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Starta Age 4
07:08:24 Nov 16th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

Lets have another competitive era like last one. Great playerbase last round. Any kingdom looking to start anew pick Starta! Less dragons this round please Hoopla =P

16:48:02 Nov 16th 10 - Mr. Hoopla:

Don't worry, I didnt pick Elf, and I don't plan on suiciding again with dragons >.<

17:34:16 Nov 17th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

Time is running out only a few hours left until Starta officially kicks off.  Join up!

Kingdoms in Starta
Release the Genius7Mr. Slug152
Kingdom of Hearts III9Mr. Eddie100
Muppets6Ms. Hayley Willia12
Hoopla1Mr. Hoopla12
Myrmidons3Sir Ajax0

22:29:18 Nov 17th 10 - Duke Sfd:

korwyn kick ass (Thumbs up)

13:16:46 Nov 18th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

Myrmidons7Mr. Arkantos and Poly100
Kingdom of Hearts III10Mr. Eddie37
Release the Genius10Mr. Slug26
Muppets5Ms. Hayley Willia10
Hoopla1Mr. Hoopla10
Tiny land2Mr. Tiberius The Tiny9
KiDzRUs2Mr. God of Death7
Calamity2Mr. Smokey3

13:24:20 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Hoopla:

Myrmidons and Release the Genius starting right next to one another?

Shit just got real!

13:53:53 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Huang Gai:

w00t by myself in this this area hopefully xD

13:57:41 Nov 18th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

KoH over here too

14:53:35 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Huang Gai:

You guys are quite close together

16:24:31 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

Lets hope this isnt another Sol Invictius multi alliance gangbang =)

16:26:55 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Arkantos:

no just my Myrmidons will r@pe you since this era we started at the same time

16:28:11 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

Good then. Would be a shame to throw off a possible good match by allying everyone on the map. So right now its 11v10 I guess eh?

16:29:21 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

well 12v10 counting Aragorn if he plays.

16:35:39 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Sun Jian:

11? theres a 10 man cap and trust me don't feel so lucky you arn't the only ones we are fighting

16:41:29 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

I'm just going off past experiences. Aragorn and Tyrgalon are apart of the normal crew. I know a cap is in place but that hasnt stopped that before. I'm just trying to gauge if this is going to be a fair and honorable round or not. I'll take your word for it Sun Jian. Best of luck to everyone lets have a fun round.

17:26:05 Nov 18th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

lol @ korwyn... it wasn't a gangbang fool it was half of the map vs half of the map, and tyr nor aragorn are in this kingdom

its Myrmidons vs everyone
we're going a no alliance era.
getcha facts straight tardface

18:18:20 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Demon Heart:

go starta :) what kd will be luck enough to have me ?
lol ;)

18:22:30 Nov 18th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

dear starta;

please sell tree,

18:59:13 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

@Poly my facts are straight and I'm glad you decided to only run one 10 man kingdom this era should make for competition instead of steamroll.

And you should tell Tyrgalon different then because he says he is working with you guys *shrug*

19:12:22 Nov 18th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

Korwyn; they must be far from straight if you think that Nirvana was a gangbanging.  It was definitely a fair fight and it seems y'all newbs are still whining because you lost.  I hardly say that 29vs28 is a gang banging.  Especially since I didn't even really play that era haha.  Don't believe me go look at the hoh.

Lol, Tyrgalon thinks we're going to Fantasia I have yet to speak with him to tell him otherwise.  But as you can see Myrmidons are here on Starta and Tyrgalon as well as Aragorn are no where to be seen.

By the way I still tell you it will most definitely be a steam rolling.  I have yet come to fight with KoH and not won :)  And the other enemies in the area well... They are weak lol.  I tell you everyone on the map of Starta could team up against us and they would still not win.

Kingdoms in Starta
Myrmidons10Mr. Arkantos100
Kingdom of Hearts III10Mr. Eddie95
Release the Genius10Mr. Slug23
KiDzRUs2Mr. God of Death9
Hoopla1Mr. Hoopla6
Calamity2Mr. Smokey6
Sexploited4Ms. Slippery When Wet1
Muppets4Ms. Hayley Willia0
ps. sell treeeee

19:20:18 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

Your propaganda, the numbers your quoting, and your rendition of past events are skewed. I am not the only one from that era nor am I apart of the only kingdom that shares a common opinion on that matter. Whatever makes you feel better buddy.

No point in arguing now however. Just glad to hear your sticking to a one kingdom format this round.

Goodluck everyone and lets have some fun.

20:05:30 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Arkantos:

Ok Korwyn think to your self about who the leader of the Myrmidons and who was the leader of the "gangbanging" kingdom I rule a Whole different way then them so if you have any concerns shove them up your a$$

20:23:46 Nov 18th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

Hooooly shit, how much more retarded can you get?  You're just as bad as Samual.  Are you guys gay lovers or something?  I think you probably are.  I mean, only a retard can love a retard and you guys seem to be perfectly matched.

Think what you will, all I can say is that you're definitely a moron.  See you on the battlefield Korwyn, I'll be looking for you.

PS. Ark, it wasn't a gangbang it was an even 3vs3 kd fight :)  These lil whiney bitches just can't tell a fair fight if it walked up and hit them right in the face, as it did.  ;)

21:40:44 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

Cant have a rational argument with irrational people. I like the name calling there guys maybe its because you havent a leg to stand on sense wise so you resort to 5th grade playground tactics. Say what you want Poly your full of it and people know that. Go practice your internet courage elsewhere.

And Ark I mean no disrespect for the way you run your kingdom but you have many members of a former kingdom in yours now who rely on sheer numbers and naps. All my inquires were about was making sure this isnt a stacked server so if need be I could find something else to occupy my time.

22:07:57 Nov 18th 10 - Mr. Arkantos:

so is it write for me to criticize your kingdom cause of your past actions? 

23:33:58 Nov 18th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

Who rely on sheer numbers and naps?  That is ridiculous.  Let's take you back to era 41 when I first started Sol Invictus.  We had 9 players, and controlled three worlds while being on 4.  With our only naps being with GotF and Fate.  You can even ask Satanclausas, Bling, Vuggy and well you won't beleive Tyrgalon and the rest of the players were new players.  You can even go see the HoH here..
Satanclausas #7
Polydeuces #8
New Player - Doomhand #13
New Player - Venithen #15
Vuggy #48
New Player - Eignaj #53
Bret aka Bling/Pimp - #61
New Player - Virtuoso #64
Apophis #90 (started late)
Tyrgalon #254 (inactive didn't play) makes 10 but because he didn't play brings it to 9.
Also, you could even ask those from PKS, or Phi Factor about it.

00:20:14 Nov 19th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

I really could care less what you did in era 41 Poly nor am I going to waste time looking at links you post.

And Arkantos I'm sorry we warred last era but we warred everyone and had no naps. If you had messaged someone in the kingdom asking for one I would of posted in the forums and asked the opinion of our members. We assumed since you guys settled so closely and didnt bring any talks to our attention you were prepared for war. I'm sorry you guys started late and yes that played into the factor as to why were able to take over your cities so quickly. If you hold a grudge thats fine but everyone gets to start out on equal footing this round so have your revenge =)

00:24:41 Nov 19th 10 - Mr. Arkantos:

dont worry i will :P

00:39:20 Nov 19th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

So if we beat you again Korwyn, are you going to continue whining and complaining?

01:43:36 Nov 19th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

Your the one who got your panties all in a wad when I was making sure this was a fairly balanced match. I'm sorry your reputation follows you, I was just pointing out facts.

I will continue to call it as it is. If you best us this time then congrats in advance. We both have a pretty good working knowledge of the game so I guess it all just comes down to who has more free time to play *shrug*

01:48:46 Nov 19th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

Yeah, save for the fact that obviously you have not got your facts straight.  I'm so sick of all you fools who think you know shit when you obviously don't.  Don't know how a reputation that doesn't even exist follows me but whatever.

"thats wassup yeah thats enough to make me make you look like you're dumb 
aint gotta call you an idiot cause you make yourself like like you're one"

01:51:46 Nov 19th 10 - Mr. Hoopla:

Are people still having this argument?

Is it even a debate that Konig gangbanged Nirvanna?

01:54:46 Nov 19th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

Your a legend in your own mind little buddy. Like I said no point in having a conversation with an irrational person. I just point out facts and things that have occurred in the past and you just continue to name call.

Your either one of those schoolyard bullies who is constantly needing a pissing contest to valid your shitty existence or your one of those nerdy sapling types who has to take out your aggression on the internet with people you have no idea about. Either one makes you a douche....perhaps your name next era should be PolyDouchiness =)

01:57:12 Nov 19th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

And your right Hoopla a waste of time perhaps I shouldn't allow myself to get upset over what some stranger makes up. Your talking to yourself for now on Poly no point in playing your game here.

03:44:35 Nov 19th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

Obviously I was talking to myself anyways.  I find it funny how many people lie about me.  I can't beleive how jealous you all are, which I don't even understand I am not that good of a player...

And no I just hate when people lie and make things up - probably my largest pet peeve.  Sorry for the name calling, as you noticed the last few messages there was none, except for that song I quoted but that's just funny.  Like I said I just can't stand when people make shiet up.  And you can say you're not all you want, you know as well as I do that you are even if you play like you're not.
Whatever.  I'm done forum trolling lawl.  :)
ps i think ill go with using that name next era it's pretty funny.

03:56:14 Nov 19th 10 - Mr. Arkantos:

Alrighty so let's get this map on the go just over 24 hours until people start comin OOP cant wait.

14:15:13 Nov 19th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

Kingdoms in Starta
Myrmidons10Mr. Arkantos100
Kingdom of Hearts III10Mr. Eddie79
KiDzRUs2Mr. God of Death12
Calamity2Mr. Smokey11
Sexploited4Ms. Slippery When Wet8
Release the Genius9Mr. Slug7
Hoopla1Mr. Hoopla4
Muppets4Ms. Hayley Willia
whats wrong with you starta D=

14:48:19 Nov 19th 10 - Mr. Hoopla:

I have been trying to find an area that is unoccupied and far away from all you guys so I can farm =P

The SW corner was not this place. Since the racial/kingdom production penalties are permanent and irreversible, I decided to settle some cities near Calamity out of spite to gimp them:

These were all settled a few ticks off from one another to minimize the cost of settling cities, of course, and the image is a compilation.

15:11:48 Nov 19th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

Haha well isn't that nice of you.  They are really actually hard to deal with :p  The racial penalties are definitely annoying!  Thank you for showing us where some more enemies are though :D  Compilation meaning you destroyed the cities and had images saved of them and incorporated them all into one?

15:29:28 Nov 19th 10 - Mr. Hoopla:

Indeed, only one ever existed at one time. I wanted to screw that kingdom over, but I didn't want to spend more than 180k doing it.

I wanted to settle in the area, but I didn't want to need to gimp myself by playing as a Dwarf OOP fighting 2 Orcs. When they said they would try to kill me off, I said "fuck it", and did that then moved on.

I shall find the promised land in due time.

15:39:03 Nov 19th 10 - Princess Bloodrayne:

Would it be too much to ask for everyone to just leave me to farm the era :) I would love to do that :)

16:09:26 Nov 19th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

Haha right on :p  That is pretty cool.  Smart thinkin' for sure ;) would have been hard to try and defend against their gaia spams ;p

@aisha.. hmm you hates me, a lot... if you can hide the entire era from us then maaaaybe :P

17:57:30 Nov 19th 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

Evil Hoopla strikes again *grin*

Even after the dragons and Armageddon last era I still find myself liking you =)

00:37:10 Nov 20th 10 - Princess Bloodrayne:

Lets make this a peaceful era! Lets make love not war!

06:58:36 Nov 20th 10 - Konig Wiggy:

And the wars begin with a KoH city taken by Myrmidons player Sun Jian.

01:38:39 Nov 21st 10 - Konig Wiggy:

Kingdoms in Starta
Myrmidons10Mr. Arkantos100
Kingdom of Hearts III10Mr. Eddie75
Sexploited4Ms. Slippery When Wet25
KiDzRUs2Mr. God of Death16
Soloing Starta2Sir Binh Starta12
Calamity2Mr. Smokey12
Muppets4Ms. Hayley Willia4
Hoopla1Mr. Hoopla1
GOTF II8Mr. Reddragon Clone1
Release the Genius8Mr. Slug0

04:17:15 Nov 21st 10 - Mr. Tesla:

When I kill all of you then (and only then) will there be Peace!

07:51:33 Nov 21st 10 - Mr. Frostborn:

interesting. Wishing i had waited for starta to reopen instead of being impatient and hopping to midgard.

My bet on era win is Hoopla with a total of 12 dragons. Or at least i hope it would be. Speaking of which hoopla did any of the dragons turn on you or did they leave you be?

08:12:58 Nov 21st 10 - Mr. Korwyn:

I had a front row view on that one *grin* Most of them went south towards Irules cities and then bounced back and forth from those cities to Hooplas and Latros. Finally late game they started to disperse one towards your core and the rest towards ours. From the looks of it they didnt seem very friendly towards Hoopla.

08:53:37 Nov 21st 10 - Mr. Hoopla:

I wanted to test how they pathed for use on other worlds. It took about 72 hours of them tormenting me before they left.

Luckily they kill peasants, not slaves, and I didnt have ANY peasants, my cities were 100% slaves. They take gold, not stone, and all of my resources were stored in stone.

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