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Starting up a kingdom
22:46:44 Mar 11th 09 - Mr. Ehm:


I r wants to start up my own kds! If one of you could be so kind to put up my name in the kd screen, I'll give you +1 kudo. Nude pictures not accepted as bribe for the kudo.

To all the naysayers and negativists who claim anyone without 1 friend in this game who is willing to put down his name for me I shouldn't start up a kingdom I say: HUSH! Go drink a cup of coffee or something. Make yourself usefull. Get therapy. Drink Beer. Watch some TV. Send an email to your long lost love. Plan out your next three vacations. Go make your homework. Buy chinese food. Suicide your top two armies. Watch the latest Heroes episode. Eat some M&M's. Whatever, just don't bother me, or fill up this thread with useless crap *beep*. In fact what you should do is leave your kingdom. Put up my name. Get a kudo. It's really that easy.


22:48:58 Mar 11th 09 - Sir Shmeh:

i'm eating M&M's right now :O

your physcic (is that how you spell it?)

22:50:12 Mar 11th 09 - Sir Momo Wolfe:

haha you're funny

22:51:21 Mar 11th 09 - Sir Shmeh:

*takes a bow and hopes Momo is talking about him not ehm

23:07:42 Mar 11th 09 - Mr. Ehm:


As Mr. Ehm his lawyer I have to point out that my client cannot be held responsible for any actions taken by viewers of this the initial post in this thread, wether or not in direct correlation with actions described in said post.

~Lawyer of Ehm.

23:34:50 Mar 11th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

first post written by mr ehm 5th post written by mr ehm. first post he calls himself ehm 5th post he calls him self lawyer of ehm.

schytzo? (is that how you spell it?)

and its spelled psycic... or psychic haha or something along those lines

23:57:09 Mar 12th 09 - Sir Momo Wolfe:

psychic...i'm psychic, that's how i know how to spell it

04:13:21 Mar 13th 09 - Mr. Nemesis:

and here I thought septim was only one with split personalities........

10:29:47 Mar 13th 09 - Mr. Ehm:

It's either that.. or my lawyer was actually standing behind me forcing me to let him write that post. Pick one.

And while you're add it, write my name down in the kingdom screen. Follow the instructions in post #1 of this thread.

16:09:13 Mar 13th 09 - Mr. Griffith:

lol... your crazy man

18:24:34 Mar 13th 09 - Lady Santa The Green Eyed:

I want M&M's :(
Did anybody know my initials actually spell MM?!?! :D

19:33:47 Apr 4th 09 - Mr. Ehm:

Contrary to what seems to be popular believe, the offer still stands.


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