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Starta 29
15:20:38 Mar 31st 14 - Konspyre (Captain America):

Fire Lord Entwood allied Valkyros despite claiming it should be FFA again in the recruitment thread. :O

Ducks Will Dominate1Captain America100
Nikol Bolas FFA1Prince Nikol Bolas51
Kingdom Hearts9Mr. Chalkz37
Fire Lord Entwood1Fire Lord Entwood37
Binh FFA1Mr. Binh The Orc Nub12
Warlock FFA1Mr. Warlock8
BDSM3Mr. Bob Dylan2
Kingdom of Stupid Warriors8Sir Muscle1

15:23:47 Mar 31st 14 - The Real Josh (Prince Nikol Bolas):

He tried to ally me aswel lol to attack you Jas!

08:40:06 Apr 1st 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Entwood):

Did you guys not play last era ? wtf...
I thought it was the same no alliances but huge ones formed last era so i thought it was the same.. And yes i was looking for a 3 man alliance. Believe it or not i dont think everyone will be attacking everyone. Im quiet offended, should've just messaged me if you had a problem.

08:41:06 Apr 1st 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Entwood):

with alliances its basically staying neutral.

08:51:58 Apr 1st 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Entwood):

Last era wouldv been interesting to play till the last man standing, everyone wouldv had to turn on their neighbors.

10:03:53 Apr 3rd 14 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Kathandrion of The Imperium):

Hopefully itll be a good era 

23:00:10 Apr 13th 14 - Konspyre (Captain America):

The FFA is off. KH attacked me. It's-a war!

16:00:17 Apr 14th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Entwood):

Haha, They did the same last era and almost go wiped out.
Idc to much though, there playing relaxed they might aswell count as one ;)

16:11:27 Apr 14th 14 - Konspyre (Captain America):

First of all, they're about to be wiped out again.
Second, I can see atleast three players playing, so they outnumber me 3:1.
Third, it's easy for you to talk because Nikol Bolas and I already killed you.

17:37:24 Apr 14th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Entwood):

Heyy you cock measuring son of a btch!! ,I was an elf, It was hard to build up considering i was going full mage, And Yeah i hate being dead and all; you guys did a very good job on killing me. Plus you and Nikol were hypocrites and made a real alliance unlike myn and Valk, ( we said kill you then part are ways ) plus Valk was suffering from being very inactive that he warned me about and only realized he died after a certain time. GG non the less.

09:27:37 May 17th 14 - Mr. Sexiboi:

Who spawned that annoying dragon?

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