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Starta Wars Era of Mzzery
21:08:58 Dec 28th 09 - Lady Rev the Hedgehog:

Whats going on then? Much..


13:38:31 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Belgrium The Believer:

me booored to death

14:18:09 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Anus Quartzbeard:

Are there any kingdom that i can join  played with the gauls, mystical,predators and alone

19:10:36 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Samual:

Yeah my kingdom is recruiting, of course were a small kingdom and more than likley are not on your choices, but it's about having a bit of fun at the end of the day, not winning : D

19:13:06 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Edd:

everytime i see this topic i always see Star wars instead of starta wars.

19:37:50 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Douchetoyou:

Everytime I see Mr. Edd I think of a talking jack.... err... horse, yeah, talking horse  ;)

19:38:20 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Legna Van Hteaed:

Well we are on an awesome map and have stars on our side

Like Rev he's a star on the forums. Everyone loves him they just dont want to admit it ;)

19:59:14 Dec 29th 09 - Sir Chee Cat:

@ Edd, lol i was thinking the same thing actually. Then it makes me think of the family guy and robot chicken star wars episodes. i remember staying up to watch em lol.

Lol rev is unique indeed. Fun guy to hang around.

12:36:43 Dec 30th 09 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

so how are goin the wars on Starta?

14:30:54 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Barny:

They aren't.

14:34:43 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Path:

yeah, enjoy the 7-14 RL days...

17:17:01 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Legna Van Hteaed:

Wait RL exists!?

17:31:32 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Arch Shade:

*Arch Shade sits down at the poker table, pressing a lit cigar between his lips as it jets sideways out of his mouth.  He casually tosses cards to the shady men around the oval table....*

18:05:48 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Legna Van Hteaed:

*blows up the poker table*

No strip poker for you!!!

21:32:35 Dec 30th 09 - Ice Prince Shazsaro:

mm thats so off topic

05:28:27 Dec 31st 09 - Mr. Legna Van Hteaed:

We have a topic?

Domination is here there is no need for a topic just bow<(BoW can be subbed here OMG!) down and you will know the way!

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