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Talents 22
16:15:59 Apr 15th 13 - HorusPanic (Mr. Guide of Talents):

era is a week old and i've messaged every untagged player on the map - as a guide it is my wish to help you better understand the game and improved your skill level.

Please let me know if I can be of service to you.

EDIT: even those in other kingdoms - i'd like to help you too

19:53:36 Apr 15th 13 - Mr. Learningtrolls:

^ This is the kind of productivity I was talking about in different posts. 

20:21:22 Apr 15th 13 - Dakarta (Prince Dakarta):

Yeah.. Horus will be a great guide.

20:28:13 Apr 15th 13 - Zond (Sir New Age):

When i read his name. i always think Whore Us Panic.. and that well doesnt sound to friendly. so being a guide.. hmm. he might scare some ppl away!

20:30:03 Apr 15th 13 - HorusPanic (Mr. Dean):

hmmm, seems to me you need a pimp zond - come to daddy i'll take good care of you

20:36:17 Apr 15th 13 - Zond (Sir New Age):

Well im in Spain currently.. and pimping is illegal. i can be a prostitute for u legally.. but i must be employed through a company according to the law :p

08:11:30 Apr 16th 13 - Mr. Ozymandias:

Somehow I think this has gone a bit off topic about Talents (but maybe to Zonds other 'talents'...). Ok that was terrible.

I also think Horus will be a fantastic guide. Good luck to everyone on Talents

10:06:23 Apr 16th 13 - Mr. Aquafix:

Yes, i too wish everybody good luck on Talents.

It's been a few years since i played, last playing in Noob Table, and the "Blitzkreig buccaneers" however as a returning player i chose talents due to it only starting five days prior to my joining, Enjoy the headstart ;) and i hope we'll have a wonderful era, even if it seems like there are only 9 active players...

21:23:20 Apr 29th 13 - HorusPanic (Mr. Guide of Talents):

Still looking to help out anyone in need of advice - please be advised I'd like to start thinking aahed to next era - anyone looking for a stable kingdom with an experienced leader let me know.

16:19:20 May 4th 13 - Mr. Gothmoggle:

Been an interesting era...

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