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Starta Wars Era 44
05:22:24 Dec 28th 09 - General Maximus Decimus Meridius:

Kingdoms in Starta
Domination29Pirate Suqah100
Kingdom Berserk22Mr. Arch Shade2
Dark5Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm1
Death List5Sir Uroril1
Aurora10Mr. Integration1
StormKnights of Old2Mr. Rudvike of Mandor0
Dendarii Mercenary Corps2Mr. Camel Rider0
Nibiru2Prince Sprout0
Luny Park4Mr. Naughtypants0
Boo4Mr. Spook0
ATM 2Mr. Inactive Era0
Death Emissary2Mr. Sett0
Fallen Warlords1Mr. Ballsax0
Lakers2Mr. Koby Bryant0
Dark Light3Mr. Samual of Rohan0
The Noobs1Mr. Kal0
Dragon Empire2Ms. Jade White0
The Imperial Kingdom2Mr. Nash IV0
Crimson Knights2Mr. Balberak0
the hezi alliance2Mr. Henderson0

umm yea.. no comment

05:30:28 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Chee Cat:

It will be a fun era.

09:07:51 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Sawyer The Orc:

woooooooooootttt the old maap!

10:37:01 Dec 28th 09 - Lord Muse:

I love that map, i started to play VU with htis one =D

11:13:40 Dec 28th 09 - Pirate Candybeard:

Is it me or are kingdom pics bigger?

15:05:35 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Samual:

Lets have a fun era guys

Good luck to everyone  : D

15:19:59 Dec 28th 09 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

i think they are bigger :)

15:44:00 Dec 28th 09 - Sir Chee Cat:

ya they are bigger...

15:13:50 Jan 1st 10 - Sir Lazuras of Acre:

yup to confirm , there bigger

02:49:38 Jan 4th 10 - Mr. Kenpachi:

You people talk to much Shaddup , 

17:54:43 Jan 19th 10 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Did Kenpachi actually get this entire thread to shut up for 15 days? :p

02:59:08 Jan 20th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

lmao... he did... and it worked

go do the same in the fate NAP topic

13:15:56 Jan 20th 10 - Mr. Dark Zoltan:

ther are no wars probably on starta  maby we can change that :P

13:18:06 Jan 20th 10 - Mr. Belgrium The Believer:

lol u will die before u even can come to starta :)

15:29:52 Jan 20th 10 - Mr. Dark Zoltan:


Fantasia | Mantrax | Zetamania | Starta | Nirvana | Valhalla | Armageddon| Talents| Midgard

Most Powerful Armies Most Powerful Cities

Here Iam
owned by Mr. Dark Zoltan

17:24:31 Jan 20th 10 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Mr. Dark Zoltan


12:15:56 Jan 20th 10
ther are no wars probably on starta  maby we can change that :P 
Too late... we already brought some warringness to Starta :)

17:30:04 Jan 20th 10 - Loser The Born Loser The Enforcer:

Whatever you guys in Starta do, leave a piece of Revenge for me....

Or better still, leave me alone with him for 50 ticks :)

17:38:12 Jan 20th 10 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Sorry, we are partying with Berserk atm.

17:45:00 Jan 20th 10 - Loser The Born Loser The Enforcer:

Haha, then I will be able to have Revenge all to myself then :)

17:47:24 Jan 20th 10 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Depends what MAD are up to :p

03:32:35 Jan 21st 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

We will try TBL, if our army get slow down by them then your AMs might take out Revenge.

03:57:42 Jan 21st 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

you guys are silly...:)

04:34:34 Jan 21st 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

Hello there Saiyan, I though your busy at Nirvana.

05:25:43 Jan 21st 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

Hey Ryan :)

who told you?


08:12:48 Jan 21st 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

Well, you have an HoH army there. Oh your on HoH also I see.

15:10:10 Jan 21st 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

oh lol :) i wish i had the option to hide them

i dont see u on any hoh.. lol ... jking

15:48:22 Jan 21st 10 - Ms. Bluelight:

can i join the fun here?

16:44:47 Jan 21st 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

No Blue, this is just for me and my former KD mates. LOL!

14:20:31 Jan 22nd 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

bluelight and archtroll, u r the only 2 of MAD that i respect so far. the rest hid behind Fate's skirts yet you guys were the first to come to Starta full bore. Congrats you have my respect. Also Bluelight. Can you do me a favor and wait about 10 more ticks so i take my  lil peons and run? You see i have been working on returning cities but well Mr. Simo has entered the picture and id rather avoid him for the time being.

14:48:26 Jan 22nd 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

Thanks Targayen. But Blue brought 5 times more OP than my army.

16:02:23 Jan 22nd 10 - Ms. Bluelight:

@ ryan. oops sorry i thought this party is open to all. ;-(

@ chee. sorry mate. i just click the attack button. maybe next time just don't get near my armies. and thanks for the acknowledgment (and for the juicy cities) ;-).

if only you guys did not attack us in valhalla, we could have been fighting fate as of now. but past is past, we are now at war since you took bizon's city. so just do your best to defend your cities and let us all have a good war. btw, archon is bringing his army with even higher OP than mine. ;-)

17:38:35 Jan 22nd 10 - Mr. Too Late For Nate:

We're not hiding behind Fate. So please stop commenting without credible basis.. Or is it your nature to praised some guys then asked for a favor...

00:02:28 Jan 23rd 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

@ Late for Nate

Its a tactic of manipulation for one. ;p Second i make friends out of enemies and third... I havent even heard of you Late for Nate so you are of no value to this conversation as to influence my opinion.. Also the favor was a joke... it seems you failed to understand that. I, unlike most people in vu, try to congratulate my enemies and learn from them. even ask what i did wrong etc. In this incident i staged an attack too early and was caught offgaurd. o well sucks ;/ though next era i will use this experience to become a better player. I would be more than willing to make friends with you as well if you can show me some decent size armies before blue light and Ryan eat me alive ;p. though ill fight you guys tooth and nail!

@ Bluelight

Didnt know i attacked a Bizon, my mistake i spose. I will learn from that in the future and be sure to load up on your armories instead >:D. well have to go for now so you all take care.

Take care. yes that means you too Nate. As a formality at least.

08:10:38 Jan 23rd 10 - Mr. Too Late For Nate:

Yeah I know it was a joke.. asking for a favor to an enemy is a big joke at the first place. So my second sentence is a mere joke.. It seems you are the one who failed to understand...

Also, I'm not against with your opinion regarding paying respect to our Bluelight and Arctroll so far. If you read carefully as to what I wrote earlier, Im complaining  about your phrase that the rest of us were hiding behind Fate where noone does...

Praising our 2 guys.. is definitely fine with me.. but not that one..I hope you get it.. As a matter of fact, Im the one here who constantly opposing to get any relation with Fate.

08:23:00 Jan 23rd 10 - Lady Katie Holmes:

Hehe, not sure if you've seen him yet Chee, but he's the one that CWed ur armory, always remember to show luv to the mages, his freeze of ZC was pretty impressive :)

Anonymous <3

16:23:51 Jan 23rd 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

Well Katie that's the infamous Anonymous.

@ Chee, I'll just let you know Nate was the one who did incredible part when we broke to HIV's Core last era. Our beloved Niques was just the one who finished his job.

21:00:20 Jan 23rd 10 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

I'm beginning to like it in Starta :), does anyone in Berserk mind if i stick around? :)

00:04:29 Jan 24th 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

@ Nate, nate your sentence was an insult..
Or is it your nature to praised some guys then asked for a favor

That was not a joke. However i am willing to forgive because at this point in time as the loser i have no right to be judging. However most of mad -bluelight and ryan and now mr. simo. They are the only ones that i have seen fight -simo but im sure he didnt bring his large army for nothing. You on the other hand may have been a mage but when combatting fate or your MAD cities not once did my knights going to reinforce allied cities get frozen. So what you Crushwalled my armory, it was lost to begin with. Grats and great job glad you did that. However for the entire start of our attack it was Fate's Kate (evil) and ryan who protected you guys. I think i recall bluelight as well. Though like i am saying i have not seen a single mad army above 10k troops from anyone but these three individuals and Fate.

@ryan, i can understand you wanting to protect your comrade, however last era doesnt count for this era.

All in all its fate and MAD's victory. I will NOT deny that fact for it is what it is. I ask you all to do the same and accept the fact only 3 individuals really did any combatting at all and hid behind Fate. the 27k AM army at the time was a decent size army then as things got farther into the era it started to multiply. I recall sacrificing 2 150k armies to combat some fate ones. However i only lost one battle to MAD on Valhalla, that is my armory. The rest were to Fate. Nate, i respect you as a human but not as an individual. You try to take an insult and call it a joke, maybe it was maybe it wasnt, but i will take it as i see fit.

Kill greybeard for me will ya. Hate that man.

00:31:45 Jan 24th 10 - Ms. Bluelight:

let me set things straight here.

Nate keeps his army out of the forward positions because of my orders. if you call it hiding then so be it. but in defense of Nate he is just following orders. We are warring relentless by the time Dom arrive in starta. so we are faced with a scenario of warring in two fronts early in the era. it was i and anon that made the plan to hold off you guys using ryan's army in front while nates army guarding ryan's conquered cities. the plan is to hold your advance while the rest of us is finishing relentless at the shortest possible time. its just that ryan exceeded my expectations. instead of just defending he took the battle initiative and advance, but all the time he was advancing Nate's army is just somewhere behind Ryan's army (within supporting distance).

as i can see it, Nate is just pissed when you said he is hiding. ;-)

and nice attitude. "i make friends out of enemies". hope we can be friends. ;-)

00:34:29 Jan 24th 10 - Ms. Bluelight:


who invited you to come over? this world is exclusive only for ryan and his former KD mates. you better be careful or else they will charge you of trespassing.

ooops! i'm also not invited. ;-)

00:54:08 Jan 24th 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

I see. Well then i apologize Nate. Please understand, im extremely pissed atm. I respect you Bluelight so if you say it is then ill accept it. However i will not respect Nate as an individual till i receive an apology for the insult as well. Tbh im sick and tired of everyones whining and moaning right now. So bloody tired of it all. So i got pissed at all the MAD members talking smack so i had to find a way to shut them up. If Nate was doing his orders then fine. However there are plenty more MAD members. Matters little, be sure to take my opinion with a grain of salt im just venting my malice from the bloody stress the kd is putting on everyone. Nate hope you can forgive me and i would like an apology for the return stab. I understand your defense and i admitted i was wrong so i ask the same. Ugh lol blue you are killing us left and right. i have one little suprise left but let me hope it works :/. <---dont even feel like putting a smiley face just dont care.

01:00:23 Jan 24th 10 - Mr. Arch Shade:

Shmeh, you guys are the least of our worries atm.

01:08:13 Jan 24th 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

a hey kriz, hows it going for ya?

01:47:47 Jan 24th 10 - Ms. Bluelight:


what could that be?!! better get myself ready for it.

oh no!  fate has just entered Dom core also. damn them, i thought we have out marched their armies. but great move their Cat. i'll sure remember that tactic of yours.

01:51:48 Jan 24th 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

what tactic. The river jump? if you mean me i didnt do anything too special. if you mean tripping in my own grave then i guess that counts. and as for the suprise i have this strange urge yet again fate has come to ruin the day :(.

said i wouldnt be too worried about MAD and tbh i realized my own death but we still have alot left. now that fate is in the picture i expect things just might turn out differently.

01:58:32 Jan 24th 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

o nvm you mean the pure knight army i was trying to use to take back some of our players armories? ya wouldve worked lol but didnt.

02:38:22 Jan 24th 10 - Ms. Bluelight:

oh i forgot that we have two cats here. i mean sir cat the swift's river jump.

06:59:53 Jan 24th 10 - Mr. Too Late For Nate:

hmm... Thanx for that Blue... I apologize Cat. Im just pissed when you say that the rest of MAD were hiding behind Fate. I almost leave this KD and join HIV to fight Fate this era. But I started so late and doesn't able to join them.. That's why my name went like this.. I even asked one of our council to demote from being a vice cause I'm a little dissappointed..

16:16:29 Jan 24th 10 - Mr. Aloysius:

Im hiding behind anyone's sleeves. The leader of MAD, fear my 2k nazguls! ;)

09:20:48 Jan 25th 10 - Mr. Dark Zoltan:

wow just got a 70 Million  plunder from dom thx Dom :)

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