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Starta Era 35
16:06:00 Apr 16th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh Versus Chade):

Hi, me and Chade is using this era of Starta to do a special 1vs1 duel. Please do not attack us. We will not touch anyone but each other (no homo). Thank you :P

17:18:28 Apr 16th 15 - Mr. Chade Versus Binhh:

Dudeeeee...this sounded so wrong :D

04:30:16 Apr 17th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyersinaleaguewithsatan):

There is no "r" in Wong... Look I made a racist joke. But I'm quite sure you meant "dong", cause your both homo.

10:18:07 Apr 17th 15 - Mr. Chade Versus Binhh:

you know it and you like it, shyers. Dont try to hide it

12:55:21 Apr 22nd 15 - Mr. Barny:

Has Starta gone from solo world to mass-NAP-solo-world to full homo 1v1s?

Someone with a line of contact with Zeta should message him and tell him to drop Starta down to a 'Special World' and make it a 3-person-kingdom world, I think that would be pretty interesting.

17:11:37 Apr 22nd 15 - Duke Chade The Flying Machine:

i like the full homo 1v1 better...

15:58:21 Apr 23rd 15 - Mr. Barny:

Is there a winner in the full homo 1v1?

16:03:16 Apr 23rd 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh Versus Chade):

yeah ended straight oop. I use 3 bts and end the game :D Though if chade was online to freeze my army while i was bting, it could ended differently. But too bad he wasn't :D

16:19:43 Apr 23rd 15 - Duke Chade The Flying Machine:

at least you admit :) If only I wasnt called for a short 10 min meeting with my team, I would have frozen you mate and then you were as good as dead :D

16:23:51 Apr 23rd 15 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

06:03:16 Apr 23rd 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh Versus Chade):

yeah ended straight oop.

Straight OOP oh the irony.

16:28:57 Apr 23rd 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh Versus Chade):

for those curious, in our 1vs1 duel we made a special rule. Take out the capital city of the other and you win. So straight oop the objective of each player was defending your capital while attacking enemy capital simultaneously.

Chade and me both ended up building 3k gts for our capitals. We've went different paths though. Chade went magic, while i went military.

Chade's game plan was to surprise me with magic. And i was surprise he had magic. But too bad he couldn't use it before his capital fall.

He had 7k troops of some sort, I'm assuming rocks prepping my city straight oop. I log on, see that, sent 30k swords that way while simultaneously sending 34k swords to his capital and another 8k swords to another city to siege it.Bt once, siege a city with 8k swords. BT once more to kill the 7k troops, bt once more and merge into a scout already prepping at the capital and made the kill.

16:55:44 Apr 23rd 15 - Duke Chade The Flying Machine:

exactly what Binh said...this all happened while i was away for 10 FREKIN MINUTES!!!!!!

apparently he set his alarm to wake up like 4-5 am to do that :D

I know that you need activity in this game to be better, but dude....fuckin get some sleep man!!!! :D

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