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Talents Era 2or is it 3
20:49:55 Oct 20th 10 - Ms. Granny Aching:

So... sell me some trees. And cheap stones while we're at it !

02:00:27 Oct 23rd 10 - Mr. Brutt The Caveman:

anyone recruiting in Talents?

14:51:41 Oct 23rd 10 - Duke Guy Vexille of Astarac V:

Kingdoms in Talents
Internal Primates Forever 6 Mr. Miller 6026
Fecking Feckers 9 Duke Pesterd 4415
Elite Knights 3 Mr. God of War 644
kingdom 2 Ms. Peach 201
The Perfects 2 Duke Guy Vexille of Astarac V 100

14:52:57 Oct 23rd 10 - Ms. Peach:

I am :)

15:39:11 Oct 24th 10 - Ms. Peach:


Kingdom Banner

Name: kingdom
Members: 5
Created: 10/22/2010 12:20:10 AM
Leader: Ms. Peach

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We are on Talents and are willing to accept any active members regardless of experience.


18:18:33 Oct 27th 10 - General of Testing Stuff And Things:

People, i have rofed so many troops in this 3 way war im in.. where da hell is yo mus?

Plus im orc mage.. damn this shit owns. I can get these cheap as mus so fast. Plus science cost is low

21:14:59 Oct 27th 10 - Mr. Thornside:

who you fighting zond?

21:20:21 Oct 27th 10 - General of Testing Stuff And Things:

Fecking Feckers and Internal Primates Forever

00:53:20 Nov 28th 10 - Ms. Idontcare:

Not too many writing in this chat but just want to congrads primates for a fun era .

santa should win but i gave a good go all by myself last 2 weeks or so holding you guys off all by myself  thanks for the fun ...

22:03:14 Nov 30th 10 - Mr. Satan The Claus:

Ms Idoncare deserved to win an era, good job Jenna!


00:41:02 Dec 1st 10 - Ms. Sam Crow:

Thanks Satan ,well done on the era win i had fun and i got to teach you a few tricks :P  great luck next era ...  


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