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Super Nubs recruiting
01:16:16 May 23rd 09 - Sir Fever Reducer:

Please dont flame me ;p I love you all! Ok let me get back to topic! Me and my rl Life Friends have made this kd and were planning to have fun this era rather then a Stressfull one... So if you would like to share in the fun then pls knock your self out and send an app..and ill like new players to join in the fun cause i like teaching em the basics to getting started... :P !

Super Nubs

Kingdom Banner

Name: Super Nubs
Members: 15
Tag: *beep*y
Created: 5/3/2009 3:02:54 AM
Leader: Sir Fever Reducer


*-Super Nubs-*

We are the *beep*s!
We are the Warlords!
We are the Killers!

We are Born Killers so Dont Mess with us!


Leader: Fever
Diplomatic Leader : Fever
Recruiting Leader : Spellmage
Sexxy Leader : Justin

(We are Currently Recruiting)


01:18:30 May 23rd 09 - Sir Fever Reducer:

Btw its Super N**bs but i had to replace it with Nub so it wont do *beep* :P

16:32:01 May 23rd 09 - Sir Fever Reducer:

Comon No one up for it :(

16:32:49 May 23rd 09 - Sir Struddle:

nah and your in era recruitment seems to have failed too..........

16:43:52 May 23rd 09 - Sir Fever Reducer:

lol i always taught you were a nub :P I only made the forum 12 hours ago and theres still so much time it'll the next era anyway..and stop flaming me ! Just shutup and worry about your own a$$ :p

17:02:43 May 23rd 09 - Sir Struddle:

:) im just jokin around with ya good luck guys

17:03:34 May 23rd 09 - Sir Fever Reducer:

*Embraces Struddle* Thx :P

17:12:38 May 23rd 09 - Sir Struddle:

o.O why are you touching me?

17:33:10 May 23rd 09 - General Ptang Bang Kipperbang:

lol have fun fever =p

17:36:07 May 23rd 09 - Sir Lychee:

Fail! That name is a Godlike nubs rip off....

18:27:56 May 23rd 09 - Sir Fever Reducer:

lol I knew somebody would come to bite me in the butt! Thx ptang I really had fun in revelation and thx for your nice hospitality..:P And Studdle i like touching men/women :P So deal with it! :P

18:42:57 May 23rd 09 - General Gokken:

hey.. leave struddle alone.. he is mine

18:44:09 May 23rd 09 - Sir Struddle:

*hides behind Gokken*

18:49:34 May 23rd 09 - Sir Fever Reducer:

but sir I just need him for an hour thats all :p

21:13:18 May 23rd 09 - General Gokken:

you wont even get him for a sec. He is mine!

01:04:25 May 25th 09 - Sir Fever Reducer:

Send in those Apps Ppl! Oh also if you join Bran is givin*beep*ear supply of Chocolate to anyone whos JOINS SUPER NUBS!! :P

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