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Starta Age 16
09:19:15 Aug 31st 12 - Mr. Timion:

It is with sincere regret that I admit that a great many orcs, ogres, halflings, and nazgul have decided to flee the poverty, cultural aestheticism and (supposed) political oppression of the Ghost Kingdom. Our policy of mandatory reality TV and compulsory public school apparently has offended them.

They are currently peacefully migrating southwards towards the Two-Steps kingdom, where they hope to find better economic opportunities and a superior intellectual life. I hear they are deeply inspired by Mr. Anonymous's brilliant military successes against Kingdom of Hearts and are eagerly seeking to learn from his example.  In addition, they have heard that Two-Steps offers cable TV.

We hope these peaceful migrants are accepted with open arms (and gates).


10:39:09 Aug 31st 12 - Konspyre (Mr. Konspier):

So after nearly two weeks, you're finally going to fight your first battle?

10:42:57 Aug 31st 12 - Endless (Ms. Getone):

I hope their farmers do not mate with ponies :|  
that is just sick stuff

01:47:04 Sep 11th 12 - Mr. Timion:

Farming for a while and then sweeping in the back door of two warring kingdoms worked pretty well last era.

It doesn't seem to be working so well this era though, because Odins also farmed, and hit our rear while we were hitting Two-Steps.  I see both karmic and comic overtones to the situation.

...and I'm still wondering how to get Centaur units.


02:13:54 Sep 11th 12 - Crowley (Mr. Dokken Odins Unchained Knight):

late start...farming...either way you look at it...besides were so small you could just ignore us. :-)

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