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16:33:52 May 17th 14 - The Real Josh (Prince Nikol Bolas):

Come on peoples lets FREE FOR ALL!!!

That means you to Kingdom Hearts -.-

10:37:46 May 18th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Entwood):


Idk whats the go, We might have to re-plan it for next era by putting it in the forums as FFA ONLY ;plus a List of who will be playing.

10:39:05 May 18th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Entwood):

Hey What Map is it btw?

17:18:56 May 18th 14 - Mr. Uncle Daddy:

i say we the players designate Starta as the free for all world, since Zeta hasnt picked up on the players want for one. Ill be playing solo, even if others dont. KH is playing on Nirvana, i hope they wouldnt have a problem leaving Starta alone.

11:24:38 May 25th 14 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

KH has multiple kingdoms on multiple worlds.  Including 2 separate KH kingdoms on Starta alone.

It doesn't quite seem like there is any kind of FFA going on, but if there is one let me know... I have a huge expanse of land where no one but myself resides, save for a few scouts.

12:03:27 May 25th 14 - Konspyre (Captain Obvious):

I'm FFA'ing. Although KH doesn't quite seem to agree.

15:41:34 May 25th 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Vivi):


16:29:25 May 25th 14 - Konspyre (Captain Obvious):

All against KH makes it sound more impressive than it actually is, when it's actually 2 kingdoms of respectively 4 and 5 members against a few FFA'ers.

16:56:20 May 25th 14 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

Huh, well what about the other players that are here too, such as the kingdom 'Daylight' lol.

17:04:07 May 25th 14 - Teirdel (Mr. Kettlepotz):

Indeed daylight is here as a 5 man kingdom as well. Also if you have view of KH so far its been a lot of 1v1 battles. Im sure there are exceptions but atm even I am having a 1v1 battle with no interference from either side.

Also Note KHS has really only one active person in it at this point in time.

17:06:08 May 25th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Mr. Rocky Gaurdian Holding Stone):

Yeah sorry,

We landed together and 3 of us didn't want to turn on one and other( It was awkward)
But 1 did and is now trouble for us. (virus) But at the same time it was acceptable and i had no problems with it.

Lets try make Next era FULL FFA, I know us 3 will split. and KH we want you guys on-board or go to a different world. Lets Give It some more Talk in the forums so everyone is more aware, Make a forum topic about it, If no one else does i will do so towards the end of the era and make a list again of who is playing, Ill send messages out to people as-well so we can get more players involved.

17:13:58 May 25th 14 - Konspyre (Captain Obvious):

I'm going to have to agree with Firelord about the full ffa. KH has done nothing but foil all attempts to make an actual FFA, presumably because they can't win if they're playing solo.

19:46:19 May 28th 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Ark):

how goes the battles?

20:16:26 May 28th 14 - Mr. Merge The Midge:

Am removing some NV cities... lets just gang up all the unflagged and single crew kingdoms to remove the bigger kingdoms from the map - DIY solution. 

01:12:15 May 29th 14 - Xerxes The Great (Sir Xerxes The Natural):

This era I turned inactive but I will participate in a FFA next era no matter what!

18:46:45 May 30th 14 - General Fen Tiger:

+1 for a FULL FFA next era!

(Can someone help me make a 1 man KD so I can see the high scores?)

19:42:12 May 30th 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Ark):

I'm still fighting KH, could always use some help :)

21:59:52 May 30th 14 - Teirdel (Mr. Teirdel):

Fen I have a spare char I'll put in your user so you can create one.

00:30:06 May 31st 14 - General Fen Tiger:

Done it already... I didn't realise you can use 2 of your own characters to create a KD!

21:37:14 May 31st 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

Il give ms. Pretty Reckless Credit for this. i did not see it coming and did not prepare for it.

05:11:00 - Earthquakes shake our Strongrock colony, 21188 buildings were destroyed!

05:10:10 - Earthquakes shake our Strongrock colony, 35314 buildings were destroyed!


22:04:23 May 31st 14 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

Ouch!  Nice cast though lol.

22:22:26 May 31st 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Ark):

who all is fighting KH?

22:26:03 May 31st 14 - Teirdel (Mr. Teirdel):

Ark percy as well as a few unragged south. 

01:16:45 Jun 1st 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Ark):

yeah the free for all is going pretty good for me im fighting 5 guys its pretty even lol

01:47:36 Jun 2nd 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Ark):


Casting Eye in the sky from Druid upon Heimdall Says Die with 80% chance of success... andSuccessful!
Through the eye we can see this information about The Heimdall Says Die from Mr. Heimdall The Friendly Orc:
Heimdall Says Die from Mr. Heimdall The Friendly Orc

We lost 129 Magicians and 22 of your magic towers got destroyed in explosions.

Cast again

10:00:59 Jun 2nd 14 - Mr. Heimdall The Friendly:

nice army

20:07:48 Jun 8th 14 - Mr. Merge The Midge:

Kingdom hearts and kingdom harts strata are allied, anyone know what daylight are doing?

Kingdom Hearts7Mr. Zhang Chao1356
Daylight4Fire Lord Guardian Adriel987
Kingdom Hearts Starta6Sir Sorra468
Polydeuces1Konig Polydeuces337
Takitimu1Lord Tumatauenga324
Fen Tiger FFA1General Fen Tiger240
The Pretty Reckless1Mr. Pretty Reckless209
Tip of the Spear1Mr. Joebob121
Rambo Slayers1Mr. Merge The Midge100

21:31:28 Jun 8th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

Everyone send Applications to us !!! join us, let KH taste there own medicine by being ganged on. But seriously we should all Unite Together in one kingdom and make them tremble, Just an Open minded idea.

And midge we are fighting but we have already lost allot of battles From borth Kh and others, Id say my Open minded idea might be are best chance. and it would be pretty fun and hilarious. After we kill them we can all disband and Have a Propper FFA next era.
I know some peoples pride might not want to make them do such thing, but just think about it. Power in numbers , just like they have been doing and ruining us trying to start a FFA trend. 

If we stand alone, They will feed of us one by one, Making it near impossible for the next to gain the upper hand.

21:39:12 Jun 8th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

02:10:49 Jun 9th 14 - Mr. Pretty Reckless:

We do not attack solo players unless they attack us. - Fire Lord Guardian Adriel

I made a Nap with Daylight with this understanding. Now i see Daylights elf attacking a solo late starter. I here by break my nap with Daylight. Call me what you wish. i messaged the elf before he attacked and he still went through with it.

Players have been trying for a few eras now to make starta a solo only world yet kingdoms still play here. to what point? i dont know. im guessing they all got picked on growing up and now is their chance to do the same.

Hmmm looks like your big armies have moved away from my side of your core. Its suppertime and im serving up turkeys.

05:15:39 Jun 9th 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Vivi):

you guys attacked me first!!

08:47:52 Jun 9th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

WTF , We napped you you cant just brake a nap. You disqust me, Everyone who has friendly relations with reckless please kill him, he just broke a nap rule.

He is back stabbing us, are relations is non of your business and you should never agree to a nap on those conditions then, WTF, We couldve killed you yet we left you.
now you do this. You should be banned.

we dont attack solo players unless they attack us, you think that counts for everyone? Fcking it has its exception doesn't it. Defs if someone lands late. and is going to feed KH mostlikely, Pretty sure we have all lost the era to KH now for you making this absolutely disgusting move. Your not the leader of are kingdom you dont control what me do , plus we never had a agreement that we dont attack solo players unless they attack us, Thats just words. You better back of are cities right now... Your the first person i have ever met that has broke a nap, In 50 era's +  

Your the reason people dont play this game anymore.

08:54:13 Jun 9th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

I was part of starting THE FFA < THis is the first era as a kingdom purely to kill KH to make the play FFA PROPERLY !! YOU IDIOT. you are a idiot do what you please your a dishonorable player, We have NAPPED EVERYONE ON THIS WOLRD WITH HARD DECISIONS JUST TO KILL KH.

So we havent napped this one guy that landed late, and you lose your shit to brake a nap, who the fck do you think you are. id beat your face in in real life, Dont Lecture us about playing while you just did the worst thing i have seen in the 8-10 years of playing this game.

08:56:42 Jun 9th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

EVeryone who has a nap with this guys be free to ignore it because it obviously doesnt mean shit, since he is blindsiding us after we left him alone and could've killed him.

KILL RECKLESS forget about KH whats you have done is much worse then ganging up on people i dont care if i  die to KH anymore i just wanna make sure you fcking die now.

09:11:17 Jun 9th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

You are sucker punching us lol , Pretty sure your the coward.

12:26:49 Jun 9th 14 - Mr. Pretty Reckless:

this is the first message i got from you
Fire Lord Guardian Adriel (5/26/2014 11:23:34 AM) GOOD BAD
Hi Bud,
We do not attack solo players unless they attack us.
So far im seeing this as an Hostile action.
Its your choice, I would advise you to be carefull with us, plus Ster Sending a army down towards you from the north.

Fire Lord.

i Napped you because me driving back your players over and over was slowin me down. you were not close to killing me. why do you think you were? because i had repeatedly bounces all armies sent at me? or because i had magic control over the elf trying to attack me? you were never close. but if thinking that makes you fell better then sure you could have almost killed me. if i just did nothing. you stated in your reasons to accept your nap offer, we should stop fighting so we can concentrate on KH. or something along those line. so your bargain with me for a nap was under false pretenses. less then 48 hours later i see your elf attacking a solo late starter. other players walked right past him. so i message you and the elf neither one of you cared what i had to say.

as i said call me what you wish. ive played this game for years, never broke a nap before now. i always have played honorably.

"plus we never had a agreement that we dont attack solo players unless they attack us, Thats just words." i guess when i said i accept your nap offer it, Thats just words.

"id beat your face in in real life" we got an internet cowboy

"I was part of starting THE FFA < THis is the first era as a kingdom purely to kill KH to make the play FFA PROPERLY !! YOU IDIOT. you are a idiot do what you please your a dishonorable player, We have NAPPED EVERYONE ON THIS WOLRD WITH HARD DECISIONS JUST TO KILL KH."
so you start a kingdom to fight the kingdom that attacks solo players, then you attack solo players. you are a genius.

14:14:09 Jun 9th 14 - Mr. Gras:

Love you reckless :)

74% and growing on one of your 2 main cities is secondary....
As far as I know our leader signed a nap with you only (even I was completly against it), so you can feel lucky with that.I respected it, but I see that was not a good decision...:(
NO HONOR AGAINST RATS...but well Im learning everyday a little more in this game, and today I learned a valuable lesson!
Thanks , love you!

14:18:06 Jun 9th 14 - Mr. Gras:

I recognize Im quite new on this, but I would not say magic control on me when you need 5 attemps to cast an Eits on one of my armies still without magic protection...hahaha

 (assuming you finally managed to do it)

17:17:46 Jun 9th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):



17:45:11 Jun 9th 14 - Konspyre (Captain Obvious):

There's no justifying your (lack of) lingual skills either.
Just saying.

18:18:27 Jun 9th 14 - Mr. Cult of Skaro:

I am that solo player. I dropped 21 days late to mess around with playing an Orc since in over a year have never tried the race. I planned on farming up a self aotd nazgul army with kh's name on it and had been climbing ranks quickly. I am a decent player and have been a poodle and stormcloak for awhile. I was told by the daylight leader when I asked him about the attack was that the elf needed my income more then I did and he was not going to say anything to his player. I'm wishing I had not trusted the solo player deal. Gras should probably focus his force toward me since my soon to be 200k + Gaia are annoyed at his actions:)

Also, not sure where you are from but here if you make a threat of violence even over the internet you can be charged with assault. Also, that is not a good idea since you don't know the mental health the person is in or there skill set. It's about the same as flipping someone off in traffic. You don't know if they will snap and react badly. I think it's amusing how people think they can act/say whatever online when it is so easy to find someone in today's world. Just saying.  

19:32:59 Jun 9th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

I'm merely saying if that person was in front me at that time i would probably swing at him. Take it however you like, Id say the exact same thing if it wasn't over the internet, so its also funny how people automatically assume the people are hiding behind the internet because sometimes there really not, but anyhows i never agreed to any policy going around , i know the one you speak of skaro, Taku Messages me about some Solo players and whatnot having a CF to kill KH and whatnot. I told you i would communicate with my members to vote on the decision and so we did , so don't say i didn't contact them because you would be telling pure lies already. Plus someone else telling you we don't attack solo players should mean shit if it didn't come from us. like i said it doesn't count for everyone.
And others would have no saying in that anyways , they are not part of are kingdom if we are napped i'm still free to attack whoever the F i want So long it isnt the person or kingdom i have the naps with. Like honestly.

And its part of the game people feed of one and other all the time, Dont get upset about something like that, the reason you would be upset ia because you know reckless and he probably got your hopes up and spoke for my kingdom wich he is not part of, Therefore making you angry and confused when we did attack you, when you land late and dont contact the people around you thats what you should be expecting or getting ready for , i always have, You contact them atleast, You contacted me when you where being prepped on, wich is just not okay for many reasons.

Plus reckless we couldve killed you so easily lol....

Plus my language is just fine for someone who's Dutch, i just cant be bothered even wasting time to try spell correctly on someone who broke a NAP.


19:37:16 Jun 9th 14 - General Fen Tiger:



If you think that you and I have a NAP then can you please post the message exchange that shows me agreeing to it?

As far as I can see, the closest you and I got to a NAP was this extremely generous offer you made right after taking one of my armories:

Fire Lord Guardian Adriel (5/31/2014 6:12:46 PM) GOOD BAD
I'll Agree to a NAP if you let me take Haddenham.
I don't expect you to accept, but I have to gain something from you. I wouldn't gain anything from a NAP.

To which I responded by throwing all my troops at you. I'd still be fighting you now if the FFA players hadn't made a wider agreement to target KH.

19:37:51 Jun 9th 14 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

We've also not got a NAP, just decided not to attack you since the collective of solo players would prefer to also attack KH, whom were quite far from me and I didn't wish to travel so far at the time :)

On another note, anyone willing to sell tree who isn't from KH I'd be happy to buy it.  Looking for around 35mil :)

23:08:33 Jun 9th 14 - Mr. Pretty Reckless:

You wanna know what ive been thinking the era on starta? i joined with the hopes that it was FFA. Turns out 2 kingdoms just dont care. So i find daylight not too far from me. i decide to focus on them.they message me but i ignore them, i build a blocker city and send out an attack which was thwarted. they return the attack by sending Shiva the orc at me. 3 or 4 times. each time i bounce her back. and then Gras the elf heads over to my income cities.Shiva attacks when i send an army out to kill reinforcements, i have equal offense to her defense and more training. when Gras preps for 3 ticks max, i was sleeping and freeze wore off. i have 27K swords with 44% on his army, which i had been keeping frozen for 24-36 hours. in the city next to that city i had 36K more swords enough to kill his army if i combined with the 27K, with the 36K swords i had a lot of mu and could have locusted Gras' army. but i read this message

NAP so we can focus on KH ? , Im fighting them by myself atm, id like my 2 Members helping me a little even though they have no patience or coordination with one and other. we could use your help too. KH kills us they will have no mercy on you. They dont have mercy on any FFA player. Thats why i want them dead so much!
You (6/6/2014 6:08:54 AM)
ok Nap sounds good. the 3 of us are just wasting time and resources battling
Fire Lord Guardian Adriel (6/6/2014 6:28:48 AM) GOOD BAD
Nap it is.
Yep, I could not agree anymore.
Lets focus on KH!

Fire Lord

So you mentioned focusing on KH 2 times. Hmmm i wonder why i thought the focus was going to be on KH

having fallen behind in income fighting Daylight i figured, why not? would have taken a while to break into Daylights core. figured i could use a little farm time. so instead of loucting then freezing then wiping his army out i accept and farm a little, then i noticed Gras is heading to Skaro's cities, so i sent him a message of a copy and paste from many of Firelords messages.

"We do not attack solo players unless they attack us."

i also sent a message to firelord, showing my concern about this. he replied something along the lines of he isnt gonna stop it KH will kill him if we dont. so i redirected all my armies to my city closest to Daylight. In fact Firelord sent me a message asking me to send them north. So both knowing i had issue with the attacks, Gras went through with it anyways.

I dont need anyone else to agree with my actions, im just telling it how it is. I dont break naps for no good reason, i broke this nap because it was formed under false pretenses. I feel justified in my actions. Thats all that matters to me.

09:15:26 Jun 10th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

I told so many people propper FFA next era, we were formed mainly to kill KH, this is not are blame , even if us 3 went FFA KH wouldv killed us so much easier.
Anyways im not spending anymore time on you, you disqust me in so many ways, you are not the leader of this world or are kingdom, a nap is a nap. You just couldnt control yourself, you had no reason to brake the nap besides you buddy you have bumsex with beeing attacked by us wich was totally not against are nap,  Woah we attack one player big deal lets brake a nap , totally makes sense , just stfu.

09:21:21 Jun 10th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

General... I know , but its non of recklessness business,
Yeah i know i don't have nap's with all of you but we have no intentions in attacking you either, and what does that even matter ??, i honestly am not trying to explain this to you guys in exact details because its not worth my time since im not the one who broke the nap.
And the fact there is still lying going on in recklesses message shows myself how wrong he really is, so idc anymore im done here. Not listening to his crap anymore.

09:24:48 Jun 10th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Guardian Adriel):

Grass was right all along shouldve never napped you. I gave you plenty of communication before you broke the nap yet you insisted in controlling my kingdom and what we can and cant do. I think you beeing a vice on a other world has gotten to you head, i bet your like a hitler there.

You (6/9/2014 3:14:13 AM) Gras has his issues atm, He didnt like the whole napping You thing and a few others, I made those decision on my own and they wanted me to at-least give them power in the decisions made.

We are Discussing the issue now, but its a voting process on this one, I said leave him but it will be up to the rest as well.

I think they're are afraid KH will use the land anyways, they have a point. But im still against it.

And that saying has it expectations (We do not attack solo players unless they attack us) Like they need to contact me about it. Else its weiry if they have intentions we cant risk to take.

Fire Lord.

09:46:35 Jun 10th 14 - Fire Lord Crazy (Mr. Rocky Gaurdian Holding Stone):

'If this was a legit court case you would lose.

You didn't clarify the nap to be under the circumstances of " We don't attack solo players"

A. If it was i  would've never agreed to it since we had you by the balls.

B. If you really wanted to brake the nap with respect or Your justifications you are now trying to make, why didn't you give us a 48ticks heads up or just communicate instead of being rude in your messages you have always talked to me with such disrespect like your some type of god that your up yourself and whatnot You deserved to die just by the way you spoke to me. 48 ticks That comes with a standard nap unless its Justified its a Era long nap. Sure both parties tend to have to agree to it. but you said nothing you didnt respond to my messages nothing, you chose the coward thing to do, because you knew if we didnt pull are amies away you wouldve been dead. Telling us your intentions of braking the nap wouldv got you killled. so your the one being all dodge and dishonorable all to save your own neck in the end. I told you it was not my doing, i even told you i cant control 100% what grass does, My kingdom is not a dictatorship, we are an alliance.

11:26:21 Jun 10th 14 - Mr. Pol Pot:

Seriously dude, its the word "our", you are looking for, not "are". "Our" kingdom not "are" kingdom. you step on a brake, you break a Nap. I just realized you must not be able to read what im writing, i feel bad for the illiterate, hey my 9 yr old daughter can help teach you to read fire lord. then you might understand what is happenin.

"NAP so we can focus on KH ?" this is in your message. its the first question. Not Nap so i can farm up, not Nap so i can jerk off a while.  NO YOU SAID NAP SO WE CAN FOCUS ON KH.

what lying? i am copy and pasting from your messages. all those attacks and actions happened as i stated.

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