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Starta wars era of messiah
10:18:26 Feb 2nd 09 - Mr. Peacemakerofdoom:


10:24:15 Feb 2nd 09 - Sir Evans of Sparta:

ignore this xD

10:38:59 Feb 2nd 09 - Mr. Peacemakerofdoom:


15:09:59 Feb 2nd 09 - Mr. Weston:


They are very important you know ;)

15:47:56 Feb 2nd 09 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

IMO I think that without any NAPs, its going to be Preds or Heaven.....

Kingdoms in Starta
HHeaven18Archangel Argyle100
PredsPredators13Sir Darkmarsbar81
BIOBioHazard17Mr. Heripy37
LWLuna Wolves6Mr. Mako30
BoWBrotherhood of the Wolf8Duke Drakos20
IoKImperium of Knights5Sir Kathandarion of Imperius11
CECease to Exist12Lord Cao Cao1
RWRingwraiths5Mr. Haldimir First of The Nine0
LDKLietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste6Mr. Marsalas0

15:49:47 Feb 2nd 09 - Duke Loren Soth:

Lets make a Starta MAP and flood Fantasia ;)


20:56:29 Feb 2nd 09 - Sir Gallyon:

so, any known relationships already?

05:41:00 Feb 3rd 09 - Mr. Arch Shade:

*The sound of hide-covered drums echo through the twisting valleys of Starta.  The clinking noise of forging blades co*beep* through veins like a bursting force of strong ale.  Warriors clad themselves in war paint, streaking their faces with marks ravenous rage.  Brethren gather in harmonic chants, elevating the spirits of their kindred.  A lone man drifts in and out of the crowds of combatants; his midnight spear towering above the heads.  Standing aside him; a lady dressed in witch attire, her hair astray and wild.  The leaders and generals glance at him with cautious and penetrating stares.  The man pauses and begins to speak.*

"Let us soil these ancient grounds of Starta! " He shouts viciously.  His gleaming eyes slant and his lips curl.  "Let us reclaim what was once lost, but within our grasps!"  The mercenary shifts and turns his gaze to his onlookers.   He clutches his spear, knuckles white and eager.  Then with one powerful thrust he raises it to the heavens and then downward to the hells!

*From whence the chaos formed, emerges a new Predator...*

10:04:51 Feb 4th 09 - Mr. Adanos:

looks like fun

10:43:03 Feb 4th 09 - Sir Darkmarsbar:

any wars yet ?

15:16:45 Feb 4th 09 - Sir Gallyon:

Kingdoms in Starta
HHeaven19Archangel Argyle100
PredsPredators18Sir Darkmarsbar69
BoWBrotherhood of the Wolf9Duke Drakos48
LWLuna Wolves9Mr. Mako38
BIOBioHazard18Mr. Heripy37
LDKLietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste6Mr. Marsalas17
LAKLeague of Ass Kickers3Mr. Weston12
IoKImperium of Knights6Sir Kathandarion of Imperius7
CECease to Exist11Lord Cao Cao4
DLZDredLordZ2Mr. Morlanthemage3
RWRingwraiths5Mr. Haldimir First of The Nine0
oooh, IoK is here ;).. I only just noticed that :p...

17:17:08 Feb 4th 09 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

I hope they build some good mines for us, I need some more income =)

22:19:39 Feb 4th 09 - Sir Gallyon:

wooo, I just took a city ;)::D.., Im about to take another one ;p..
this is good!! :)..

so erm, I think this means we are at war with Bio..

22:39:20 Feb 4th 09 - Mr. Arch Shade:

*The gusts of chilled wind sounds through the trees, ruffling the leaves to their dismay.  A gray steed emerges from the edges of the forest.  On top rides a man, his body draped in the skins of wolf-hide and raven feather attire.  His icy blue eyes stare, glazed like frosted mirrors.  With a gentle raise, he brings forth his spear to point directly at Ruby Knight.  The land seems to still.  And in one swift motion, Arch Shade rears his mount back into the forest....* 

01:10:32 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

*Ruby Knight exhales the breath he had been holding in and looks toward the skies. "To bad he didn't" he mutters to himself as he turns and walks back into the trees where his battalion of ogres are waiting patiently. "He ran away!" he shouts to his troops, "but he'll be back, its only a matter of time".*

01:23:28 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Weston:

Luna wolves is floating around us, will they attack!?

01:24:10 Feb 5th 09 - Wolflord Karac:


01:34:30 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Prewett The Unreliable:

Prewett The Unreliable thrusts his pelvis in the direction of Arch Shade after arriving late to the battle. He then continues to direct obscene hand gestures towards him. Ruby Knight casts a disapproving daze upon Prewett and says "You're late."  Prewett responses with a smirks and says "What can I say? I'm Unreliable!"


02:07:40 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Arch Shade:

*A swarm of midnight birds flock the skies and conceal the beams of light from the sun.  Confusion has gripped all reality.  The ogres stumble amok the deadly fray of mess.  The Predator Mercenary stands atop Tiam Keep.  He raises the orange and black flag!  Arch Shade slowly lifts his spear towards and the heavens and then slams it down towards the hells!*

03:31:04 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Ugh-.- Nice use of BTs. I was offline for 2 hours and thought I was safe>.<

04:32:19 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Arch Shade:

I almost used them up the last encounter.  I am so glad I saved them.

05:01:09 Feb 5th 09 - Duke Random:

seriously, is everyone on this world a tard, why drop the food market .9 in an hour.....

05:01:24 Feb 5th 09 - Duke Slade:

Brotherhood of The Wolf FTW :D

Karac <3

14:11:07 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Peacemakerofdoom:

*Thousands of troops, made up of humans, dwarves, orcs , and trolls march together, united under the predator banner. In their minds, they are the predator, hunting the prey, they hold this thought as they march, ever so quickly towards heaven's gates.....*

From Heaven's defense cities

*Sir, i see lots of enemy troops, heading towards us!! Their was no panic. The peasants, although not happy, was not sad, and they gave blessings to the brave soldiers, fighting for heaven and good, to destroy the predator threat. Sounds of the soldier's marching, accompanied by occasional horns and trumpets blowing, boasted the soldier's confidence. In unison, they said "KILL PREDATORS!"

hehe, this will be fun!

15:37:44 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Arch Shade:

*A trail of corpses lay scattered along the shores of a lake.  Their mangled forms dot the landscape.  Following the path of decay brings forth the city Byzantine.  Upon the outer walls the organized army of Archangel Argyle prepares their attack.  Within the war chambers of the city, Arch Shade sits alone with his wife Psykee.  They stare feverishly at parchments and maps.  The mercenary and witch know so very well the importance of this situation.  Arch Shade spins an hour glass on it's side and begins to let the sand drift downward...*

18:49:04 Feb 5th 09 - Mr. Zyrike:

 LaK and LW are at war to let people know =P

23:24:30 Feb 5th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

thanks slade, we shall see how we play out ;)

05:18:15 Feb 6th 09 - Duke Random:

leave me alone karac! i wanna farm in peace!

06:15:43 Feb 6th 09 - Mr. Arch Shade:

*Loud howls in the wind signal the knights.  Upon horseback they charge out of the gates of Byzantine and crash into Argyle's army.  Arch Shade seeks for the commander, but to no avail he escapes....*

22:34:11 Feb 6th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

Kingdoms in Starta
H Heaven 19 Archangel Argyle 184
Preds Predators 24 Sir Darkmarsbar 178
BoW Brotherhood of the Wolf 10 Wolflord Karac 100
LW Luna Wolves 8 Mr. Mako 88
FUZE Fusion 9 Duke Random 58
BIO BioHazard 18 Mr. Heripy 30
LAK League of Ass Kickers 3 Mr. Weston 25
IoK Imperium of Knights 6 Sir Kathandarion of Imperius 20
LDK Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste 7 Mr. Marsalas 19
DLZ DredLordZ 2 Mr. Powder 4
RW Ringwraiths 5 Mr. Haldimir First of The Nine 0
CE Cease to Exist 10 Lord Cao Cao 0




not doing too bad for having half, or less than half the memebers ;)

23:20:42 Feb 6th 09 - Sir Kathandarion of Imperius:

BoW Brotherhood of the Wolf 10 Wolflord Karac 100


IoK Imperium of Knights 6 Sir Kathandarion of Imperius 20

23:25:24 Feb 6th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

yeah, cause thats our most pressing war at the moment.....


Drakos vs IoK, and Drakos is winning =)

23:41:13 Feb 6th 09 - Sir Kathandarion of Imperius:

.................. LoL. He took two undefended cities. That army got killed. I took one defended cities. Im heading to kill his two companies and his got two cities that i know of left.Both undefended.

Doesnt sound like winning to me.He is just running from our armies.

And to edit this who has Drakos come against with the exception of that one undefended city apart from me. and the only army he has faces has been mine.

So ok

Drakos Vs Kathandarion

And he is losing.


Casting Eye in the sky from Knights of The Imperium II upon Imperius Tree with 81% chance of success... and Successful!
Through the eye we can see this information about The Imperius Tree from Duke Drakos[BoW]:
Imperius Tree from Duke Drakos

Say good bye to this


Through the eye we can see this information about The Scouter Two from Duke Drakos[BoW]:
Scouter Two from Duke Drakos

Maybe next time youll come with more troops.

I know he has another army but i can not EiTs it but im chasing it and by the fact its running I guess it aint too good either.

00:00:44 Feb 7th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

as i have said, we are currently involved in a war with an actual kingdom, of real VU players.


so, for a drakos coming down and take two cities from a kd that is not involved in any wars, with a one dash army, pathetic on your part.


and besides, until you establish a name for yourself that isnt just the nub name you have now, please stop talking to me, or anyone of a calibur higher than yourself with that almighty attitude.


drakos has taken two cites, you, have taken one, therefore, ummmm, he is winning.

00:01:59 Feb 7th 09 - Sir Kathandarion of Imperius:

He has taken two which will be taken back next era. Taking a city you can not keep means nothing.

00:02:00 Feb 7th 09 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

XD Must you keep proving your idiocy over and over every era Kath? There's tons of wars going on that are much more important than your little "300" moment and none of them are on here.

But of course any war that Kathandarion "the Great" is involved in must immediately be made public for everyone to see so that everyone can bow down to his 20% awesomeness.

00:04:03 Feb 7th 09 - Sir Kathandarion of Imperius:

Ruby....This is a Thread Labelled Starta Wars.So i posted a starta war and everyone starts giving me grief and saying im trying to publicise immideately everything.

N.o1 I didnt post immediately.

N.o2 im not saying its great.

Sir Kathandarion of Imperius

2/6/2009 10:20:42 PM
BoW Brotherhood of the Wolf 10 Wolflord Karac 100


IoK Imperium of Knights 6 Sir Kathandarion of Imperius 20

That was all i said.

00:09:34 Feb 7th 09 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

One member of a kingdom attacked and took 2 of your cities. Fight back, don't bring it to the forums XD Thats the exact thing you did with PKS 2 eras ago and look how that ended. Its a little skirmish, noone cares.

00:11:38 Feb 7th 09 - Praetorian Wyzer:

Zeta, great job on improving the KD vs. KD page!!!

Brotherhood of the Wolf Imperium of Knights

Battles won: 7
Battles lost: 1

Players: 10
Wolflord Karac
Duke Drakos
Mr. Achilleus
Lord Whoop
Mr. Psyco The Reaper
WolfLord Durza Von Quagmire VI
Mr. Playbunny
Mr. Shpedro
Mr. Hamish
Mr. Chicken And Fries

Battles won: 2
Battles lost: 2

Players: 6
Mr. Dan
Sir Kathandarion of Imperius
Mr. Supermegaman
Mr. Fairy Princess
Ms. Fighter
Ms. Beautiful Man

00:12:24 Feb 7th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

it will end soon.


my 3 HoH armies will be on the way shortly.....

00:16:23 Feb 7th 09 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

The sad part is, BoW has just under double the members of IoK, and yet they have 5 times the power.

00:19:32 Feb 7th 09 - Praetorian Wyzer:

LOL never under estimate BoW!  Those little "nips" turn into bloody muzzles buried deep into chest cavities!

00:26:12 Feb 7th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

thanks wyzer <3 

that they do, we are very good at hunting =)

02:08:41 Feb 7th 09 - Duke Drakos:

Well, he is ignoring the fact he came down with a 500-1500 force and prepped on my city near him before I did anything to him.
 I was gonna leave him in peace, the city I built  near them yesterday just to spawn some quick lower level armies and backdoor the Kd we are fighting further to the North. Then he came at me, so I responded. I would hope you are capable of defending your main area against 1 guy that just built his city yesterday.
 Now that you ran your mouth, and attacked me first, you have put your Kd on my target list, and my armies up North aren't lvl 1's and 2's. As far as me taking undefendd cities, well DUH!! If your gonna hit someone next to you, make sure you have troops there.
 Get ready, you started it, my wolf brothers and I will end it.

02:11:14 Feb 7th 09 - Sir Kathandarion of Imperius:

when i sent my army to prep that was after my scout got attacked and i sent 3 messages all of which were ignored to karac. and tried to contact him on chat (but my chat dont work properly at times so he probs couldnt see this). what else was i meant to do.

and we do have troops just not in those two cities. hence why we have killed his armies.

and :P we arent using level 1's and 2's so wouldnt want you to either.

02:17:14 Feb 7th 09 - Duke Drakos:

I never hit your scout, you never messaged me. You prep on me. What did you expect me to do? Whatever, its a war now.

02:19:40 Feb 7th 09 - Sir Kathandarion of Imperius:

i know. :P enjoy.

02:26:23 Feb 7th 09 - Duke Drakos:

Thats a given. :D

02:27:59 Feb 7th 09 - Demonslayer John Berkeley:

Go Drakos!

02:39:55 Feb 7th 09 - Mr. Falcon Fan:

Go Whoop Whoop! =D

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