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Talents - Crack addicts...
23:34:59 Mar 23rd 09 - Mr. Fatcakes:

Hey folks... Been a loooonnnnggggggggg time since i've been here just thought I'd pop my head round the door look in say hi urinate some people off a bit and either feck off back into the night or maybe hang around just to worsen the stench in my fav tavern. 

Anyway.... To the point of my ramblings....

What the hell has happend here in my absense.  It would appear that the place has been taken over by crack addicts and just to make sure I'm clear on this... I dont mean the microwave a gram of coke and smoke it through a pipe until your heart explodes type of crack addict i'm talking about those addicted to same gender relations....

What has made me come to this conclusion...  Well in an effort to attract some attention to myself and see what kind of players are about just now and due to the fact that most of you stink of cabbage, I elected not to join any KD's and just to roam about the place seeing what was what and if I would stick around to play a full era.  Within 2 days I had someone, who will remain nameless as a lesson has already been taught to this person, sitting off my city waiting to take me down.  Now not only was that just rude but was also plane annoying...  As a result some insults were traded a can was removed from the bottom shelf (did not really require the ladder to retrive the catering size can) and some small scale whoooppppp ass was dispenced.  As a result I hope this person now has a understanding of why setting about someone who appears to be weaker than one's self is not always a good plan and sometimes conversation and banter will get you far...

Now onto my second meeting.  Imagine my suprise when I logged on after the weekend to find an xx sized army headding for my only city... So I set my x size to return to give some defence and recived this message..

Mr. Blackfire [GK] (3/23/2009 1:39:13 AM) GOOD BAD
You want to fight me?Ok then....

To save time I'll just post the rest of the conversation after this little rant..  Anyway since when does sending an army back to my own city constitute starting a fight?  Again I feel someone has just seen a none aligned player and decided to take advantage.  Please read the next exchange of views and consider this there are only 4 days to go what the hell can you do to me that will have any effect?  even if you can get one of your "bigger" armies to me what really will it be able to do?  Remember young learner being on the highscore table means NOTHING to me until your on the one in fant then MAYBE i'll pay attention... I may even hang around next era just to slap you with a wet haddock..  then you can stink of fish instead of pish.  What map you hoping for? 

Mr. Blackfire [GK] (3/23/2009 7:39:01 PM) GOOD BAD
lol....I had planned on going away but,I don't like you....And by the way...You should check the highscores,and we'll see whos higher...That was my smallest army...And your surely not planning on fighting me,if you apologize,I may decide not to kill you.
You (3/23/2009 7:58:45 PM)
OH wait no no please dont attack me....

How about you ..... SUCK MY BALLS
Thats right SUCK MY BALLS...

Why does every member of a kingdom see a stand alone like me and assume I'm a *beep* and easy game...

Bring your *beep* on. high score means nothing to me. I've only been playing about a week and you have prob been on this map since it opened thats the ONLY reason your higher up the tables than me.

23:49:14 Mar 23rd 09 - Duke Random:

um... im pretty sure that you are as fair game to be killed by anyone else out there....

stop whinging and deal with it....

besides, its just talents.... noone cares.

02:19:01 Mar 24th 09 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Whining* ;P

Wow, thats actually the first time I've ever seen an untagged newb complain on here about getting beat. I've been cussed out many times in PMs for it but I've never seen one actually make a thread over it.

1 week lol... Let me guess, your army of X is 4000 gaia?

I got killed 2 times within my first week and never even knew the forums existed :P

02:30:48 Mar 24th 09 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Edit: Now that I read it, gotta take something back. I thought this was your 1st week playing VU. I misread it but that's even worse if your more experienced and still posted >.<

03:38:01 Mar 24th 09 - Mr. Sun Tzu:

Dont talk smack about GK Fatcakes, unless you want the fat on them cakes to sizzle on my grill :lol:

05:27:02 Mar 24th 09 - Mr. Griffith:


07:55:49 Mar 24th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

Mr. Griffith, could you please stop posting your name.

07:57:45 Mar 24th 09 - Sir Roheran:

where are you on talents fatcakes? i have no hoh armies either so maybe we can play fairly together.. big hug for you and a tissue...

09:43:42 Mar 24th 09 - Lady Santa The Green Eyed:

I think you guys are missing the point here. This isn't just some "newb" complaining about getting beat up right from the start. It's about the stupid behaviour and the arrogant messaging of Blackfire.(at least thats what I think) But Fatcakes, you speak of "addictS" but you come with only one example. Could you please explain to us why you take all of us for crack addicts? It's true that one the requirements to be any good at VU is that you are either female or at least bi-sexual. But I don't see why you would call all of us that as I know that there are many good and honest players in this game. Sadly there are lots of "nubtard" here 2 :(

10:10:58 Mar 24th 09 - Mr. Fatcakes:

For a start Griffith... I'm no nub just not been around a LONG while.  Second I'm no winging about getting beat up on and there is not just one example.  I've already seen off one attacker and backfire is not doing to well.....  He will be bounced back in another 4 ticks.

So no i'm not bumping my gums about being beaten up and yes I'm aware its all part of the game what really grips my stuff is that in the younger worlds where there are more lightly to be new players and lets face it we were all new at some point, maybe people should be a little more careful about the way they speak to people.  I'm thick skinned and as a result to me its like water off a ducks back but imagine your first time playing you end up with someone camping to kill you out of protection and on top of that being plain rude to you to boot.  Can't see that person coming back for seconds.

Lady santa, my most humble appologies to yourself and the other decent minded players out there.  The slant of the message was ment to stir people up ;0) and it would appear that has worked.  Also congratulations to you as you seem to be the only person who has picked up on the deeper meaning of my message ref the arogant and so far up themself messaging of the player I have highlighted but also others who shall remain nameless due to lessons having already been taught.

Dont get me wrong here.  Banter is all part of the game and i'm as much if not more up for good banter to make me laugh.  If i'm going to die I'd rather do it with a smile on my face. 

So.  to sum up...  I appologise for the sweeping genralisation, I take offence to being called a nub only for the reason that it means those who accuse me of it have not had the common decency to read and or fully understand (mental compatancy issue maybe) my entire post.

But also if you really really have to kill a none KD member straight out of protection then please think about maybe messaging them first and having a bit of a laugh with them or shock horror maybe offer some advice or coaching.

To close...

Sun Tzu.  Roughly middle of the map.  Left side of the big lake and while we are at it

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries now run away before I taunt you some more.

Cakes. OUT.


12:38:44 Mar 24th 09 - Demonslayer Scientist:

Just ignore Griffith, he thinks he is good ;)

15:53:32 Mar 24th 09 - Mr. Griffith:

Mr. Fatcakes


3/24/2009 4:10:58 AM

For a start Griffith... I'm no nub just not been around a LONG while.  Second I'm no winging about getting beat up on and there is not just one example.  I've already seen off one attacker and backfire is not doing to well.....  He will be bounced back in another 4 ticks.

LoL i was talking sun Tzu

And charley your a fagget so shup

17:49:28 Mar 24th 09 - Sir Sepelchure Grail:

Gatekeepers are lead by the most honorable and powerful members. a EX IOK GUY WOW

18:26:43 Mar 24th 09 - Demonslayer Scientist:

Slade has no authority over me :P    He probably still thinks he is good.

There you go Slade.  That is you.

22:59:30 Mar 24th 09 - Mr. Fatcakes:

Grail... No one ever got that many players on a high score table by being honerable...  Pull the other one it has balls on it...


Quomodo cogis comas tuas sic videri?

23:13:57 Mar 24th 09 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:


23:19:47 Mar 24th 09 - Lady Santa The Green Eyed:

Dammit! My latin skills aren't good enough yet! :(
I can say this though
Saepe confuteo Seloc Evansque cum meo passer :)

23:20:48 Mar 24th 09 - Mr. Magnesium:

  Posting in Latin doesn't make you intelligent, it just makes you one of the millions of people with google. And it's a dumb question, I don't see how hair has anything to do with the current events you're whining about. 
         id1ot ...

23:24:41 Mar 24th 09 - Demonslayer Scientist:

Forum Rules

Write in English

00:04:23 Mar 25th 09 - Lady Santa The Green Eyed:

Whats the difference between Latin and English?
Latin: Idem
English: Idem

01:18:47 Mar 25th 09 - Duke Random:

mm alright mr. i cant be bothered to scroll up and find your name, there are some rude bastards in this game, just ignore them. The reason for their rudness is because they are nubs.

and slade is *beep*. charley is a nub.

te amo :D

i dunno any latin :)

01:28:01 Mar 25th 09 - Demonslayer Scientist:

Says Randumb :)

20:02:29 Mar 25th 09 - Mr. Ignis The Evil One:


16:20:03 May 14th 09 - Lady Loud Tone:

Oh mah gawd, only just seen this thread.

Fatcakes!! You still around man?

19:32:26 May 14th 09 - Mr. Icarus:


13:05:38 May 15th 09 - Lady Loud Tone:

Care to expand on that Icarus?

13:17:23 May 15th 09 - Mr. Icarus:

:-)  i was only showing that i know a latin word :-p

donkey ;-)


13:22:57 May 15th 09 - Lady Loud Tone:

Once again, care to expand? If your aiming those insults at me that is, if not. No need to reply ;)

17:13:41 May 15th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

stultus means fool.

17:15:18 May 15th 09 - Lady Loud Tone:

I know, if its aimed at me though, I shall not be happy!

22:34:15 May 15th 09 - Mr. Icarus:

are you that insecure?  ;-)

Centimus and his pot of gold ...

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