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Starta Age 15
04:35:01 Jul 7th 12 - Sun Warrior King (Mr. Liu Bei of Shu):

Well, well, well. Looks like this will be a fun era no doubt. Im back boys and girls to Starta :D

05:25:08 Jul 7th 12 - Crowley (Mr. Dokken Odins Unchained Knight):

great to have you back...any chance you brought 30-60 friends or enemies with ya  ;-p

07:44:43 Jul 7th 12 - Sun Warrior King (Mr. Liu Bei of Shu):

Ha none for you though Crowley! :P Pendragon maybe

05:18:04 Jul 10th 12 - kevdwayne (Mr. Vitate The Vile):

Let the Wars (real and flame) begin!  It has been decided that the World of Starta shall be a stage for my return to this lowly game!  

10:51:03 Jul 10th 12 - Mr. Timmion:

FYI;  Uther is inactive, so far atleast.

14:03:34 Jul 10th 12 - Sun Warrior King (Mr. Mavericks):

That is crap dude so Im guessing you are leading the kingdom then.

22:30:52 Jul 10th 12 - Crowley (Mr. Dokken Odins Unchained Knight):

welcome to starta, land of the inactive and dead.  ^_^

22:42:19 Jul 10th 12 - Mr. Edd The Great:

and zombies

05:41:34 Jul 11th 12 - Mr. Livingston:

Yes, Liu Bei. Timmion has been leading the KD up to this point

06:27:40 Jul 11th 12 - kevdwayne (Mr. Vitate The Vile):

Wow, this place is jumping with activity.  Remember the days when you couldn't keep up with the posts?  Sad, very sad.

14:50:53 Jul 11th 12 - Mr. Timmion:

The computer assigned me to be "vice-leader', which is somewhat ironic as all the other players in the Kingdom seem to have much much more experience than I.  Erfer is now also leading, so diplomatic messages can go to either of us. 

03:36:54 Jul 19th 12 - Sir Cadmus VIII:

Why, hello Starta!

22:58:29 Jul 20th 12 - Endless (Ms. Adventure):

your leader made you vice, the computer doesn't do anything :D

06:45:26 Jul 21st 12 - Mr. Livingston:

Our previous leader hadn't logged in in what would be now 60+ days now and nobody else at the time was a vice

10:48:24 Jul 28th 12 - Fire Lord Crazy IV:

BAck in the Game ,They See ME RoLLing they Hating

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