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Talent 33
16:30:04 Aug 29th 14 - Sir Isaac:

Could some people please relocate if possible to talents because it is currently boring here with no possibility of battles for weeks. Not looking to end an era with only one small battle. 

05:40:27 Sep 3rd 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Talentless):

I'm training on Talents and will be coming back next era as well

We have actual new blood here, its exciting. My mates are ready and willing to learn. We will have a great time!

Kingdoms in Talents
Leon Nemeios8Sir Isaac262
Arian Brotherhood5Mr. Normitons206
TagPro5Mr. Talentless100
Nemesis8Mr. Laticus91

15:43:05 Sep 8th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Talentless):


Kingdoms in Talents
Leon Nemeios8Sir Isaac190
Arian Brotherhood5Mr. Normitons160
TagPro5Mr. Talentless100
Nemesis7Mr. Laticus42

Also, I'll be bringing this KD back to Talents next era before I move it up worlds. It will be a training run with everyone starting together. We would be interested in taking new recruits - ONLY NEW PLAYERS TO THE GAME THOUGH!!!!

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