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Starta Era 17
09:56:14 Oct 31st 12 - Princess Aisha:

I was thinking, its quite strange that Starta does not have its own thread. The map is full of very good players, so I think we deserve at least a thread about it :)

Kingdoms in Starta
Meme9Mr. Zidane Tribal100
GHOSTS9Mr. Dakata83
Two Steps From Hell9Mr. Anonymous of Starta74
Only You5Mr. Muhammed24
Odins last stand3Mr. Dokken Odins Unchained Knight3
Discpicable3Bartimaeus The Tired1

It is a shame we did not have a thread in the beginning of the era to report all the wars going on, oop time was full of wars, and again the settling areas of kingdoms were all close by. I never understood why its all set up so close, it would be so much better if we all were far away.

I am back after many months of not playing the game, got back very rusty, almost got killed coming out of protection, thanx to my kingdom for saving me. 
But now its looking better finally, and its time to bring back the old me,the bloodthirsty killing lil girl :) 

I would like to thank Horus for accepting me in his Kd, and I hope we all have a good era, lots of wars and interesting battles. Good luck everyone!

02:24:43 Nov 8th 12 - Jafar (Mr. Truth):

Kingdoms in Starta
Meme10Mr. Zidane Tribal100
Two Steps From Hell9Mr. Anonymous of Starta79
Only You7Sir Muhammed26
Odins last stand3Mr. Dokken Odins Unchained Knight6
GHOSTS6Mr. Dakata6

19:55:56 Nov 12th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic XXII):

Congrats Aisha and to my teammates for a great era!


22:26:01 Nov 12th 12 - Mr. Dakata:

Yes, congratulations to Meme in their first era on Starta. Well done. I look forward to this coming era.

00:12:17 Nov 13th 12 - Mr. Aussie:

Congrats Aisha and Meme :)

00:42:25 Nov 13th 12 - Crowley (Mr. Crowley):

congratz all...good era all around

01:33:04 Nov 13th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Thank you all :) And congrats to Meme and Two Steps from Hell for wining this era. Thank you all for a nice interesting era.

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