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Talents -era 38
22:43:06 Mar 6th 09 - Mr. Testing:

this shouldn't be a old link here, sorry about last one

18:47:23 Mar 7th 09 - Mr. Testing:

3 ticks till oop!!!!!! then war starts right away

00:36:35 Mar 8th 09 - Lady Santa The Green Eyed:

There is life on Talents?! :O

01:20:02 Mar 8th 09 - Mr. Testing:

yeah, and if you look at the mfr on hoh, you'll see there is war, though its like a clearing out war you know, us angels have to make a secure area for a core when talents is open to move through

09:07:33 Mar 8th 09 - Mr. Iridium:

  1. Mr. Testing has won 1 battles, captured 1 cities and killed a total of 165 men and women.
  2. Sir Epyon has won 0 battles, captured 0 cities and killed a total of 62 men and women.

Doesnt look like much of a war to me.... Lifeguards v Lifeguards?

18:42:19 Mar 8th 09 - Mr. Testing:

whats wrong is, that epyon resigned and his city went to the native people who are human, well instead of 500 slingers, it 500 archer now, and in the beginning, that bad

00:36:24 Mar 9th 09 - Mr. Sanoh:

at least the natives are not orc :P think bout training alot of lvl 5 troops and resigning

15:03:19 Mar 11th 09 - Mr. Testing:

well its gotten out of lifeguard wars into regiment wars :O w hover can get a brigade wins :D

22:13:52 Mar 11th 09 - Mr. Theophilus VII:

So where is TAlents Located? South of Starta?

15:32:39 Mar 14th 09 - Mr. Sexy Spartan:

i bring my sexiness to talents!

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