:25:35 Nov 25th 13 - Mr. Cult of Skaro:

It's called stg on crack?

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